7 Wonders City Multan: The upcoming, modern & much-hyped housing society, 7 wonders City Multan, is making great waves in the real estate industry. The society has grabbed huge attention from investors mainly because of the prime location, exceptionally distinctive facilities & the incredible successful projects by the developers who go by the same name.

The project is under Irfan Wahid’s guidance, the CEO of GFS Builders & Developers. The name is a brand in the market as they have delivered multiple projects in the past, including 7 Wonders City Islamabad, DHA Villas Bahawalpur, North Town Residency & more. 7 Wonder City Multan, however, promises a world-class lifestyle in both residential & commercial areas. Much like providing seven wonders of the world at your doorstep.

7 Wonders City Multan


The society is built by Global Financial Solutions (GFS) builders & developers, a Karachi-based real estate company. Under CEO Irfan Wahid’s guidance, the firm has earned the deserved reputation in the market by delivering successful projects. Their past projects include;

  • DHA Villas Bahawalpur
  • DHA Multan Villas
  • Seven Wonder City Islamabad
  • Seven Wonders City Peshawar
  • Seven Wonders City Karachi
  • North Town COMM
  • Malir Town Residency

These are off the top; there are many more projects by skilled & experienced GFS Builders & Developers, raising the bar of residents’ lifestyles.

Owners & Developers

The ever-upcoming & promising housing society, 7 Wonders City Multan, is under the wings of Global Financial Services (GFS). A name which has served Pakistan real estate for more than 15 years now with projects that are a package of long-term & high term aspects. The CEO, Mr Irfan Wahid, has brought national and international skills & experience to GFS housing projects. The trust, assurance & belief attached to the company & owners are synonymous with perfection.


The location of 7 Wonders City Multan is one of the prime reasons why the society is garnering immense attention. Moreover, the GFS Developers have had an exceedingly incredible experience in the past experiences to have the best locations for their mega housing societies. Since the society has just released the pre-launch rates, the project is in the initial phase. Therefore, we have not received the details about the location of Seven Wonder City Multan. We will update all the investors as soon as we confirm the information on the location.

NOC Status

Seven Wonders is in the initial development phase; therefore, the concerned authorities will soon approve the society. The importance of the No Objection Certificate is exceptionally immense as it not only legalizes society but also grants a tremendous sense of assurance to investors & developers alike. 7 Wonders City Multan, however, will soon be given NOC seeing the society’s grandeur & GFS developer’s past projects’ massive success.

7 Wonders City Payment Plan

7 wonders city Multan hype is constantly shooting the sky, especially after society’s exceedingly affordable pre-launch rates. Apart from the exceptional facilities & amenities, magnificent infrastructure & master plan that truly stand out, the aspect of the affordable payment plan adds excellent value to 7 Wonders City Multan hype & wait. Just like the payment plan of societies like DHA Multan, Gulberg Executive Multan & more attract the immense masses, making them one of the most successful societies in Pakistan. Moreover, according to the release of the current rate, the society has launched 5, 7 & 10 Marla with the most feasible installment plan.

Here’s the payment of the offered payment plan:

Seven Wonders City Multan payment plan pre launch rates

5 Marla Plot in 7 Wonders City Multan

The total price for 5 Marla is 1,800,000 with a down payment of 270,000. At the same time, the monthly installment is 15,000.

7 Marla Plot in 7 Wonders City Multan

The price for 7 Marla is 2,500,000 with a down payment of 375,000. The monthly installment, however, is 20,000.

10 Marla Plot in 7 Wonders City Multan

The total price for 5 Marla is 3,500,000 with a down payment of 525,000. Whereas, the monthly installment is 30,000.

Master Plan of 7 Wonders City Multan

7 wonders City is in the launching phase at the moment. The initial reports suggest the factors of exceptional luxury, modernity & grandeur in focus while putting the master plan together. The exact reason why society is grabbing the thriving attention. As time passes, the developers of the society will announce more. Up till now, the pre-launch reports suggest the residential master plan, which is as follows;


  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Development Status

7 Wonders City Multan just released the pre-launch rates of the society. However, according to recent reports, the development & construction process of the society is going has started. Therefore, all the investors can go ahead with the pre-launch payment rates.


  • Clean Roads
  • Exceptional health & Educational Institutes
  • Unending supply of Electricity & Gas
  • Solid Security
  • Commercially rich
  • Exceedingly affordable
  • Well-equipped master plan
  • Entertainment & Thematic outlets
  • Mosques
  • Grand sport Avenues
  • Prime & commercially centered location
  • Graveyards
  • Shopping centers
  • Parks for families & Children

Facilities & Amenities

7 wonders city Multan is one the most hyped, uber infrastructure & splendid upcoming housing in Pakistan. Apart from other distinctive features, exceptionally prime location & basic yet needed facilities. 7 wonders city Multan offers amenities like none other. A perfect all-in-one package for investors.

Other societies, like Faisal Town Phase 2, Al-Kabir Orchards & more, attract the considerable attention of investors because of the impeccable & distinctive facilities& amenities.

Moreover, here are some of the magnificent amenities that 7 wonders city Multan is offering at the moment, apart from the world-class master plan & exceptionally high-end infrastructure.

Supreme & Solis Security

The phenomenon of security for residents & investors holds immense importance. The developers of 7 wonders city Multan realize it thoroughly; therefore, there is 24/7 CCTV surveillance all around the society, gated community or the foolproof surrounding walls. There is no compromise on society’s security assurance. Moreover, the factor of solid security also adds a considerable edge to the magnificence of society’s master plan.

Top-Notch Health System

Another important aspect has a full-fledged health system. Residents have a complete surety if the high-end hospitals, clinics, nurseries, or pharmacies are open anytime. GFS developers have always focused on the best aspects of citizens’ lives & how their lifestyle can be made much more accessible, simpler & most importantly, healthier. Therefore, the existence of an incredible health system would be no surprise.

Modern Educational Institutes

The more well-read a society is, the more progressive the country will be. It is because the future belongs to civilized societies. Therefore, 7 wonders City Multan has a varied & modern educational institute that offers world-class academic education and the most inspiring & motivational environment for the children.

Entertainment & Sports outlets

The presence of entertainment & sports avenues is equally essential for a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is thematic parks, shopping centers, sports venues or family & children parks to wander around, it all adds to the society’s grandeur, magnificence & splendidness.

Commercially Rich

Another aspect making Seven wonder city Multan a one-of-a-kind society is its vibrant commercial aspect. There are unending business & job opportunities not only because of the exceedingly prime location but also because of the society’s commercial to have an infinite facility. Moreover, by investing in 7 wonders city Multan, you are fully covered to have a perfect residential space and a hugely rich commercial one too.

Commendable Eco-System

We must consider what we give to nature because it returns the same. GFS developers have always been extremely particular about the cleanliness & washed-up surroundings. Therefore, seven wonder city another distinctive aspect includes the commendable Eco-System.

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the advantages & disadvantages for investors to have a better look while investing;

Pros of 7 Wonders City Multan

  • Fully Gated Community
  • Exceptionally affordable
  • Unending Gas & Electricity Supply
  • Entertainment Outlets
  • Thematic Parks
  • Mosques
  • CCCTV Surveillance
  • Clean & wide roads
  • Sports Spots
  • Extremely reliable Health care system
  • Eco-friendly
  • Shopping Center
  • Comparatively Less Expensive
  • Graveyard
  • Most importantly, Trusted Developers.

Cons of 7 Wonders City Multan

It will take some time to Completion.

Why invest in 7 Wonders City Multan?

Whether it is GFS developers’ exemplary & notable past projects, the outclass location of the 7 wonders city Multan along with amenities & facilities that genuinely stand out, or the excellent infrastructure, the society is a perfect investment-worthy opportunity. Apart from that, society’s tremendous & exceptional master plan, including both residential & commercial areas, offers incredible personal lifestyle and business opportunities to keep investors hooked financially. All these remarkable aspects of society give a perfect touch of ultra-modern lifestyle in its true meaning. Another icing on the cake is the exceedingly incredible affordable payment plan. That, too, is the most fantastic installment plan ever. It is evident that society rarely gives an all-in-one package like this.

Pro Tips

  • The lump sum payment mode will benefit from a 10% discount.
  • The rates will increase in the coming time post the official launch, so it’s the perfect time to grab the opportunity.


Seven wonders City Multan is one of the magnificent investment opportunities for everyone in Pakistan and overseas too. Upgrading the lifestyle is a means of changing the choices & GFS Developers are providing a perfect one. That too in the most economical & feasible payment plan ever. So, it’s a future of choosing comfort, luxury, serenity & modernity for your home by choosing 7 wonders city Multan. The great assurance of skilled & experienced developers tops it off. So, what’s the wait for? Choose the prime & affordable lifestyle before it gets too late, considering the ever-thriving & increasing hype in the market about Seven wonder City Multan.

7 Wonders City Multan FAQs

Q1- What is Seven wonders city Multan?

Seven wonder City Multan is an upcoming, magnificent & much-awaited housing society.

Q2- Who is the owner of 7 wonders city Multan?

The magnificent upcoming housing society is owned by Mr Irfan Wahid, the CEO of Global Financial Services (GFS).

Q3- Has Seven wonders city Multan been launched?

The society has launched the pre-launch rates as yet & we will provide further information as the project unfolds.

Q4- Is Seven wonders city Multan NOC approved?

Seven Wonder City Multan will soon get the No Objection Certificate from the concerned authorities. It is so because society is at the initial development right now.

Q5- What is the payment plan of Seven wonders city Multan?

According to the recent pre-launch rates, the payment plan starts with 5 Marla, costing 1,800,000 with 15,000 monthly installments.

Q6- Why should I invest in Seven wonder city Multan?

Put the prime location, magnificent amenities & infrastructure that genuinely stands out along with ultra-modern master in the package & that’s what the newly hyped 7 Wonders City Multan represents. That too in the most affordable payment & installment ever.

Q7- How do I book my plot in Seven wonder city Multan?

To book your plot in Seven Wonder City, kindly visit the most experienced, trusted & genuine Property Saga any time. You can connect with us for any update or query too.