7 Wonders City Islamabad: Owning a beautiful and beautifully build house is a dream of everyone, but having it in the capital of Pakistan is a marvelous thing. 7 wonders city Islamabad provides you with an amazing opportunity to have your own house in Islamabad. An engrossing housing society embellished with elite class facilities in the heart of Islamabad is deliberately waiting for your plot booking! Here comes the 7 wonders city Islamabad, the most beautiful and leading project of Islamabad. 

Islamabad’s 7 wonders city is a new residential project initiated by GFS builders and developers. This project is getting very popular among investors due to its prime location. It lies near the Islamabad airport. It has a replica of wonders of the world which are as follow:

  • Eiffel Tower(France, Paris)
  • Stonehenge(Historical landmark in England)
  • Taj Mahal(India, Agra)
  • The Great Wall of China(China)
  • The Pyramid of Giza(Egypt) 
  • The Roman Colosseum(Egypt)
  • The Statue of Liberty(the USA, New York)

The world’s wonders enhance the world’s beauty, so collecting them in one is a fantastic thing. So hurry up and grab this golden opportunity and have a chance to live in the most peaceful city in the world.

NOC Status of 7 Wonders City Islamabad

NOC and registration is a crucial part of the real estate industry. A Nonobjection certificate is an insurance certificate from the government which states that your property is at the verified place. The 7 wonders city Islamabad has applied for a no-objection certificate. Its price will increase after its verification. So hurry now grab this golden opportunity of purchasing a plot in 7 wonders city.

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Developers & Owners

 Mr Irfan Wahid is the owner of the project. 7 wonders city has gained admiration in the real estate industry quickly due to its developers. It’s a project of GFS builders and developers. It’s a very popular developers company and has many wonderful projects, especially in Karachi, the most bi city in Pakistan. Right according is status; the GFS firm has done marvellous work in the capital city of Pakistan. Another amazing idea with which this came up is to build all the replica of the world’s 7 wonders. So that child of this housing fiddling around these replicas might also learn about them and their historical perspective.

Following are the significant projects of the firm :

  • Clifton Luxuria, Clifton Block 4
  • Rosha Tours, Nishat Commercial DHA Phase VI
  • Lubaba Residency- Karachi
  • North Town, Surjani Town
  • 7 Wonders City, Besides DHA City
  • Downtown Residency
  • Oxford Villas
  • Palm City Sukkur
  • New Sukkur & City

7 Wonders City Islamabad Location Map

Location is a mighty tool to decide the doom of a real estate project. 7 wonders city Islamabad has won the heart of the investors in terms of location and map. The main cause of the popularity of 7 wonders city is its prime location. 

The golden feature of the location is its surrounding. The time distance from another prominent place is the following:

  • New Islamabad International Airport is 11 min drive away from the seven wonders city Islamabad 
  • Bahria Town, Phase 8 is 32 min drive away from 7 wonders city
  • M-2 Motorway is 25 min drive away from 7 wonders city Islamabad 
  • Kanal, Rawalpindi is 3 min drive away from Islamabad’s seven wonders city.
  • Rawalpindi city is 30 min drive away from 7 wonders city Islamabad 
  • Bango, Attock is 6 min drive away from 7 wonders city Islamabad 
  • N-80, Qutbal, Attock is 6 min drive away from 7 wonders city Islamabad 
  • Dhok Korak, Attock is 9 min drive away from 7 wonders city Islamabad 
  • Next to the CPEC route, Ring Road Interchange Nearing Societies: Top City-1, Mumtaz City, Capital Smart City, The Golf Residencia

The most prominent places nearby seven wonders city Islamabad are as follows:

  • New Islamabad International Airport
  • M-2 Motorway

Master Plan of 7 Wonders City Islamabad

The premium goal of this housing scheme is to become the manifestation of fine architectural art, dispense a premium quality environment to its residents and equip the project with a wholesome planning strategy. The replica of the Seven Wonders of the World enhances the beauty of this project. 

However, the plan of the 7the wonders city Islamabad housing scheme in Islamabad has overthrown the battle of fulfilling all the highlighted characteristics of the current housing project. 

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Payment Plan of 7 Wonders City Islamabad

Payment is the most crucial point in purchasing a plot. Islamabad’s seven wonders city provides you with a plot of different sizes at relatively low rates. You can pay the total amount in different instalments. You can pay monthly instalments, or you can also pay half-yearly instalments. Instalments are scattered over 40 month’s duration. So, you can easily pay your instalments without any burden of paying an increased amount at once. The different instalments rates for different plot sizes are as follows:

10 Marla Price in 7 Wonders City Islalamabad

  • Total payment =33, 00,000
  • Monthly installment=23,000
  • Instalments after half of the year=13, 86,000

7 Marla Price

  • Total payment=2310, 000
  • Monthly installments=16,170
  • Half-yearly installment=9, 70,200

5 Marla Price

  •  Total payment=16, 50,000
  • Monthly installment=11,550


The price for the corner houses is 10 per cent extra due to their incredible location. Also, the place in front of the road will cost 5 per cent additional other than the pre-plan price. The plot will also cost you 5 per cent, which is facing the park. You will get a 10 per cent discount by boking on the lump sum.

Pre Launch Ratesof 7 Wonders City Islamabad

seven wonders city Islamabad pre launch rates

General Block Payment Plan

7 wonders city Islamabad payment plan

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Facilities & Amenities

If you seek decent modern facilities at an affordable price, then Islamabad’s 7 wonders city is the best option. Go on now and grab this golden opportunity. Islamabad’s seven wonders city is cheap with many facilities like theme parks, a grand mosque, sports complex, 24-hour security, and a natural environment with modern services. Most of the area in 7 wonders city Islamabad is devoted to lush green spaces for better health conditions and enjoyment. There is also a playground and a park at the centre of Islamabad’s seven wonders city for the children. Life in lush green areas with modern facilities is a dream of everyone, and the seven wonders city Islamabad is providing you with this opportunity to fulfil your dream at an affordable price. The facilities which 7 wonders city Islamabad is delivering is as follows:

Grand Mosque:

The mosque is a part of our society. Religious beliefs keep us together and teach us ethics how to live in modern society. To learn about religion And worshipping a god in one place with unity, the seven wonders city Islamabad has built a grand mosque at the centre of the housing society. Modern technology has been incorporated in a mosque with elite class elite-class facilities. The Grand Mosque in Islamabad’s seven wonders is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture. The engineers have done marvellous work and the management of Islamabad’s seven wonders city.

High security:

Everyone wants to live in a peaceful society with no threats to their life. Friendly societies are well developed and well-nourished. So providing you with high alert security is the main priority of 7 wonders city Islamabad. It is a walled community with a single main gate, and the cameras have been installed on the road for proper security. The security staff is highly trained and professional. They are doing their best to keep the seven wonders city Islamabad residents safe and secure. Cameras on the road monitor everyone entering or exiting the housing society.  

Medical facilities: 

Seven wonders city Islamabad provides a tremendous health care system to the housing societies. 7wonders city Islamabad has built an International standard hospital and clinical facilities and provides every member of the housing society a premium quality facilities. There is also an ambulatory service available for every residence. There is no compromise on health care facilities in 7 wonders city Islamabad.

Eco-friendly environment:

Life in cities is better than villages in terms of facilities like education, employment, and health care system but it also has drawbacks like air pollution. Most of the big cities of Pakistan have alarming air pollution. Air Pollution causes many diseases, and people are highly affected. But, it is possible now in 7 wonders city Islamabad to live in an eco-friendly environment with modern facilities. Seven wonders city Islamabad has devoted most of its area to lush green trees and eco-friendly parks, which greatly benefits the health of its residents.

Graveyard facilities:

Worldly life is temporary. Every living thing has to die 1 day and return to its creator for the life of the hereafter. The graveyard is a crucial component of every society. Seven wonders city Islamabad has provided graveyard facilities to its residents. Having a cemetery near the hometown is a precious thing; we can visit the grave of our loved ones. We will have an opportunity to see and pray on Eid and another holy day for our loved ones. If the grave is not in our home town, it will be a difficult task.

Road infrastructure:

Roads are essential for the development of any housing society. 7wonders city Islamabad has built first-class carpet roads for its residents. Carpet roads enhanced the glamour of the housing society and made it look too beautiful. Pavement in the streets also made the roads very beautiful.

24/7 gas, electricity, and water:

Water, gas, and electricity are the basics of life nowadays. 7 wonders city of Islamabad has distributed all these essentials of life with a guaranteed supply. Islamabad’s seven wonders city has built a water reservoir to avoid shortages and deprivations. 

Seven wonders city Islamabad has also planted a water filter plant in society. Filtered water is easily available in the community.

Community Centre:

 Socialism is very beneficial for society. The man knows the values of society for conquering the social lives. There is also a social forum in 7 wonders city Islamabad. The social platform will allow the residents to participate in social work actively. The social platform encourages people to do good and better work for human beings. 

Sports complex:

Sport keeps a person healthy and fit. Sports should be an essential part of youth life. There is no playground available for the young generation to play in some areas. A society without a garden has more drug addicts than other organizations. 7 wonders city Islamabad has built a sports complex in organization.

Pros & Cons of 7 Wonders City Islamabad

The pros and cons of this incredible project of 7 wonders city Islamabad have mentioned below:

7 Wonders City Islamabad Pros:

  • Gated community with high alert security
  • Electricity, water, and gas are available 24/7
  • Markets and shopping centres 
  • Water reservoir to meet up with water shortage
  • Organized waste disposal system
  • Recreational areas and theme parks
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • School and colleges
  • Hospitals and clinic
  • The community’s location is very close to the major landmark of the city.
  • Green parks and playgrounds

7 Wonders City Islamabad Cons:

Noting in the world is perfect hence this housing society also has some minute consideration which is as follow:

  • The prices of the plots are a bit higher, but when we compare them with the market, these prices seem justified. Also, the seven wonders city Islamabad is in a prime location. That’s why prices are taller. But still an affordable prices for such amazing and beautiful services.
  • Another cons is the little bit of electricity and gas shortage, but the seven wonders city Islamabad has also overcome this situation.


The main objective of this housing society is to provide its investors with a high standard of lifestyle. Seven wonders city Islamabad is trying to furnish its investors with affordability, supreme location, and modern under one roof. They have done incredible work on this project. They have also provided the investors with an opportunity to live in a most peaceful and beautiful city at an affordable price. Islamabad’s seven wonders city is the most grossing and developing project in the real estate industry due to its unique design.

FAQs of 7 Wonders City Islamabad

Q1. What is Seven Wonders City Islamabad?

It is a residential project close to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. 

Q2. Who are the Seven wonders City Islamabad Owners?

Global Financial Services (GFS) are the developers and the owners of this residential project.

Q3. Where is the Seven Wonders City Location?

The location of this housing society is close to the M-14 Hakla D.I Khan Motorway. 

Q4. Is the location accessible?

Yes! It is close to vital sites like Islamabad International Airport, Talagang Fateh-Jung Road, and the Kohat Road Rawalpindi.

Q5. What is the 7 wonders city Noc status?

Legalizing this housing society is still pending, and soon the investors will receive the good news of its legal status. 

Q6. Is this a reasonable housing society?

Yes! According to the features and facilities, the housing society is affordable.

Q7. Is there is a provision for an installment plan?

Yes! The investors can benefit from the installment program. 

Q8. Does seven wonders city Islamabad has commercial plots?

Yes! This real estate project’s master plan is vast and includes residential and commercial plots. 

Q9. Is Investing in this residential project valuable?

Of course! According to the payment plan, location, and the facilities this housing scheme offers, it is indeed a valuable real estate investment.