Capital Smart City is the one of it kind unique residing space available for investors. Moreover, the owners are willing to make lucrative and profitable investment opportunities. The developers are looking to create Pakistan’s First Smart City to enhance the quality of living for all investors and residents. Furthermore, the site is at the M2 Motorway will make it an excellent real estate investment for the residents of the twin cities. The lucrative features will add a lifelong blissful experience for all. Lastly, there will be extensive details of the housing complex available in this blog; continue reading and getting to know more.

Owners & Developers

The residential community is the building with the partnership of Habib Rafiq Pvt and Future Holding Developments. Moreover, Habib Rafiq Pvt is a well-known developer working vigilantly in real estate. The owners aim to offer world-class living standards to all at highly affordable rates. Furthermore, investors trust the developers because of the high-quality deliverables they have developed previously. The Habib Rafiq are the developers of Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad.

Capital Smart City NOC Status

The housing venture has accepted approval from the concerned department, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). However, the developers are acquiring new land in the complex that will require additional consent. Therefore, the authorities will be offering the legitimate status to the residential complex soon. Thus, even though the housing community has feasible opportunities, the noc status is not affecting the investors much. The influx of investments in the community is increasing every day. Lastly, the housing venture will soon be available to make a more profitable and confident investment opportunity.

Location & Map

The housing society is the most feasible option available for the residents of the twin cities. Moreover, it will be on the M2 Motorway at Thalian Interchange. The most vital access point is the Islamabad International Airport. Furthermore, the M2 toll plaza will be a few km away. Most importantly, the CPEC Route will enhance the worth of the community and will yield high profits. Lastly, the housing ventures close to the vicinity are Blue World City, Eighteen Islamabad, and Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The map available below will further explain the site of this residing space.

Capital Smart City Location Map near Chakri interchange M2 Motorway

Payment Plan

The property’s prices will enhance the investor’s wish to make an exceptional residential and commercial investment in the community. Moreover, the developers are always willing to create a living space that comes under the budget of most investors. The instalments package will make the buying process more efficient and feasible for all. The payment plan available here will explain the other details.

Ready to Posession(Construction) Plots:

Overseas Prime 2 Block:

Capital Smart City Payment Plan Resident plots

Master Plan

The residential space will offer lucrative living space to all by providing several properties. Moreover, there will be all commodities available, including luxurious and essential. All the facilities and services will be easily in the approach of all investors because they will be here in a single gated community. Furthermore, the other details of the properties here are here:

capital smart city Islamabad master plan 2022

General Block

The general block will have several residential and commercial spaces to make it the best community for investment. Moreover, several facilities will be available to make the best residing and investing place. The creators are keeping the affordable prices in making the payment plan. So, the plot prices will be in range with a good instalment plan.

Executive Block

The executive block will also offer luxurious living spaces to everyone. Moreover, all future residents will access education, healthcare and entertainment services. Again the prices will attract investors to make a long-term investment here. Furthermore, the developers are keen on creating a sustainable environment and following the urban town planning standards.

Overseas Block

The housing venture follows the international standards of living that make the environment more investment-friendly for the overseas asset of the country. Furthermore, the developers are making good-quality infrastructure that will, in return, increase foreign investment. Most importantly, it will increase investments like FDIs in the country. Lastly, several plot specifications will be available to make the investment more worthy and rewarding.

Smart Villas

The Smart villas provide unique features to all future residents, including the latest technology to make the community a more secure and peaceful place to live. Moreover, services like medical and educational centres will have the latest gadgets and curricula to offer a sustainable life to all. So, investing in these plots will be rewarding and suitable for everyone.

Development Status

The housing society is improving at a speedy pace. Moreover, there will be a plantation drive in the community, making the environment more serene and peaceful. The developers are following urban house construction techniques to create less waste in the community. Furthermore, there will be the levelling and cutting of properties mostly done. As per the owner’s wish, society will soon be here to make higher living goals at reasonable rates. The officials will declare all the updates soon, so connecting them is vital. Lastly, the investment at this stage will be worthy of yielding massive financial gains later.

Capital Smart City Development Status


Several features will enhance the living standards of all prospective residents in the Capital Smart City.

  • Premium Quality Architecture
  • Broad Streets and Main Boulevard
  • Street Light
  • Family Parks
  • Community Centers
  • Mosque
  • Educational Centers
  • Medical Units
  • Grid Station
  • Entertainment Areas
  • Malls and Shops
  • Apartment
  • Optimal Drainage System


Capital Smart City will offer lucrative and lifelong facilities to prospective future residents. The catalogue is extensive, but here are some of the significant ones.

Access to all Basics

All investors will receive an incredibly distinctive lifestyle from the creators. Additionally, all future residents will have the provision of the necessities like electricity, gas, and water. The pricing range will also depend on the investors’ budget and purchasing power. Lastly, the fact that supplies are always available will be advantageous and an exciting part of investing.

High-Quality Infrastructure

All inhabitants will be able to earn a livelihood or at least a long-term existence in the housing society’s high-quality homes and buildings. Moreover, the high-quality architecture of the buildings can support significant leads so that the builders will make profits for all buyers and inhabitants. Lastly, the security developers provide to entrepreneurs, and business owners is yet another crucial factor that will aid them in closing important business deals.

Educational & Healthcare Services

In the community, two essential parts of life will be available. Moreover, the first is the medical facilities, which will support each resident in making a sound and long-term asset in a gated and guarded community. The health services will also be of the highest calibre and conform to international norms. Additionally, all investors’ education will be simpler, aiding them in accomplishing their learning goals. Lastly, these facilities will raise the standard of living in the community.

Business Hub

All of the residents will soon have access to the commercial setups. The creators will, though, soon release the specifics and extensive details. Additionally, they intend to improve the well-being and suitability of the residents’ life. A size design will also soon be accessible to all investors. Lastly, the best part is that it will include high-quality architecture and buildings so the locals can get the best gains and value.

Sustainable Housing Project

A community-wide planting campaign will aid in fostering a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Additionally, the developers are eager to provide the best technique to lead a healthy lifestyle. The best part is that it instils tranquillity and elegance in the residing area. Finally, homeowners will also access family-friendly parks and grounds to enhance their quality of life.

Secured Gated Community

A gated community will provide all residents with perfect and long-term living goals. Additionally, the builders are taking care to place CCTV cameras everywhere so that the locals may feel the level of security in the residential project. Lastly, security personnel will assist the community and observe events in the adjacent areas.

Pros & Cons

The perks of investing in the community are marvellous, and the developers will make extraordinary living standards for everyone.


  • Affordable Housing Venture
  • Adequate Sewerage System
  • Renowned Owners
  • Provision of all Essentials
  • Educational Centers
  • Commercial Zone
  • Medical Units
  • Mosque
  • Grid Station
  • Entertainment Area
  • Apartments
  • Ideal Location
  • Secured Gated Community
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Graveyard
  • Wide Roads
  • High-Quality Infrastructure


  • Perception of high Plot Prices

Why Invest in Capital Smart City?

Several reasons are here that will make the residing investment irresistible for everyone. Moreover, there will be lucrative and worthy features available for all that will make sustainable living standards for everyone. The developers are renowned and have served the real estate trade to another rank. Most importantly, sustainable and unique features will be available in the housing community, as it is Pakistan’s first amazing and Smart city after that Lahore Smart City. Moreover, the schedule is simple to offer a valuable living experience to all investors at highly affordable rates. Lastly, the investment here will yield a massive price and is worthy of long-term profits and living goals.


The Capital Smart City is the unique residing space available in the vicinity of Islamabad. Moreover, investors from the twin cities can benefit by investing here. The site and the instalment packages make the investment more suitable for everyone. Furthermore, world-class construction standards make the housing scheme an eco-friendly investment. Therefore, investors from the country and overseas are looking to make an ideal and blissful living experience here. Most importantly, essential and luxurious commodities will make all investors’ lives valuable. Lastly, optimal guidance is mandatory to make a profitable investment here. For Assistance Contact Property Saga.


Q1. Is Capital Smart City a housing project?

Yes, It is Pakistan’s first Smart City developed in Islamabad.

Q2. Where are the Capital smart city site and map?

It is on the M2 Motorway, close to Islamabad International Airport.

Q3. What are the access points of society?

The housing venture will be easily accessible from the Thalian Interchange and CPEC Route.

Q4. Who is the capital Smart City Owner?

The residential scheme is the joint venture of Future Holding Development Limited (FHDL) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt).

Q5. What is the NOC status of the exceptional housing venture?

Soon the total area NOC will be available from the concerned authorities.

Q6. Is the Capital smart city payment plan available?

Yes, reasonable prices and rates are available for all investors and future residents.

Q7. Are there any commercial properties available?

The developers are offering premium quality infrastructure commercial zone for all.

Q8. Is this a worthy real estate venture?

Of course, there will be numerous benefits to investing and living here, so this investment will be sustainable and valuable.