Citi Housing Sialkot is located on Sialkot avenue. It is an outstanding region to live. It is also real estate second venture of Citi housing developers. Gujranwala was the first project and this project got positive feedback by the public that’s why developers start new project in housing. Maintaining the track of preceding  development, Sialkot Citi Housing Society additionally proves to be another greatest real estate venture which offers the first cutting-edge real estate venture in Sialkot.


Citi Housing Sialkot


Citi Housing Sialkot venture is categorized with the consider as well as trust of the  Citi Housing. The first venture was Gujranwala and it was too much praised by the public so that was the main thing developers thought to start this new project and this venture which is the famend name in real estate region of Pakistan and occupy honest reputation of being a first-rate real estate builders of the country.

The Citi housing developers made a tremendous effort to pick out the region to be able to facilitate the citizens within the satisfactory feasible manner. Moreover, vicinity chosen by developers is very advantageous, high-quality and categorical. Furthermore the encompassing is not filled with the crowd.

Owners & Developers                       

This undertaking is the second one real estate venture of Citi Housing developers. Major Malik Amir is the owner of city housing. The developers have many experiences and studies in real estate. It’s miles any other excellent real estate venture presented with the aid of the builders. As they have got whole information  of official, legal and authentic requirements.

The developer have already develop some other ventures such as Citi Housing Gujranwala, Citi Housing Multan, Citi Housing Jhelum and Citi Housing Kharian.

Location & Map of Citi Housing Sialkot

The City housing of Sialkot is positioned at Daska Road. It is some kilometers far away from Gojra, Sambrial, Beerh, model town, Ugoke, satellite town, Nandi pur, and Bhabrianwala. Sialkot Cantonment is also some a kilometers far away from it.

Housing Sialkot location map

Nearby Locations Citi Housing Sialkot

It also connects residents with some locations, such as:

  • Sialkot Daska Road
  • Defence Road
  • Model Town
  • Satellite Town
  • Sialkot Cantonment

Nearby Landmarks and Societies:

Given below are the nearby locations and some famous places to this citi housing:

  • Saddar Bazaar Sialkot Cantt
  • Taj Mahal Sports Company
  • C A sports
  • Beerh Sialkot
  • Baba-e-Sialkotis
  • Auteurs Implex
  • Penna Overseas Corp

NOC Status of Citi Housing Sialkot

Before making any investment in real estate the investors look for the No-Objection Certificate. Because no-objection certificate is very important document through which investors trust on developers and then invest on it.

Further, developers must have legal status by which they help all the investors and ensures them to invest in real estate. Due to assurity purpose, Citi Housing receiving many investments and after launching, this project sold out within three day.

Payment Plan of Citi Housing Sialkot

The payment plan of Citi Housing Sialkot are investors-friendly, flexible, easy to afford, and getting positive feedback from investors as well. This project offers numerous types of plots underneath residential category as well as commercial category and are very easily affordable. The starting price is PKR 2,150,000/-.

Given below are the payment plans of this citi housing:

payment plan 2022

5 Marla Plots

The total price of 5 Marla plot is PKR 2,150,000/-. Monthly installment PKR 53,333/- and the down payment PKR 300,000/-

10 Marla Plots of Citi Housing Sialkot

The total price of 10 Marla plot is PKR 3,950,000/-. Monthly installment PKR 95,000/- and the down payment PKR 525,000/-

1 Kanal Plots of Citi Housing Sialkot

The total price of 1 Kanal plot is PKR 7,250,000/-. Monthly installment PKR 178,000/- and the down payment PKR 850,000/-

2 Kanal Plots

The total price of 2 Kanal plot is PKR 9,350,000/-. Monthly installment PKR 205,000/- and the down payment PKR 950,000/-.

Citi Housing Sialkot Master Plan: 

This society master plan is designed to make it an advance housing community. This Sialkot citi scheme is divided into several other blocks and there are total eight blocks. These blocks are designed to provide and offers various plots sizes of Five Marla, Ten Marla, One Kanal and Two Kanal. In this society, Three Marla and Five Marla commercial plots are also available.

Master Plan


This project has been divided into the following eight blocks to offer and manage several sizes of plots:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G
  • Block H

Residential Plots:

The residential plots in citi housing project are offered in following categories to facilitate residents-

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots:

The commercial plots in citi housing are offered in following categories to facilitate residents-

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development Status:

The development status of this project is at a quick pace. Sialkot Citi Housing project is completely sold out. Developers experienced team putting their efforts with best of their competencies to complete this housing project. Massive quantity of houses had been occupied and completed. Few houses underneath construction are close to completion as well.


This evolved venture gives an expansion of specific features and facilities to offer the citizens with an excessive-stage residing experience. This make the lives of citizens comfortable. The features includes:

  • Educational Institutes for Children
  • Fireplace Station
  • Grand Mosque
  • Protection and Surveillance Gadget
  • Phone Exchange Gated network
  • Power Electricity Deliver
  • Nicely Hooked up Medical Institutions
  • Theme Parks and Zoo
  • Shopping Department Stores
  • First-rate infrastructure
  • Gymnasium and Cinemas
  • Banks and ATM Machines
  • Enjoyment Regions including network facilities
  • Vast Commercial Markets
  • Stunning dancing Fountain
  • Extensive Avenue Network
  • Water Filtration Vegetation
  • Sewerage System
  • Mini barren region
  • WIFI free
  • Easily accessible
  • Car Parking

Facilities & Amenities:

This citi housing society guarantees that all the cutting-edge and fundamental facilities are available to the residents. Citi Housing of Sialkot offers citizens the

present-day all facilities and amenities with highly efficient structures.

To cope with the immoderate necessities and requirements of a luxurious lifestyle, the following facilities and amenities are being furnished.

Grand Mosque:

Grand mosque is available for the citizens that gives instructional, struggle decision services. It is most important for any society and further for the spiritual requirement of the people. Anyone can develop a strong connection with ALLAH by offering prayers in the mosque.

Basic Utilities Available:

Citi housing society offers all fundamental utilities to the residents as there’s never scarcity of gas or in fresh water. In summer season, whilst there may be an excessive amount of load dropping, the electricity supply and backup gadget are hooked up to cope with those troubles.

New Medical Centers:

Every person life matters and that’s why this society plans consists of the medical sanatoriums such as modern hospital and clinics as well. It is also going to offer superior, satisfactory, advanced and best healthcare centers to its citizens because they will help them in any emergency.

Educational Institutes for Children:

This project plan includes schools and colleges to provide first class education to children. Educational institutes are the top priority of all housing societies and the reason is that student’s great future be in the hands of these institutes.

Theme Parks and Zoo:

The theme parks and zoo of this project are made with concept of enjoyment of children as well as for all residents. The greenery in parks attract the resident and increases the beauty of parks. Moreover, children play in parks and physical maintenance is very beneficial for their health.

Protection and Safety:

Safety and security is most important for any housing society.  In this project for security purpose of residents it has provided a gated network that make sure protection for everyone. Best protection mechanism with 24/7 tracking through CCTV cameras and records all the activities happening around.

Friendly Environment:

Mostly, all housing society provides eco-friendly environment. In this scheme, this environment is developed with the attention of sustainable techniques. There are various parks, zoo, cinemas and playgrounds, etc. that offers residents a friendly environment and a way to connect and understand other people.

Pros & Cons:


  • Easily Accessible Location
  • Mosque
  • Basic utilities
  • Eco-Friendly
  • CCTV Cameras for security purpose
  • Theme Parks, ZOO, Cinemas
  • Affordable Installment Plans
  • No Load shedding
  • Clean water
  • Educational Institutes for Children
  • Modern Medical centers, hospitals
  • Car parking
  • Police station, Fireplace station


  • Perception high-priced

Why Should One Invest in Citi Housing Sialkot?

The location and environment are the most important and critical factors for any resident. Citi Housing Sialkot is putting an effort to provide a comfortable, luxurious and green environment to all of its citizens.

Location is easily accessible many houses construction is completed now and some   are being worked on. In next time, it’s value must be increased because the first project of Gujranwala got a positive feedback from the public and then public trust on developers.

To live in residential plot or any commercial plot for business purpose, citi housing is the best choice and the reason is that the charges of the residential and commercial plots are hooked up in such a way that are reasonable, affordable and easily monthly paid by residents. So, invest now.


Citi Housing Sialkot is second best project done by Citi Housing developers. This citi project of Sialkot provides a lot of features and facilities at very low and affordable rates. It is easily accessible. Grand  Mosque, Theme Parks, Vast Road Network,  High-Alert Safety and Protection, CCTV, Filtered Water, Sewerage System, Cinemas, Free WI-FI,  Electricity ,Gas, and backup power supply, Car parking ,Educational institutes, Hospitals, fireplace station and a lot of other facilities are provided by this society.

Apart from that, the project is at the hands of the trusted developers because the first project that was completed by these developers got positive response and highly appreciated by public. The price range is affordable. This housing scheme offers a lifetime possibility or opportunity to purchase any types of plots at the low charges.


Q1-What is Citi Housing Sialkot?

Ans: Citi Housing is a housing scheme in Sialkot.

Q2- Who is the developer of Citi Housing Sialkot?

Ans: It is developed by Citi Housing Developer named Major Malik Amir.

Q3- Where is this citi housing located in Sialkot?

Ans: It is located on Daska Road.

Q4-What kind of properties in City Housing of Sialkot?

Ans: There are two kinds of properties. 1) Commercial 2) Residential

Q5-Is Citi housing of Sialkot is affordable or not?

Ans: Yes, it is an affordable housing scheme. Prices of 5 Marla starts from PKR 2,150,000/-.

Q6-Is Citi Housing of Sialkot project approved?

Ans: Yes, this project is approved by concerned authorities.

Q7-Write down Residential plots sizes in Citi Housing of Sialkot?

Ans: The residential plots includes-

  • Five Marla
  • Ten Marla
  • One Kanal
  • Two Kanal

Q8-Enlist sizes of commercial plots in Citi Housing of Sialkot?

Ans: The commercial plots includes-

  • Three Marla
  • Five Marla

Q9-Does this project offer installment plans?

Ans: Yes, this project offers an option of installment plans

Q10-Is it safe to invest in this project?

Ans: Yes, it is a safe investment because it has approval from concerned authorities.