February 26, 2022
capital smart city NOC approval guide 2022

Capital Smart City NOC Approved or Not Guide 2022

Capital Smart City NOC Status

Capital Smart City by Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique Limited will be a great place to live. The Rawalpindi Development Authority gives the city’s capital Smart City NOC Approval. So, it’s legal to live near the twin cities and have a home there. Capital Smart City is also near the main motorway M2, close to the New Islamabad International Airport. In addition, having an affirmative interchange that connects right to the motorway is a unique thing. It is also near the east route of CPEC. It makes sure that the project’s topographical area is comfortable and easy to move around for the people there.

The housing plan is in three parts: residential, commercial, and recreational. It isn’t all, though. The plot sizes range from 3.5 Marla to 2 Kanal plots in size. The first smart home project in the twin cities has smart amenities and features. These features and amenities include a BRT system, Smart Highlights, and enough AI.

Importance of NOC

NOC is a common abbreviation for the No-Objection-Certificate used by real estate people in the real world. This NOC is essential for the people who build and own homes. Because society doesn’t think it’s OK to do without permission from the right people. The developers give the authority all the documents they need. After the power has checked and changed things, it provides the housing with society permission to build. After that, the authority adds it to their list of approved housing schemes in the area.

For example, if a housing society doesn’t get permission from the government and starts building. Because of this, the authority puts its name on the illegal housing societies in that city. After that, the residents have to deal with legal issues. In addition, the source tells utility providers to stop providing service to these groups of people. So, it is clear how important and monumental the NOC’s approval is. Fortunately, the Rawalpindi Development Authority has given the go-ahead for Capital Smart City.

Capital Smart City NOC Approval

It is one of the legal housing projects in Islamabad, and the Rawalpindi Development Authority has given it the OK to build there, which means it is legal (RDA). The housing project is on the RDA website as the 45th legal housing project globally. So, it is one of the legal hotel businesses in that range. Furthermore, society’s first NOC permission is not the same because more land has been bought. Thus, the project’s management is looking forward to its NOC for its new plan for the project’s more significant parts. Developers also think it won’t be long before the government approves the land.

NOC Grant to build a dedicated interchange from M-2 Motorway

The National Highway Authority has approved the Capital Smart City. The document says that Future Development Holdings will get a no-objection certificate to build a dedicated interchange at KM 332-333 for their Capital Smart city project, which is why it says that. Because of this, the Capital Smart City NOC Approval allows them to have a separate interchange on the Islamabad-Lahore (M-2) Motorway as their main entrance. Capital Smart City’s leaders have asked for dedicated access from the M-2 Motorway. The National Highway Authority’s executive board has also given the NOC to the city. People who live in Capital Smart City Islamabad can get to the National Highway Authority’s controlled motorway networks right away.

It says that the housing developers will pay for the construction of the interchange, but the National Highway Authority will own and run it. Furthermore, the proposed interaction is about 10 kilometers from M-2, but there has been no direct tender for its construction. A construction company part of NHA will be in charge of this project, not the primary company.


Rawalpindi’s Development Authority ultimately favors the capital’s Smart City NOC. People will not have to deal with any legal problems in the future because it is a legal housing scheme. Smart City is a great place to stay and a good investment. With RDA’s approval of the Capital Smart City project, real estate value should go up, which is vital from an investment point of view. Property Saga is also an excellent place to look for more information about real estate projects in Pakistan and other things.

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