Capital Smart City

If you are a real estate investor or are looking to make your dream house, you have opted for the best choice in the territory of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is undoubtedly a fact that the capital city of every country holds the central hub of all core activities. The capital of any state or country is the centre of attraction for official government works and presents a majestic place to reside over there. Similar is the case with the capital city of Pakistan, the one and only Islamabad. It has sometimes been referred to as the twin cities due to the Rawalpindi attached in its vicinity. Enticing Margalla Hills surround the enticing feature bestowed by nature to this beautiful city. The masterpiece of nature enclosing the ninth biggest city of Pakistan concerning the area. Well, Islamabad is a city that has its charm adorned with serenity and greenery. The well-established regions in Islamabad, its growing economy, elite class population, and charming view of the city make it among the world’s top desired cities to live and flourish your careers.

The sister city lying adjacent to Islamabad, known as Rawalpindi, is also the economic centre of Pakistan. These two cities have always been, whenever there is a conversation about these two cities. The land of Rawalpindi has given birth to many legends of Pakistan in various fields, including cricket, politics and many more. Hence, individuals desire to find residency in these mesmerizing cities with high availability of opportunities. Moreover, it is also popular among the localities of Pakistan that Islamabad and Rawalpindi are some of the best cities to reside in and open up new gates of residency for you and your family. Capital Smart City is one of the most iconic and mesmerizing projects of a real estate agency that will make you feel blessed after getting your plot booked at this lavish yet updated housing society. The housing and commercial project of Capital Smart City is one of the desired projects to live in and to accomplish your dream project. This enlightening project has acted as the stimulator in uplifting the concept of smart living in an intelligent environment. It is undoubtedly one of the clean sweep pictures of an upcoming latest world where everything will dip in a tinge of technology. The only fact that has highlighted the worthiness of this project is that it is the first intelligent housing society with ultra-advance technology penetration and high-end facilities. The core reason behind opting for this society for making the majestic residency of your family is that it has an eco-friendly environment with the provision of each type of facility.

Capital Smart City is an elite quality residential scheme that assures you to deliver a luxury lifestyle experiences essences with all the other necessities of life. The targeted view regarding the provision of premium standards of energy within a comfortable environment is the purpose of developers of Capital Smart City. The sustainable development of this iconic project depends on the bright residence, elegant surroundings, and intelligent economy. The eye-captivating state of architecture, aesthetics and iconic designs will spell the pure soul of contentment in the investors.

Owners & Developers of Smart City

The well-known construction companies have taken the responsibility of making this iconic residential project a perfect place for your real estate projects. Two most highlighted names in the real estate world of Pakistan known as Habib Rafique (Pvt) Limited and Future developments Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is the prominent pioneer in uplifting the basis of intelligent cities in Pakistan for the first time. The two companies have impregnated their name with fabulous success stories and have maintained their standards as Pakistan’s primary assets holder companies. The company has intended to dispense the supreme futuristic, intelligent city project to their clients, reflecting the natural face of residential projects of Pakistan. Besides these national companies, many international companies have contributed to making the project of Capital Smart City even more enticing and apt for its residents. The international contributors include Surbana Jurong, which is a world-famous consultancy company and Normal foster. Many other names have adhered to and devoted themselves to fulfil this project. It comprises Cracknell, Designed, DSA Architects International, Infratech, and engineering Dimensions Private Limited.

About Future Developments Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd

Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited is generally known as DHL. It’s an accomplice consortium enrolled under Companies Ordinance 1984. All in all, few public and worldwide firms have held hands for the rising of the new universes driving the association. Its Real Estate Developer and Asset Management Company working in Pakistan. What’s more, FDHL has faith in making coordinated networks. This people group in this manner will prompt worldwide norms of supportability with strong financial and expert responsibility. Besides, these networks can be worked by essential speculations, imaginative metropolitan preparation, and additionally life cycle resource the board. FDHL is intending to sen, doff one more shrewd city in Lahore also. Also, it will be a similar innovation-driven framework as presented in Islamabad.

About Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd

Throughout the previous 10 years, HRL known as a trailblazer in the field of lodging and foundation. HRL has procured a top situation in the steadily extending land improvement of Pakistan. In the meantime, HRL introduced important designing contribution very first opportunity with regards to the advancement of lodging and foundation. In light of its hard-earned reputation and trust, HRL stands tall and apart from the competition today. HRL also has a high value of Human Resources and electro-mechanical resources, which gives it an advantage over its competitors on the lookout. Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd. has a rich 60 years legacy in the modern and framework scene. It’s the greatest Infrastructure designer in Pakistan. Additionally, one of the main development organizations of Pakistan. HRL is recognized as designers of different best improvement projects in Pakistan

Smart City Master Plan

The master planner of Capital Smart City has smartly categorized the land into distinct blocks or sectors to represent the various populations of Pakistan. The idea of the master plan of Capital Smart City revolves around the township approach with high-class architectural designs. The area of Capital Smart City has encircled with a dual strategy consisting of innovative building material and a perfect depiction of nature. Approximately 30% area of the residential project has accommodated greenery and natural scenery. The smart capital city has inhibited its uniqueness so that it has constructed with zero destruction of the biological asset during the developmental processing. The housing project has owned a vast area of 56 000 kanals. The extension of the other site is also under processing with high availability and demands of lands. The sectors/districts or blocks of Capital Smart City have been categorized into various blocks discussed in detail below.
The Capital Smart City had complete approval from RDA and is also registered with legal NOC. Well, the allotment of other land is also under view for registration and NOC issuance. We all know that this is a sensitive topic, but fortunately, Capital Smart City has succeeded in conquering all aspects of RDA registration and NOC issuance.

Blocks Of Capital Smart City

The sectors of capital smart city are exemplary with a unique style of distribution of land. There are many housing societies, but no one has introduced this innovative idea. The Capital Smart City has five significant blocks which have just opened space for multiple citizens of Pakistan. The boundary of leagues based on nationalities connects with a notion to provide them with a familiar environment. The standards of the environment have been maintained in this smart city with total vibes of urbanization and sustainable development. An ample amount of space has been devoted for each block/sector to permit them with vast areas. Moreover, each block has facilities and utilities of basic life with high-end mesmerizing views and living standards. 

Executive Block

The executive block of Capital Smart City has just soothed down the hype related to getting supreme class accommodation in Capital Smart City. The major throwback and benefit in booking your plot in this block are its multi-domain features. The executive block is a wholesome package encompassing almost all the aspects of an outstanding housing society. Although, the property rates in the executive block are a little higher due to the availability of prime location, high-end facilities, and a lush environment of living. Everyone desires to live in such a place. This block has also been dedicated to looking for some outstanding options of living in Islamabad- Rawalpindi but with affordable budget plans. The payment plan of the executive block has an excellent instalment plan which you can avail yourself of along with enjoying the high-end life.

Overseas Block

Here comes the leading block of all blocks, which has gathered the attention of Pakistanis from around the globe. The individual looking for top class living that meets the criteria of international living must visit and go through the details of an overseas block of Capital Smart City. The overseas block has been allocated in the right direction of the main boulevard of the league. In short, this block represents the face of the whole society. It has perfectly embellished with greenery, high standard buildings, and versatile areas of the plot. The constructors of Capital Smart City have announced the launching of the overseas block at their London office. The population of Pakistanis who have left their families for the sake of earning livelihood can avail themselves of this opportunity to get their hard-earned money invested at the appropriate place. Capital Smart City has introduced the overseas block for people looking to give their families a lifestyle with international vibes. The developers of Capital Smart City have taken this step and launched a residential area with high security, sustainability, and development.

The rates and prices of plots in this block are also reasonable with instalment plans. The procedure of owning residential and commercial properties have just switched towards online booking for ease and convenience.

Smart Villas

The collaboration of trivelles international and Capital Smart city has inaugurated a new version of posh lifestyle with intelligent villas. The Smart villas offer its clients luxury apartments and flats to live in ultra-modern residencies. The provision of these facilities in Smart Villas is much like the advanced world. The availability of magic boxes, gas sensors, CCTV camera installation, automated door lock and temperature/humidity sensors are the just look of these intelligent villas. In our opinion, these villas have been constructed with high-class facilities and infrastructure. The estates have also been divided into categories to make the customers comfortable in selecting their right choices. The three types comprise classic, exclusive and premium. The premium intelligent villas have a distinct feature that you can customize your flat according to your requirements.

General Block

The name is the reflection of this block. As the name indicates, the general block has its charms with open arms for all kinds of individuals without any differentiation. The general block is the first block of the capital smart city that has initiated its booking with heavy sales of plots. The central system in processing this block is to make the residencies affordable and available for every deserving person in instalment plans.

Location Map of Capital Smart City

Given the location of Capital Smart City, it has simply fulfilled all the factors inhibited by an excellent location. The central feature regarding the area of Capital Smart City is its vicinity that will spellbind its residents with its flickering lights at night and eye-soothing greenery during the day. Many professionals of real estate have acclaimed that Capital Smart City has encompassed the best area in Islamabad. However, it has covered the Rawalpindi city area with its grandeur. The distance from the main route of the Lahore-Islamabad motorway is approximately 9 kilometres away from the motorway terminal. International Airport of Islamabad also lies at a bit of space of 5 to 6 minutes. The adjacent surroundings of Capital Smart City have been allocated by some posh housing colonies, including the Blue World City, Eighteen Islamabad, and Al-Mairaj housing society. But believe us! There is no parallel society to beat the standard and class of Capital Smart City. After visiting once, you will feel satisfied and contented by visiting the location when you access the society so conveniently. The project of CPEC is also a few minutes away from this iconic society. Capital Smart City has so critically decided after the long and analytical meeting that both major cities of Pakistan, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi, are approachable at this location. Furthermore, each meter square area of land has been thoroughly verified and registered with the Rawalpindi development authority (RDA).

Capital Smart City Payment Plan

Residential Payment plan

Commercial Payment plan

Farm House Payment Plan

Development update


Facilities & Amenities 

The city has an unrivaled blend of offices. Every one of the necessities of life will be guaranteed inside the premises of the general public so the inhabitants won’t have to disappear. The task incorporates

  • Inns, Shopping focuses, and Sports clubs
  • Shrewd and current Housing plan
  • Elite framework
  • Mosques, Parks, lakes
  • Sporting Activities
  • all day, every day Water, gas and power
  • Smart applications for example traffic, climate, power, web
  • Green and Clean climate
  • Underground Electricity

The point of a Smart City is to give a novel, manageable turn of events and administrations to its occupants by present day organization. Capital Smart City satisfies every one of the necessities of an amazing savvy city as following:

Agreeable and Quality living

The general public is intended to establish a charming social climate in the district so individuals can partake in a satisfying and serene living. It will arise as a middle for business, private and sporting open doors.

Wonderful Transport Infrastructure

Every one of the organizers and laborers are attempting to make a simple and agreeable hotspot for going inside and outside. An organization for street clients, interfacing courses to primary adjoining courses, walkers, cyclists, and other versatility need is being worked with incredible headways. The general public will bring a momentous vehicle framework with higher proficiency.

Personality and Heritage

The capital savvy city will turn into a famous spot for both global and occupants as a result of its unrivaled design and offices. Its structures and conveniences will be a brilliant piece of current design. New strict and social focuses will be constructed. Capital Smart City will turn into a characteristic of uniqueness and legacy.


CCTV cameras with facial and article acknowledgment are an inherent component of CSC. Security of top notch is fastidiously arranged and staff to be deputed will be from rumored and exceptionally prepared security administrations. Also, the savvy elements of private quarters alongside all structures in CSC will guarantee no incendiary action goes undetected.

Eco-Friendly Environment

Being a brilliant city, the task has incorporated the protection of regular assets as really important. From improvement to its opposition, society guarantees that the normal region of the environmental factors are not upset. In this way, Capital Smart City turns into a general public where the inhabitants can genuinely encounter a climate of harmony and tranquility.


Many highlights add to making a lodging project a triumph yet the main one is the standing of the proprietor and engineer. Habib Rafiq Private Ltd is one of the most confided in names in the Real Estate industry in Pakistan so normally, the financial backers have full trust in the undertaking. Most of plots in the general public have as of now been sold out and are currently exchanged with benefit.

The turn of events and the all-inclusive strategy both look amazingly encouraging and will add to making Capital Smart City an extremely renowned venture. It will be a one of a kind and complete bundle for all people of society. With every one of the redesigned highlights and offices there is no question that Capital Smart City will be one of its sort and best lodging plans in the area. With every one of the benefits and honors this a general public is presenting there is no question that it merits putting resources into from short to a drawn out money growth strategy for most extreme profit from venture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1-What is a smart city and how could it be unique in relation to different urban areas?

Smart City is an inventive new lodging project worked with cutting edge innovation and progressed improvement and current framework. It is unique in relation to other lodging social orders for its elevated expectations, shrewd applications, previously unheard of offices, eco-accommodating brilliant climate, and vital preparation.

Q2-Why is it called Capital Smart City Islamabad If it falls under Rawalpindi Development Authority?

The design plan of Islamabad city is under modification and this general public may be remembered for the most up to date arrangement as it simply falls on the line of the current Islamabad region, thus it is alluded to as Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Q3-When will the work on exchange start?

The general public has gotten endorsement from FWO for its assigned exchange from M-2 and the development work will begin by 2020.

Q4-Is the Capital Smart City a lawful society?

Indeed, Capital Smart City is 100 percent legitimate and tie down society to put resources into. Its NOC is supported by RDA and you can check it from the authority site of RDA.

Q5-When will the advancement work start in the public eye?

The improvement work has effectively begun in the general public, the work on Main Boulevard is practically finished, the development of the mosque has likewise initiated among other turn of events. For additional subtleties generously read under the Capital Smart City Development heading in the article above.

Q6-When will the general public award ownership of the plots?

The ownership of the plots in the abroad and leader block is relied upon to be conceded by the main quarter of 2020 to the financial backers who will have cleared their due installments by then, at that point.

Q7-What special and savvy offices are this general public going to give?

The Capital Smart City will be a self-economical lodging society with a lot of novel highlights, for example, BRT framework, Climate control applications, free Wi-Fi areas of interest, traffic light applications, observation frameworks, machines control applications and substantially more.

Q8-Is this general public great for present moment or long haul speculation?

Capital Smart City is a general public worth putting resources into, it is a brilliant venture an open door for the long haul just as momentary money growth strategy.