Citi Housing Kharian is the latest housing venture, which aims to cater housing needs of residents in Kharian. The developers of this housing project have planned to provide state of the art facilities to the residents of Kharian. Furthermore, they have planned to take the entire housing venture to the next level by providing convenient investment plan. The investment in this project would guarantee a huge return of profit.

Citi Housing Kharian

Owners & Developers of Citi Housing Kharian

This project is the brainchild of City Housing Developers, who are one of the famous real estate entities in the country. The owners of the company are Amer Malik and Zoraiz Malik, while Rana Zahid acts as an Executive Marketing Director. This company has delivered quality project in the past i.e. Citi Housing Multan Phase 1 and Citi Housing Multan Phase 1. All of their previous project have catered to the residential desires of their investors. The company comprises of a talented team of designers and architects, who understand the art of delivering high quality projects. One can clearly claim that investment in Citi Housing Kharian would be a lucrative option due to notable developers.

NOC Status of Citi Housing Kharian

Before going ahead with their investment, it is important for the real estate investors to ensure that the project has valid No objection Certificate(NOC). The NOC file guarantees that project is free of any type of fraud, and investment here would be secure. The developers have successfully got the approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority, Sialkot after rounds of negotiations. They would receive the NOC approval very soon, and it would increase the value of the entire project.

Location & Map of Citi Housing Kharian

One of the significant factors of any housing venture is its location. It tells whether a specific housing project is easily accessible or not. This housing project can be found at GT Road, Kharian. A lot of other housing projects are being developed at the same route. Other famous housing project in the route are Buraq City, Grand, and Green View City. One can easily access this the route of this project through main GRT Road, Sarai Alamgir, and Gujrat City. The value of all these places would increase further, as there are tremendous opportunities.

 location map

Payment Plans of Citi Housing Kharian

The developers of Citi housing Kahrian project have introduced a payment plan, which proves that the plots are available for booking at less expensive rates. Furthermore, different plots sizes would have different rates. Through this affordable payment plan, the investors would have an opportunity to construct a dream home of their desire. It would also increase the buying capacity of the real estate investors. Below is the payment plan that shows rates of every plot size.

Citi Housing Kharian payment plan

Master Plan of Citi Housing Kharian

The Masterplan of this housing project suggests that the developers would provide all type of world class facilities to the residents. Developers have guaranteed that all the important feature would cater to the residential needs of the investors. Living in this housing project would help the residents to have a sustainable living lifestyle. Some of the other masterplan features are as following:

master plan

Residential Plots of Citi Housing Kharian

The residential plots would comprise of numerous living spaces for every residents. Furthermore, living rooms have numerous sizes where all type of prospective residents may have a perfect and lavish lifestyle. Moreover, some other features like the state-of-the-art infrastructure, environment friendly facilities, and affordability would some of the charming factors of living in these residential plots. Some of the sizes of residential plots comprise of 5 Marla to 2 Kanal.

Commercial Plots of Citi Housing Kharian

The developers of Citi Housing project have also planned to develop a separate commercial area to all the prospective investors. Furthermore, the commercial spaces would be ideal investment for initiating any business project or for simply renting out a particular property. Apart from that, the high-quality infrastructure and full security would assist a successful business. Most significantly, these commercial plots would be available at highly lesser rates with an instalment provision. Some of the sizes of commercial plots range from 4 Marla to 8 Marla.

Development Status of Citi Housing Kharian

The owners of this housing project have initiated the development work of this housing project with all the world class features. Currently, the architects are busy with plot levelling all over the project. Few of the plots have already been completed, and remaining are about to be finished. The owners have planned to construct a huge mosque that would be different from all other mosques of the city. Furthermore, the owners have even planned to beautify the entire housing project by planting green trees all around the housing project.

Facilities of Citi Housing Kharian

Any housing project needs to have some of the world class facilities for the ease of its inhabitants. Following are some of the main facilities of this housing project.

Secured Gated Society of Citi Housing Kharian

The developers are planning to install huge CCTV cameras in different blocks of this housing project. Such cameras would monitor each and every movement within the premises of the society on daily basis. Furthermore, there would be a separate security gear at the entrance point to check each and every person entering into the housing project.

Environment friendly housing society

The entire housing project would be completely green, as the developers have plans to develop botanical gardens. Moreover, they have also planned to install different trees at various boulevards within the housing project. Such measure would make sure that there are no harmful affects of the climate change on the residents.

Medical and Educational Services

Residing in a world class and peaceful housing society also requires quality education and healthcare. So, the owners of this housing project have planned to develop several schools and colleges for their residents. Such institutions would comprise of foreign qualified teachers to ensure excellent quality of education to students. Moreover, there would be different clinics and hospitals that would have 24/7 emergency facilities for the residents. Even the medical institutions would comprise of foreign qualified staff.

Commercial Hub of Citi Housing Kharian

There would be a separate block for commercial projects, where the residents would have the facility of fulfilling their residential needs. There would be different shopping malls, corporate offices, and retail stores for visitors shopping needs. The investors would also have a golden opportunity to establish their own businesses through those offices/

Advantages & Disadvantages

Following are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of this housing project.

Advantages of Citi Housing Kharian

  • Environment friendly lifestyle
  • Affordable payment plan
  • Efficient security system

Disadvantages of Citi Housing Kharian

  • Huge rate of the plots
  • Not a suitable location

Why Invest in Citi Housing Kharian?

The main purpose to build this real estate project is to assist the residents of Kharian to live in a comfortable and lavish environment. Furthermore, the developers have also planned to provide state of the art housing facilities to the residents. This housing project would be locatable at main GT road, which shows that it would be one of the greatest attraction of the entire city. Another best part about this housing project is its affordable payment plan. The residents would have the facility to purchase the plots through monthly installment plans i.e. New Metro City Gujar Khan.


Citi Housing Kharian plans to become one of the best upcoming housing projects in Punjab. The project developers aim to provide all type of lavish lifestyle at affordable rates. They have already been successful in delivering huge housing projects before. So, one can believe that even the current project would achieve a remarkable success. The real estate specialists already considers this project a potential success. So, the investors would have confidence on the developers of this society. Property Saga is here to provide all the investment guidance about this project Our team is skilled real estate agents would explain each and everything about the benefits of investing in this project.


Q1. What is Citi Housing Kharian?

It is an upcoming housing venture, which aims to help the real estate investors of Kharian.

Q2. Where is it locatable?

One can easily find this housing project at main GT Road, Sarai Alamgir near district Gujrat.

Q3. Is it inexpensive?

According to the recent payment plan, the properties are now available for booking at affordable rates.

Q4.Who owns this housing project?

The rightful owners of Citi Housing project are Citi Housing Developers.

Q5. Is it approved?

Yes, this housing project got the NOC approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority Sialkot.

Q6. Does it guarantee a huge return?

Yes, the payment plan of this project shows that the investors are going to get huge return of their investment.