March 29, 2022
LDA Avenue Lahore

LDA Avenue Lahore


LDA Avenue Lahore is one of the magnificent development projects surrounding Lahore. Moreover, the residential project has essential facilities to strive for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, it is also the thought behind making this real estate project to deliver the best living standards to everyone. Another prominent feature is the location of this housing society close to all the important sites of the surrounding like the Lahore Smart City. Secondly, the payment plan encourages investors in this housing society. Therefore, the investment here will generate higher monetary benefits. Lastly, continue reading to know about this housing society in detail. 

Owners & Developers

The developer of this residential project is the Lahore Development Authority (LDA). Moreover, it is here to provide homes to all government officials. Furthermore, the LDA has several examples of magnificent residential and other development projects. Some of them are Civic Center, Faisal Town, and Allama Iqbal Town. As we all know, the developers are here to facilitate the investors with the best living examples. Therefore, they have the trust of the investors. Lastly, the developers have the best team of experts and professionals working efficiently to deliver the best living experience to all future residents. 

Location & Map

Location is the first aspect that comes into all investor’s minds before making any real estate investment. Therefore, the developers have opted for a site close to vital areas like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Its accessibility is also high from the Khayaban-e-Jinnah, Lahore Ring Road, and Ferozepur Road. And this housing scheme is close to the RaiwindRoad and Defense Road. But, most importantly, the location is the most significant feature of this housing scheme, available at an affordable price. Lastly, the location is feasible for the residents of Lahore. 

NOC Status

The no-objection certificate is the first document that all investors look for before investing, as we know that this is an LDA residential project. Therefore, there is no doubt that this is a legit housing society. Most importantly, the developers have all the critical and relevant documents that all investors look for in real estate investment. Because of their legal status, the investors and the residents find this real estate investment confident and trustworthy. 

Payment Plan

The developer’s primary concern was to develop a reasonable housing society. Moreover, building a home in today’s time is a bit difficult. Therefore, the developers have designed a trustworthy and budget-friendly housing society where investors from different socioeconomic backgrounds can invest like the Blue World City Islamabad. Most importantly, to help the investors in the paying process, there is an option of an instalment program. And this will encourage the investors to make a valuable real estate investment. 

The investors have to pay the down payment to initiate the buying process. Moreover, timely payment is vital to avoid inconvenience in the long run. Therefore, thorough research and guidance will play a critical role in making a valuable real estate investment. Lastly, to know the price range of the plots here read the table below.

Master Plan

The master plan is with all the amenities investors and future residents need to attain a sustainable and high-end living standard. Moreover, a team of professionals and experts creates this beautiful magnificent residential project. Furthermore, plenty of blocks and plots will be available in this real estate project to offer healthy and sustainable living standards. Another significant feature is they will be available at an affordable price range. Most importantly, the wide range of the properties will be here so the investor can invest according to their preferences. 

The plots available here range from the five marlas to 1 Kanal. Moreover, all these properties are available to fulfil the requirements of the residents according to their preferences. Furthermore, all the elements present are mandatory to attain sustainable living, like providing electricity, gas, water, parks, mosques, shopping malls, grocery stores, schools, and healthcare facilities. Therefore, investing here will be valuable. 

Development Status

Society is developing at a high pace. Moreover, soon it will be available for living purposes. Furthermore, the investors wish to invest and live here with all the amenities and the features this housing society offers. Most importantly, it is an LDA project with the investors’ trust and confidence. Therefore, the development work will soon complete here, and all the investors will be living here to attain high-quality living standards. Secondly, the payment and location are prominent features that encourage the investors and the residents to invest here. So, we can say that investment here will be a valuable real estate investment. Lastly, to know more about this residential scheme, visit the official website of Property saga


Features are what all residents and investors look to attain a better lifestyle. Moreover, the developers aim to provide the best possible facilities to all the residents. Some of them are as follows:

  • Schools and Colleges
  • Health Care Units
  • Groceries and Shopping Malls
  • Parks and Grounds for recreational Activities
  • Provision of all basics
  • Parking Area
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Ideal Location
  • Graveyard
  • Mosque
  • Commercial Area
  • Parlour and Salons


There are tons of facilities present here that will add value to the residents’ and the investors’ lives. Moreover, the developers are working rigorously to deliver all these facilities to all the residents timely. All these facilities are as follows:

 Eco-Friendly Residential Project

The developers develop the best housing society that adds value to the community. Moreover, the developers follow urban town planning standards, allowing less wastage. Furthermore, the housing society will have a plantation drive that will add serenity and calmness to the environment.

Mosque and Graveyard

Religious obligations are a significant aspect of every community. Therefore, a mosque will help the residents fulfil these obligations. Moreover, death is also the reality, so there will be a provision of a graveyard. 

Education and Healthcare Facilities

The health care facilities are the basics that are an essential aspect of every community. Moreover, the developers are here with all the facilities to strive for a prosperous lifestyle. Furthermore, the healthcare facilities will follow international standards. Most importantly, there will be healthcare units available that will be available 24/7 to help the residents in times of emergency. 

High-Quality Infrastructure

The infrastructure says a lot about the living standards of the residents. Therefore, the developers focused on the quality of the roads and buildings. Moreover, the houses and the building are unique and high-quality. And it will add value to the residents’ and the investors’ lives. Therefore, the investment here will be the best real estate investment option. 

Business Opportunities

There is a provision for a commercial area. And that will encourage the investors to start a business according to their preferences. Moreover, commercial properties always help gain more monetary benefits, like hotels, restaurants, and rental properties. Therefore, investing here will yield higher economic benefits. 

Secured Gated Environment

The developers make sure to provide a secure living to all the residents. Moreover, there will be the provision of CCTV cameras that will work 24/7 to record all the activities going around. Furthermore, security guards will also be here to avoid any disturbance in the community. 

Pros & Cons

There are numerous pros that all investors can get by investing in this real estate project. Some of them are as follows:


  • Availability of all basic
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Health Care Units
  • Parks and Grounds
  • Mosques
  • Graveyard
  • Shopping and Grocery Area
  • Parking Area
  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Business Opportunities
  • Community Center
  • Ideal Location
  • Affordable Real Estate Project


  • Misperception of high plot pries

Why Invest in LDA Avenue Lahore?

The housing society has unique and high-quality living standards for all the future residents as it is the project of the Lahore Development Authority. Moreover, the location is the most prominent feature of this real estate project as it is close to the central city and all nearby facilities. Most importantly, the prices of the properties are highly reasonable. And, to facilitate them more, there is an option of an instalment program available. Another vital feature is the master plan with all the amenities that investors would like to achieve ideal living standards. Moreover, the housing society has a commercial area to help investors become financially independent. Therefore, it is the best real estate investment option available in Lahore. 


The housing society is one best real estate investment options available in Lahore. Moreover, it is a legal housing society by the Lahore Development Authority. Furthermore, the location is highly approachable from all the significant sites. Another plus of investing here is the price range that is an affordable real estate investment option. Moreover, the developers always aim to provide a high-quality lifestyle to all the investors and future residents. Most importantly, there are several features that this housing society has to offer, like the basic and luxurious ones. All these features signify that investing in this residential project will help in generating long-term and higher monetary benefits. 


Q1. What is the LDA Avenue Lahore?

It is a magnificent housing scheme in Lahore.

Q2. Where is the location of this housing society?

The housing scheme is close to the Raiwind Road and Defense Road.

Q3. Is the Housing scheme approachable?

Yes! It is highly approachable from the vital sites of the surrounding like Lahore Ring Road and Ferozepur Road.

Q4. Is the payment plan is affordable?

Yes! The payment plan is highly affordable.

Q5. Does the residential project provide an instalment program?

Yes! There is an availability of an instalment plan.

Q6. Is there is an availability of a commercial area?

Yes! There are commercial properties available for all the residents.

Q7. Who is the owner of this housing society?

The housing society is a project of the Lahore Development Authority, and they are known for authorizing the magnificent housing societies.

Q8. Is this housing society legal?

It has a legal status under the Lahore Development Authority.

Q9. Is investing here valuable?

Yes! According to the features and facilities of this residential project, the housing society is worth the investment.

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