Avalon City Islamabad is a future real estate project in the federal capital of Islamabad. This project is going to be another huge venture in the real estate sector of Islamabad. It is mainly aimed towards middle class investor, who often find it difficult to construct an ideal home for themselves. A lot of real estate specialists believe that this housing project is going to be a low budget investment option. Although, the upper-class investors would also have the right to invest in this housing project. The plot sizes of this housing project share a true meaning of quality and are designed per the needs of investors. It is going to be one of excellent real estate project in twin cities.

Owners and Developers

This housing project is the brainchild of ZKB developers, who are famous for delivering world class project in different areas of Pakistan. Moreover, according to real estate experts, the developers of this housing project aim to provide a world-class housing project at affordable rates to their investors. The company is known for delivering more than 100s of construction projects, which includes national highways and Dams. A lot of their project have become a landmark of the cities. Their projects have been successful in connecting remote villages with urban areas, and reducing travel time.

NOC Status of Avalon City Islamabad

It is important for every real estate project to have a valid NOC(No Objection Certificate). A valid NOC determines that the project is legal, and there is no chance of any scam. The developers and of this housing project are talking to relevant authorities for the NOC approval of this project. Some of the important documents have been submitted, which proves that the project would get the NOC approval soon.

Avalon City Location map

The location is one of the important things that the investors look for before going ahead with their investment. It also determines the accessibility and beauty of the entire real estate project. This housing project would be locatable on Chakri Road, which would also be a hub of residential real estate project mainly. One would have an easy access of this project through Chakri Interchange, and under construction Ring Road. The best aspect about this housing project is that it would offer real estate investor the best investment opportunities in an already established markets. It would be very close to other prominent real estate project like Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and 7 Wonders City Islamabad.

Avalon City Islamabad location map

Master Plan of Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon City Islamabad is going to be a project, where the designers and developers would utilize all the latest technologies. Such latest technologies would be helpful in facilitating the residents of this housing project. There would be Automated traffic control, 24/7 power supply, along with object & facial recognition technology for entrance. Other technological aspects such as virtual hubs would also be a significant part of the entire housing project. There would be well carpeted roads with huge boulevards, and elegant roundabouts similar to the ones in Prime Valley Islamabad.

Avalon City Islamabad master plan

Payment Plan

This housing project consists of plots with sizes ranging from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. The payment plan suggest that the price of the plots would be reasonable, as the project is under construction. The booking price of the residential plots starts from 1.35 lacs only, as the plots are available with a 10% down payment. The investors would have an option to pay the remaining amount through installments.

Avalon City Islamabad payment plan 2022

Facilities of Avalon City Islamabad

Being an innovative real estate project, Avalon City would provide its citizens with numerous innovative technological solutions to solve their daily issues and provide them advanced level of entertainment that includes 3D Cinema, virtual theatres, electric bikes and Free Wi-Fi environment. Some of the other main facilities of this housing project are as following.

Commercial Sector

The developers of this housing project are prioritizing the commercial needs of their residents. So, they have planned to establish a commercial sector within the premises of this project. That sector mainly comprise of shopping complexes, retail stores and huge corporate offices. The corporate offices would comprise of various startups, banks, and other business recruitment centers.

Botanical Gardens in Avalon City Islamabad

In order to protect the residents from chaotic atmosphere, the project developers would build huge botanical gardens in different sectors. Those gardens would also be helpful in providing a sustainable environment to the residents. After Prime Valley, this housing project has the potential to build huge botanical gardens for a sustainable environment.

Wide Carpeted Roads in Avalon City Islamabad

The entire housing project would have huge carpeted roads that would ensure a smooth traffic flow. There would be vast boulevards with sizes around 40 to 60 ft respectively.

Modern Educational facilities in Avalon City Islamabad

The owners of this housing project have also considered the educational needs of their residents. There would be huge schools, and colleges with foreign qualified faculty.

Development status of Avalon City Islamabad

As of now, this housing project is at its pre-launch phase. However, the developers would initiate the construction of this project within few months. Some machines with world class features are going to be utilized for the construction of this housing project. It would get the NOC approval within next few months.

Reasons to invest in Avalon City Islamabad

The entire housing project guarantees a dream lifestyle, which is full of technological innovations. Furthermore, it is a place, where everything would be automated, as it would provide intelligent solutions to the daily problems. As of now, there are very less housing societies in which one is not able to live a modern lifestyle. A lot of real estate projects in Pakistan don’t have modern living standard with world class technology. The Avalon City is here to turn the dreams of investors into a reality. This housing project would all types of innovative facilities like automated streets, where there would be smooth traffic flow.


Avalon City Islamabad would one of the most profitable housing projects that would change the landscape of the entire city. It would provide the best and most affordable lifestyle to the investors of this housing project. Moreover, it will also revolutionize the real estate sector of the twin cities, and will give a better return to the investors. For more information about this housing project, we suggest you to visit the office of Property Saga. Our company comprises of talented developers, who are looking forward to guide you about the investment benefits of this project.


Q1. What is Avalon City?

It is a new real estate project in Islamabad that aims to revolutionize the real estate sector of the entire city.

Q2. Where is it located?

This housing project is located near Chakri Road, only few kms away from Blue World City, and Kingdom Valley.

Q3. Who is the owner of this project?

The owners of this project are ZKB Developers, who are famous for delivering some world class construction projects.

Q4. Is it affordable?

Yes, according to the payment plan, the plots in this project are affordable at 10% down payment with monthly installments option.

Q5. What are the sizes of plots?

Some of the main sizes of the plots are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

Q6. Does it have approval?

Not yet, but the developers of this housing project are currently talking to the district level authorities for its NOC approval.

Q7. Does it guarantee a huge return?

Yes, the payment plan of this housing project shows that the investors would get a huge return from their investment.