A blue world city is one of the unique housing complexes willing to make sustainable living standards for all investors. Moreover, there will be world standards will help in creating a long-term profitable investment opportunity. The developers are renowned and famous for making living spaces. Most importantly, several blocks and sectors are available that are causing the investment worthy not only for the inland but also for the overseas investors. Lastly, the housing project’s extensive features and facilities details will help future investors understand the investment.

NOC Status of Blue World City

The owners are famous in real estate, making the environment more investment friendly. Moreover, the venture is here by the two real estate giants, Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company and the Blue Group of Companies. So the experts and professionals will help build the investors to make an excellent and exceptional residential investment opportunity. Furthermore, they have been in the field of creating great endeavours for the past eighteen years. So they know exactly how to grab the overseas and inland investor’s interest.

blue group of companies


NOC Status of Blue World City

The legitimacy attracts investors to make long-term investments to make profits in return. Moreover, overseas investors usually look to create assets in the country. So, the developers will soon provide all its investors with the good news of legal status. But, for now, they have applied for it by proposing all the necessary papers. As we all know, this is the vital and first document investors look for to make a long-term investment. Therefore, the NOC approval is mandatory to obtain the confidence and trustworthiness of the property buyers.

NOC Approved by RDA

After some time another application was submitted by BWC Management and NOC status from RDA of the general public came in the rundown of under handling social orders.

The District Council has given a letter in regards to the NOC of Blue World City Letter No. 532/10/DC dated 07-08-2018. The Government settled the ward struggle between Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) and the District subsequent to marking the 2021 Local Bodies Ordinance by Governor Punjab. As per this Ordinance, all the private lodging social orders will be given endorsement from District Council. After this large number of considerations, Blue World City was given due endorsement, because of which plot costs will likewise increment.

The NOC of the Blue World City Islamabad is under the course of endorsement by and by. The proprietors are positive that the NOC of the lodging society will get supported soon.

Location & Map of Blue World City

Primarily, investors look at the site before creating a durable and trustworthy asset. Moreover, all living facilities are available, including essential, luxurious, educational and medical facilities. The developers also seek to make this housing project an ideal living space for everyone. Furthermore, the location is at the Chakri Interchange on Chakri Road. Therefore, it will be approachable from significant sites like the Airport, M2 Motorway, and Ring Road Rawalpindi. Lastly, the site will indicate it as the ideal residential investment for the residents of the twin cities.

Other significant landmarks from the blue world city are University Town, Mumraz City, Kingdom Valley, Khanial Homes, and Top City. Moreover, it will be easily accessible from the Giga Mall, making the investment more interesting for all the investors of twin cities and the surrounding areas. Lastly, the map will offer everyone the exact direction and site information.

Payment Plans of Blue World City

The prices available for all the investors are highly reasonable, making it the residential investment range. Moreover, the investors are overwhelmed by the instalment packages dividing the total amount into small payable bits. In addition, the investors are finding that the place offers extremely affordable plot investment rates. Therefore, a massive amount of investment is coming into the community. Lastly, the other details and information regarding the payable amount and instalments are available here.

Sports Valley Payment Plan 

Blue world city Sports Valley Payment Plan 

Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan of Blue World City

Blue world city Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan

Waterfront District Block Payment Plan

Blue world city Waterfront District Block Payment Plan

Commercial Block Payment Plan

Blue world city Commercial Block Payment Plan


Master Plan of Blue World City

The housing venture has to offer a lot to all investors at highly affordable rates. Moreover, the developer’s idea is to provide the best living facilities for all at gated residential ventures. The site is a plus for all investors because it enhances the investment’s worth. Lastly, the blocks and properties’ extensive details are here to invest in a more accessible option.


Sports Valley Block of Blue World City

The block is the latest addition to the housing ventures that offer luxurious facilities to everyone. The reason it is gaining popularity is that the commodities will be in the range of the majority of investors. Moreover, the investors are seeking investment benefits here because of its site. That is close to Defence Road. Furthermore, the accessibility to vital and significant landmarks increases the investment’s worth.

Overseas Block of Blue World City

The overseas block is here to meet the overseas investors living standards exclusively. Moreover, the developers make it the ideal investment opportunity with international standards. But, most importantly, the rates will be another factor investors look for in their long-term assets. Furthermore, the premium quality architecture is another reason living and investing here will be worth it.

Water Front Block of Blue World City

The most mesmerizing block available in the residential community is the one that offers the most lucrative features. Moreover, there will be a water theme park that will make the investment opportunity more worthy and profitable. As a result, the living standards and quality of living will be at the peak that all investors can easily access. Therefore, investing here will be mandatory for investors looking for an extraordinary life.

Awami Complex

As the name suggests, the Awami complex offers a suitable and affordable living space. Moreover, the developers are happy to invest in a range of all investors regardless of economic status. furthermore, the facilities are also of international standards and reliable. So, at affordable rates, the investors and residents can have the best living facilities. Most importantly, living spaces of different sizes will make life easier and help make preferable residential investments.

Orbital Apartments

The apartments will also be available in the community to offer the most desirable amenities at the best rates. Moreover, the living spaces will suit nuclear families looking for a luxurious and intimate living space. The developers also make the residential investment affordable by providing an instalment plan.

Blue Hills Farm Houses

Farmhouses are the most lucrative residential space for investors. Moreover, the investors can get quality living standards to attain higher living goals. Furthermore, the developers are providing different sizes at a reasonable cost. More importantly, the instalment plan will make the buying experience smoother for all investors. Lastly, the investment here is mandatory not only for the inland but also overseas investors.

Development Status

The housing venture development status is developing and creating lucrative features rapidly. Moreover, the tallest horse mascot and one-of-a-kind elements are now complete. Furthermore, the second cup franchise is also available in the community. The overseas gate and water theme park building are taking place rapidly in the area. Moreover, the forces flagship school construction is also starting in society. The business square and sports arena development work is also happening in the residential community. Lastly, the other development will be available on the website soon as soon as it gets official by the developers.


The housing project provides lucrative features to everyone, which ensures that all investors have world-class living standards, including:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme
  • Broad Streets & Road
  • Adequate Drainage System
  • Mosque
  • Grid Station
  • Medical Centers
  • Educational Institutes
  • Gated Community
  • Shops & Marts
  • Community Center
  • Graveyard
  • Commercial Zone
  • Filtration Plants
  • Family Parks
  • Fitness Area
  • Entertainment Area


Facilities are what investors look for before making sustainable and long-term residential or commercial investments, and these amenities promise the ideal living standards:

Access to all Basics

The developers are offering essential access to every induvial living in the community. Moreover, there will be access to clean drinking water, electricity, and gas. All these fundamentals will be crucial to accomplish a balanced way of life. Furthermore, these will be available at reasonable rates so that all individuals can get the optimal lifestyle within their means. Therefore, the investment can lead to lifelong profitable asset creation.

Educational & Healthcare Facilities

The developers will be providing the best learning institutions to all investors. Moreover, they will be following the international and updated curriculum. Schools and colleges will ensure investors do not need to go outside the community. Furthermore, the medical units will have the best healthcare gadgets and staff available to counter medical emergencies. All these facilities are the prerequisite to achieving a blissful lifestyle.

Eco-Friendly-Housing Project

The development project will follow international construction standards that offer high-class living standards. Moreover, there will be a plantation campaign occurring in the community that will enhance the living standards of the residents and the investors. But, most importantly, the high-class practices will invest in a more serene place to live and attain luxurious and elegant living standards.

Premium Quality Architecture

The architectural quality will be of high-class standards according to global guidelines. Moreover, the offices, shops, and residential places will be of a quality that will enhance and boost the investment’s worth. The availability of the facilities like high-end and essential commodities will help make a sustainable lifestyle.

Commercial Hub

The developers are focusing on building premium quality buildings and homes for individuals. Moreover, several commercial investment opportunities will be available to help start any preferable business. Most importantly, the gated and secure environment will make the investment more trustworthy and profitable business. Lastly, the properties with the instalment plan will help everyone make a long-term investment here.

Secured Gated Community

Security is the basic human need to attain blissful and long-term investment goals. Moreover, CCTV cameras will be available in the community to make the place more accessible and safe for living and investing. The security personnel will make the environment more peaceful by helping the investors avoid random occurrences in the community.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The housing project will create an environment where all investors are keen to invest. Moreover, here are some of the investment perks for all individuals.


  • High-Class Infrastructure
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Medical Institutions
  • Environmental-Friendly Project
  • Secured Gated Community
  • Grid Station
  • Commercial Hub
  • Apartments & Villas
  • Optimal Sewage System
  • Provision of all Basics
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Ideal Location
  • Resaonable Plot Prices
  • Renowned Owners & Developers
  • Mosque
  • Graveyard
  • Family Parks
  • Entertainment Area
  • Community Center


  • Perception of expensive properties

Why Invest in Blue World City?

The housing community is here to change the changing aspects of the real estate segment. Moreover, with the plan to offer the highest quality of living, the developers are here with the best residential and commercial investment. Furthermore, the developers are making the housing complex at the best site that will be close to vital landmarks and significant accessibilities. The prices of the homes and commercial set up will be again in the range and have the instalment provision that will make the investment more effortless and payable. Most importantly, the lucrative infrastructure and world-class facilities will successfully make a living and investing goals. Lastly, the other details will be available on the blog.


The housing complex will offer the life the investors want in the long-term and profitable investment. Moreover, there will be accessible landmarks and significant places that will increase the worth of the housing project. Furthermore, the developers will soon offer all investors good news regarding their legal status. Again, high-end facilities will be available in the residing space, making the lifestyle one of a kind and profitable. Furthermore, an easy payable instalment plan will make the investment more feasible and viable. Lastly, it will be vital to consult a professional realtor to make a worthwhile investment here.

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Q1. What is Blue World City?

A blue world city is one of the unique housing complexes willing to make sustainable living standards for all investors.

Q2. Are there any blue world city payment plans?

Yes, highly payable and viable prices rates will be available.

Q3. Who are the blue world city owners?

The development is here by the two real estate giants, Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company and the Blue Group of Companies.

Q4. Is the Blue world city location investment worthy?

This unique housing project is at the Chakri Interchange on Chakri Road.

Q5. What will be the accessible points of this exceptional housing community?

The site will be accessible from the Airport, M2 Motorway, Ring Road Rawalpindi, University Town, Mumraz City, Khanial Homes, and Top City.

Q6. What is the legitimate status of the housing society?

The developers will soon inform their investors of the legitimacy of housing projects.

Q7. Is the financing at this housing complex here will be worthwhile?

Of course, the high-end facilities and features will make the investment option trustworthy and worthwhile. 

Q8. How to get an ideal residential and commercial investment here?

It will be vital to consult a professional realtor to make a worthwhile investment here.