June 14, 2022
Adam Housing Lahore

Adam Housing Lahore


Lahore is one of the huge cities in Pakistan known for its cuisine, culture, history, and other tourist spots. Several individuals settle here so that they get the opportunity to some of the best facilities in this city i.e. tourism, business, and lifestyle. Every individual wishes to live in a modern environment full of opportunities. So, in order to add more charm to the city, Adam Housing Lahore brings an opportunity for real estate investment in Lahore. This housing project is going to be a dream destination for real estate investor at a lower cost. It would be affordable for every type of investor.

Location and Map

It is very important for any housing project to have an accessible location. The location determines all aspects such as beauty, tourist spots, and accessibility from other parts of the city. It will be near to the Allama Iqbal International Airport, M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, and ring road. Overall, the entire location of this housing project is going to be free of pollution and noise. It would be far away from the daily hustle and bustle in the city.

Adam Housing Lahore location map

Owners and Developers

One of the famous real estate developer named Adam Developers would be working on the construction of this housing project. They had previously delivered successful real estate projects that provide world-class facilities to the investors. Adam Housing Lahore is going to be a new addition to their successful real estate projects. They have even hired a skilled team of designers, architectures, and marketers, who are working hard to make this project a success.

NOC Status

It is important for every housing project to have a valid No Objection Certificate(NOC). The NOC implicates that the housing project is legal, and the investors may easily invest in the project without any fear. The NOC certificate also results in increasing confidence and trust by the investors. Currently, the owners of Adam housing are talking to Lahore Development Authority(LDA) for the NOC approval. The development work of this housing project would speed up


The developers of this housing project have hired some talented designers, who worked on its Masterplan. The Masterplan of this housing project shows it is going to be one of the most iconic housing projects in Lahore. It also shows that the entire housing project is going to according to the international standards. All the world-class facilities would be luxurious, and the overall landscape of this housing project would be filled with natural beauty and green surroundings. The residential plots would be available at the sizes from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal, while the commercial plots would be of 4 and 8 Marla. Furthermore, there would be huge carpeted road and an efficient underground drainage system that ensure cleanliness of the entire housing project.

Adam Housing Lahore Master Plan

Payment Plan

The payment plan is something that is shown to the potential investors, so that they invest as per their bank balance. The owners of this housing project would update their payment plan very soon.


Facilities are an important component of any housing project, as they determine the living standards and quality of the entire housing project. Some of the world-class facilities of this housing project are as following:

Environment Friendly

This housing project is going to be ecofriendly, as the owners have planned tree plantation campaign at different sectors. Moreover, there would be huge botanical garden too for the increasing beauty of the entire housing project.

Waste Management

The developers of this housing project have planned to store huge Garbage dumps at different sectors. Furthermore, they would hire a cleaning team that would keep the streets clean from every kind of litter.

Health System

This housing project would have some world-class hospitals and clinics that would comprise of foreign qualified doctors. Furthermore, such hospitals would also have 24/7 emergency for its residents.

Gated Community

The entire housing project is going to be a complete gated community, as there would be a huge boundary wall around it. Moreover, there would be huge surveillance gears, and CCTV cameras at different spots to monitor every movement within this housing project.

 Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Eco friendly Project
  • Ideal Location
  • World Hospital


  • Huge Perception of Plot rates
  • Slow construction work

Why invest in Adam housing society ?

This housing project is going to be one of the most innovative and high quality. Overall, the environment of this project would give a glimpse of some international city. Every luxurious facility from waste management to community center would be available for the residents. The best part about this housing project is that it is close to the M2 Motorway and Lahore Airport. Another greater aspect housing project is its Masterplan, which clearly show that this housing project has huge carpeted roads, and there would not be an issue of parking or traffic.


This housing project is going to be completely innovative, which is something that the real estate investors in Lahore might not have witnessed before. The developer of this housing project are offering world-class facilities to their investors. Very soon the housing project would get the NOC approval from Lahore Development Authority. All the world-class facilities of this housing project would be available at reasonable rates. For more information, you should visit the office of Property Saga. We have a talented team of real estate representatives and marketing agents, who would guide about the investment benefits of this housing project in detail.


Q1. What is Adam Housing Lahore?

Adam Housing is an upcoming housing project in Lahore that aims to transform the real estate sector of the entire city.

Q2. Where is it located?

This housing project is locatable near the M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, and adjacent to Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Q3. Is it NOC approved?

Not yet, but the owners of this housing project are talking to Lahore Development Authority for the NOC approval.

Q4. Is it affordable?

The owners of this housing project have not updated anything about the payment plan. However, some of their agents claim that the plots would be available at low cost.

Q5. Who are the owners of Adam Housing?

Riyaz Biryar, the president of Adam Developers is the owner of this housing project.

Q6. How can we get the files of this housing project?

You can visit the office of Property saga, if you want to get the files.

Q7. When will the possession be given?

The possession of this housing project would be available, as soon as the NOC is approved.

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