1947 Housing Society: With an exponential shift in the population of Pakistan, it is a high demand of today’s condition to have tremendous real estate development to fulfil the requirement of residencies. Fortunately, a productive real estate development has compensated the need for houses to some extent, but it is still under process. The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, has enlisted as one of the most enticing cities of Pakistan concerning its enchanting views and elevating career opportunities. 1947 Housing society is also a core contributor to residential projects in Islamabad. It has come up with highlighted and potentially benefitting mission of providing the housing facility and other luxurious of life.

The objective of the 1947 Housing society Islamabad is to provide the residents with a perfect amalgamation of the conventional way of living and the incorporation of modern facilities. It is a grandeur and exclusive housing society comprising residential and commercial properties embellished with high-end and modern lifestyles at a low cost. 1947 Housing society is a marvel of contemporary world infrastructure and fine architectural work that will polish the residents of Islamabad. Moreover, it has served as a reliable platform for the real estate sector of Pakistan that will provide internationally recognized amenities and residential requisites.

Owners & Developers

It is a famous saying that “face is the index of mind,” similar for developers and residential projects. The owners of a specific residential project define the face of that project on the barren and naked piece of land will give enlightening features to the whole housing colony.

The owners of 1947 Housing society Islamabad have been adorned by one of the real estate tycoons known as Sigal Groups. They have served as the leading group of companies in the domain of real estate to accomplish high-end development services. In comparison to other contemporary societies, Sigal Groups have developed an innovative and versatile Idea of a residential project called 1947 housing society Islamabad. As a result, society has approved itself as a benchmark of housing units.

Sigal Groups are a prominent group of companies that intends to furnish exemplary development services to the real estate industry of Pakistan. Sigal Groups has extracted influential and static infra-structure designs for the 1947 housing society Islamabad. The ideal forum of the Sigal group of companies comprises five partners that have contributed to upsurging Pakistan’s development and construction industry. Recently, Sigal group of companies are working on the following productive projects:

  • 1947 housing society Islamabad
  • Ms towers
  • Hotel service apartment
  • Murree oaks.

1947 Housing Location & Map

The location presents a critical point to consider before investing in any housing project or property as the place is one of the influential factors in deciding the rise and fall of the prices of that particular project. A peaceful environment surrounding a residential project plays a pivotal role in alluring investors to the complex. Given this aspect, 1947 housing society Islamabad has won the heart of investors concerning its proximity to Lahore Motorway terminal (M-2) and other mega forthcoming ventures in Islamabad. 1947 housing society is accessible from all highlighted positions of Islamabad.

It is an outstanding housing unit concerning its serene, peaceful and fierce environment. The residential project lies 10 minutes from the Islamabad International Airport. Its convenient access from the twin cities acts as a cherry on the cake. 1947 Housing society Islamabad has allocated on a prime location of Islamabad, at Kalyan Hamid near Rawalpindi. The prominent landmarks in the surroundings of 1947 Housing society are as follows:

  • Satellite town situates at a distance of 15 min drive from 1947 Housing society Islamabad.
  • M-2 motorway terminal also lies near this society, making it reachable with a driving distance of 10 mins.
  • The 1947 housing society Islamabad lies at a distance of 10 minutes from PAK-CHINA Interchange (CPEC)
  • A five-minute drive from the residential colony will lead you towards New International Islamabad Airport.
  • Islamabad’s all-time favourite mall, The Centaurus Mall, is also near this beautiful housing society.
  • The Blue area of Islamabad lies at a distance of 10 minutes drive from the 1947 housing society.
  • Various food shops, including the Tehzeeb bakery, which offers relishing confectionary to the whole area and many other restaurants, lie close to this iconic residential project.
  • Islamabad model school, one of the famous and quality school chains of Islamabad, is situated at a driving distance of 20-25 minutes from 1947 Housing society.

In addition to these landmarks, the 1947 housing society is also accessible from various central boulevards that have been mentioned below:

  • AKM Fazl-ul-Haq road touches the entrance of the 1947 housing society that will lead the residents to multiple sectors of Islamabad.
  • Nazim-ud-din road connects to the 1947 housing society and is a major road.
  • Furthermore, small, one-way roads like Marvi road, leading towards 1947 housing society Islamabad will also make it easier for the residents to approach various areas of Islamabad.

Master Plan

The master plan of this iconic housing society has already received an overwhelming response from the real estate sector experts. Incoherent with first-world amenities and affordable payment plans, the 1947 housing society, Islamabad, will rule the real estate sector of Islamabad in the coming future. The developers of this dynamic housing unit have always focussed on the convenience of residents. And for this reason, they have divided the sector into various blocks. The intention behind the composition of these blocks is to specify multiple sizes of residential and commercial plots.

The investors and residents probing to get their dream homes to build in this beautiful 1947 housing society Islamabad will get an updated master plan with the innovative division of blocks. Although the blocks of this residential project have been labelled alphabetically, they vary concerning its facilities and sizes. You can own the plot of your desire with 100% guaranteed work after contacting the authorized partner of 1947 housing society Islamabad, masters real estate.

Property Saga is the only official and registered real estate company offering our privileged clients an attractive offer of pre-booking plots with only a slight downpayment rate.

1947 housing society Islamabad comprises of following blocks:

  • Block A, B, C, D to M.
  • The developers of the 1947 housing society have decided to name the blocks alphabetically in its pre-launch phase, but after the initiation of balloting, the blocks will rename. The renaming of the blocks will depend on the facilities available in these blocks like executive block, general block, or the owners may categorize it according to the residents like overseas block, civilians block etc.

Payment Plan

The complimentary feature inhibited by 1947 housing, in addition to its enticing location and world-class amenities, revolves around an affordable and budget-friendly payment plan. The good plots tailored for its worthy investors will allow them to purchase their desired property and build their dream houses on them.

The payment plan has counted as one of the most attention-seeking features regarding property purchase for investors and in the real estate market. In a nutshell, a fantastic payment plan is a secret to making the housing society appealing to investors. It is a reliable strategy that will provide extensive opportunities to multiple localities to purchase their plots in this residential project.

Suppose you are searching for a residential colony that will furnish you with a mixture of top-notch facilities, services and affordable rates. In that case, 1947 housing is the best option to avail.

The booking of plot initiates from 163,500/- and it will co-relate with the size of the property. Therefore, you can create your processing with a charge of 10,000. And the remainder of the payment will be payable at once or in the form of installments.

1947 housing society Islamabad will be offering the following plot sizes to its customers:

  • 5 Marla plot
  • 8 Marla plot
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 1 Kanal plot

The construction of a payment plan for these plot sizes is designed optimally with possession and allocation fees. Once you pay these payments, you will be the plot owner in this prestigious colony of 1947 housing Islamabad.

The developers of this housing project purely believe in the race of modernism, but Pakistani builders have lost the charismatic architecture of their forefathers to some extent. However, the master plan of the 1947 housing  has been extracted and influenced by traditional and antique features that will allow the residents to enjoy the asset of our ancestors. The owners of this housing society have striven to design the payment plan to suit the familiar Pakistani residents. On a lighter note,  masters real estate have extracted an overview of the payment plan of 1947 Housing society Islamabad mentioned below:

  • The price of 5 Marla plots is 1,090,000/-.
  • Rate of 8 Marla residential plot 1,700,000/-
  • A 10 Marla plot will cost the investor up to 1,900,000/-.
  • The cost of 1 Kanal plot is 3,600,000/-.

Important Note:

The possession of the plot initiates with a 10% payment of the property.

Installment plan

  • The 1947 housing Islamabad developers have also arranged a payment breakdown plan for investors who cannot pay the amount at once. There are two categories of installment plans available:
  • 36-month installment plan
  • Eight installments with a half-yearly plan.
  • If the investor opts for a 36-month installment plan, then the amount is payable at each month in the following manner:
  • 5 Marla plot installment = 10,900/-.
  • 8 Marla plot installment = 17,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot installment = 19,000/-.
  • 1 kanal plot = 36,000/-

Similarly, with the installment plan with 08 half-yearly, the resident can pay the installment every three months. If you have any ambiguity, you may contact a professional representative of Master real estate.

Amenities & Facilities

The Sigal Group of companies has incorporated elite efforts in furnishing the residents with critical facilities in this iconic residential project. An enticing masterplan of 1947 housing Islamabad is compelling to invest in this housing. Society has focussed on future-oriented and developmental infrastructure that will provide you with a lavish lifestyle and other amenities. All the essential utilities of life and advanced aesthetic constructional strategies have followed in accomplishing all the criteria of housing societies. Following are the outstanding facilities available in 1947 housing Islamabad.

  • Availability of 24/7 electricity, gas and water supply in the society. A backup generator plan has also been arranged to compensate for the loss of electricity.
  • 1947 housing society has counted among the gated and highly secured housing that will provide a safe and protected environment.
  • The developers have planned to construct an enormous Jamia Mosque in the center of the residential project.
  • Educational facilities and health institutes, including hospitals and school facilities, will be available inside the society.
  • The network of carpeted roads and high-end cleanliness will cherish the residents.
  • A peaceful, green environment, along with street lights illuminating the roads, makes this society the best choice to live and book your plots.


1- How about the NOC status of the 1947 housing society?

A: The 1947 housing society Islamabad will get the NOC in 2022 from the Capital developmental authority.

2- What is the cost of 5 Marla plots in this housing society?

A: the price of 5 Marla plots is 1,090,000/-.

3- What is the ROI for the plots of 1947 housing society Islamabad?

A: The ROI of 1947 housing Islamabad is approximately 71% concerning our estimate.

4- Can I buy a plot of 1 Kanal in 1947 housing society Islamabad?

A: Yes, plot of 1 Kanal in this housing society.

5- What is the different feature of the 1947 housing Islamabad?

A: Islamabad’s only housing society that offers you plots of your choice without the hassle of the balloting process.


An innovative and versatile project of the real estate sector, 1947 Housing society, has entered Islamabad with multi-dimensional benefits. Therefore, Propertysaga also recommends it as the premium housing opportunity in Islamabad with affordable rates compared to its competitors.