November 7, 2022
Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Prime 2

Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Prime 2


Capital Smart City Islamabad is launching a new residential block named Overseas Prime 2. This block is here to offer tremendous opportunities for the real estate investment. The entire block has a perfect location and offer plots of various sizes. This block would completely change the overall infrastructure of the entire housing project.

Developers and Owners

This housing project is the joint venture of Future Developments Holding, Surbana Jurong, and Habib Rafique Pvt. The owners have been successful in providing some best real estate project to their investors before. All of them are known for their expertise of property designing and development strategies. When you talk about Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd., it has achieved best real estate prospect for past five decades.

NOC Status

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a mandatory file that the real estate developers must get from the relevant authorities. It is very helpful in not only legalization of any real estate project, but also helps in attaining more clients. As the clients become confident over their investment due to legality of the project. The Overseas Prime 2 has got the NOC certificate from Rawalpindi Development Authority, so it is now legal.

Location & Map

If any housing project has a suitable location, then there is a good chance for it getting more investments. Apart from beauty, it is also helping the residents in terms of  accessibility. Overall, this block has a better location as it is situated in heightened site. It is adjacent to the Overseas Central District, with different sub sectors. This block would be only few minutes away from the main Chakri Road adjacent to Blue World City, Nova City, and Kingdom Valley.

Capital Smart City Location Map near Chakri interchange M2 Motorway

Master Plan

The owners of this plan had recruited skilled team of engineers and designers, who have designed its master plan. From the masterplan, it is obvious that the entire block is going to be huge with wide carpeted roads. Some other sectors near to this block are Harmony District, Executive District, and Overseas East. This sector would comprise of following plots as mentioned below:

capital smart city Islamabad master plan 2022

Residential Plots

The owners of this project are offering plots for residential purposes. The residents would have best living facilities in such plots. For residential point of view, these plots have a chance to become one of the best investment option within the housing project. Following are some of the main sizes of the plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The commercial plots would be available to enable the residents to launch their own business ventures. Such plots would be reserved for retails stores, shopping plaza, or startups only. The main sizes of commercial plots would be as follow

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plan

The owners of Capital Smart City are trying their best to provide an affordable housing to their residents. So, they have recently designed the payment plan of this block. The plan shows that it is really affordable, as yearly and monthly installment option are available. A 10% down payment option is also available as per the payment plan of Overseas Prime 2.


Any housing project with the world class facilities has a good chance to be lucrative, and beneficial for residents. The real estate investor and residents prefer to live in a comfortable house with lavish facilities. Some main facilities of this project are as follow

Environment friendly

The developers of this housing project have been planning to create a combination of smart and environment friendly facilities together. So, they are planning to establish huge green parks at every sector. The wide roads would also have a limited amount of greenery to provide a pollution free environment. Even, the residents of this project would indulge themselves into a tree plantation campaign. Such campaign would enable residents to not only contribute to green environment but also promote socialization.

Commercial Center

The owners of this project have planned to dedicate a separate sector to encourage commercial activities. For that purpose, they intend to establish a separate sector that would only comprise of commercial project i.e. shopping malls. There would also be some huge retail stores, where the residents would fulfill their shopping needs.

Efficient security system

The owners of this housing project also want to cater to the security need of the residents.  The developers are planning to establish a huge boundary divider around this project, which would determine its overall location. The owners have plans to equip building different CCTV camera at every building, which would record the movements within its premises. There would be armed guards patrolling around to make sure that no acts of theft take place. The entrance point would have separate surveillance gear that would make sure that only residents enter the premises and not the others.

Road Infrastructure

The owners of Capital Smart City have plans to establish huge roads, with huge boulevards. It would have a wide space, which would ensure smooth flow of traffic. Its road are going to be similar to the ones in Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Development Status

The Overseas Prime 2 is currently under development at a moderate pace, as the developers plan to make it a lavish sector. They want to make it a suitable sector for overseas investors, who would have the opportunity to enjoy lavish facilities.  As of now, the booking are about to be open for the investors.  Around 40% of the land area is levelled, so half of the work on this block is near completion. The construction of this housing sector is taking place at rapid pace and full swing without any hindrance. The remaining work of the entire project would be near its completion as soon as possible. The engineers have laid the sewerage lines, which shows that the owners are catering to the water needs.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Cutting edge technological features
  • Environment friendly features
  • Huge infrastructure of roads and sector


  • Higher plot rates perception
  • Slow construction currently

Why Invest in Overseas Prime II ?

The entire block is set to become one of the most innovative blocks with environment friendly facilities. It would mainly cater to the needs of overseas residents, who seek to get a lucrative profit. The overall infrastructure of this block would be innovative enough that it might give a glimpse of some sort of international project. Even the payment plan of this block is so reasonable that any individual can invest and get huge profits. Another important aspect about this important sector is that it is the amalgamation of green and technological features. The owners of Capital Smart City have received a lot of call for this block, which demonstrates its demand. The developers behind this housing venture are striving hard to make it a huge success.


Overseas Prime II is going to be the most lavish and innovative sector of this housing project, with inexpensive rates. It is the good opportunity for the real estate developers to not only get profits but even have a residence of their dream. The developers of Capital Smart City are trying their best to provide a lavish lifestyle at this sector. So, the investors must be confident about their investment in this sector to enjoy lavish facilities. If you want to find a dream place for yourself in this sector, then you can visit the office of Property Saga. We have a skilled team of marketing experts, who would give better guidance about the investment prospects here.


Q1: What is Overseas Prime 2 in Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Ans. It is the latest housing sector within the premises of Capital Smart City that offers lavish features to investors.

Q2: What makes it different from other sectors?

Ans. The main aspect about this project is that it seeks to cater to mainly overseas investors. Also, it would have an exotic location with innovative infrastructure.

Q3: Does it have an authentic NOC?

Ans. Yes, the developers of this housing venture have got the NOC for this block from Rawalpindi Development Authority.

Q4: What is it located?

Ans. This housing sector is locatable to M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway right adjacent to Chakri Road.

Q5: Who are the developers behind this sector?

Ans. Overseas Prime 2 is a joint venture between SJ, HRL, and FDHL.

Q6: Can anyone easily afford it?

Ans. Yes, the payment plan of this sector is reasonable enough for any investor to capitalize on it. Even, the monthly installment plans of this project make it easier for investor to invest here.

Q7: Does it guarantee a potential high return on investment?

Ans. Yes, as the payment plan shows reasonable rates, so it would be easy for investor to get high investment return.

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