February 26, 2022
DHA  Bahawalpur

DHA  Bahawalpur

DHA  Bahawalpur

Are you probing to invest in the real estate sector? We have extracted one of the most popular and top-notch projects of the real estate sector of Pakistan known as DHA Bahawalpur for you. 

Bahawalpur is an ancient city of Punjab and is the home to millions of people. The city ruled by the Abbasi family of Nawabs had always cherished its residents and visitors with brimming cultural heritage and mesmerizing architectural art. Incoherence with advancement in the real estate market and establishment of a new housing project, the living conditions and demands of people have improved regarding the housing projects. Therefore, people belonging to the middle class and upper-class localities are investing in the Bahawalpur property market that correspondingly increases the value of a present property of the city.

Bahawalpur is presenting a golden investment opportunity for investors known as DHA Bahawalpur that will fulfill your dreams regarding the composition of real estate property. DHA Bahawalpur is a masterpiece of the real estate sector that is offering the world’s best possibility adorned with enormous attractions and sophisticated amenities. DHA Bahawalpur is the pioneer of the real sector of Bahawalpur that is going to be bestowed with top-notch facilities of life.

The foundation of DHA or defense housing authority has been laid down by General Zia-ul-Haq that furnishes housing and municipal services to defense representatives across Pakistan. It holds the position of 2nd largest housing society of Pakistan and has branches in different cities of Pakistan. DHA Bahawalpur is also one of the newly launched projects of this housing society. It encompasses all the defined parameters that create safe and environment-friendly infrastructure for the residents. The nationally recognized housing society of DHA has incorporated the features of strategic urban planning, sustainability, and luxurious development to innovate the living standards for the residents of Bahawalpur.

DHA Bahawalpur Location & Map

An ideal housing society encircles all the features of a captivating and reliable location. Fortunately, DHA Bahawalpur has completely fulfilled all the criteria of owning an ideal location.

It is situated on the southern bypass near the Ahmedpur East canal road. DHA Bahawalpur has become the center of attraction for the diverse populous of this city due to its magnificent location. The expansion of the residential project along the canal road of Bahawalpur will be going to furnish the residents with a nature-friendly and accessible housing colony of Bahawalpur.

DHA  Bahawalpur location map

Salient Facilities

Other salient features that uplift the worth of DHA Bahawalpur and make it the best choice of the housing project in Bahawalpur are as follows:

  • DHA Bahawalpur lies only at a distance of 5 min drive from Bahawalpur international Airport.
  • N5 GT road is only 20 min away from the colony
  • 22 min driving distance from the railway station
  • 20 min drive from the city bus terminal
  • 18 min drive from Fawara chowk
  • 14-15 min driving distance from DC chowk and Farid gate
  • A mere driving distance of 20 min from old city Bahawalpur
  • 5 min drive from University of Central Punjab located on Yazman road.
  • A driving mileage of 20 minutes from Sadiq Public School.
  • 19 min driving distance from Victoria hospital.

The influence of surrounding housing units uplifts the worth of any housing society and DHA Bahawalpur has accomplished this field. DHA Bahawalpur has encircled by following elite class housing societies:

  • Model Town Bahawalpur lies at a distance of 22 min from the DHA housing society.
  • Hashim garden an old housing unit lies at a distance of 20 min.
  • Al Noor garden Bahawalpur lies at a driving distance of 30 min drive and near to Cantt area.
  • State City Bahawalpur is approximately at a driving distance of 15 mins from DHA Bahawalpur as it is located in the eastern bypass.

The added benefit of occupying a housing plot in DHA is that its location is accessible from the interior vicinity of the city and airport. The wonderful residential project of the newly launched DHA is conveniently accessible from all locations both from the exterior and interior of the city. Hence, it is the ideal project for projects investors and buyers.

Developers and Owners

DHA Bahawalpur is the branch of the defense housing authority and has the same ownership that handles the complete setup of DHA all around the country. The higher authorities of this enlightened housing project are the official armed forces of Pakistan.

The post of chairman of DHA Bahawalpur is in the influence of the corps Commander, Bahawalpur. The significance of this housing project has been hidden in its managerial staff that accompanies all the army officials. For instance, Brigadier Basharat Ali is the project director of DHA Bahawalpur. This project is the ultimate blend of trust, dedication, and determination incorporated by each member of this project.

A vision of owners

The perspectives hidden behind the establishment of this iconic housing society are to provide the state of art facilities, innovative business space along with all the amenities, comfort, and evergreen elegance.

DHA Bahawalpur is incorporating summit efforts to nurture the pace of development and planning. The project has carried out a proud privilege of spreading and constructing at a phenomenal speed, manifested in the shape of handing over 6, 9, and 12 Marla villas. The army officials are the core handlers of this project beginning from the balloting of plots to completion of the housing project every single step was under the control of armed authorities of Pakistan. Brigadier Basharat Ali is the owner of this majestic project.

DHA Bahawalpur NOC Status

The most crucial aspect regarding the investment is the issuance of NOC of a particular land from the corresponding developmental authorities. In the case of DHA Bahawalpur, the owning authorities have accomplished this criterion fully. As DHA Bahawalpur has been commanded by the army of Pakistan therefore the NOC has issued to this housing project swiftly with no turbulence.  The provincial government has also decided to support this project.

Furthermore, the Bahawalpur development authority has also issued NOC and has approved all the land of DHA Bahawalpur for achieving the construction goals.

DHA Bahawalpur Master Plan

The master plan of DHA Bahawalpur has been designed in a versatile way and the whole land of the project is divided into alphabetically arranged blocks. You’ll find multiple blocks divided with letters from A to N. The owners and developers have meticulously composed each brick, and each block exhibits its features.

DHA  Bahawalpur master plan

Residential & commercial plots of the following sizes are available for sale:

  • 8 Marla plot
  • 6 Marla plot
  • 4 Marla plot
  • 2 Marla plot

In addition to these, there are plots specified for the construction of villas and possess comparatively large sizes

  • 12 Marla plot for villas
  • 9 Marla plot for villas
  • 6 Marla plot for villas

The distinctive feature regarding the Masterplan of DHA Bahawalpur is that its construction work is revolving around all the blocks of the project. The approach used for accomplishing rapid development has encouraged the investors to invest in this worthy project. The emerging new phases of DHA Bahawalpur have shown exemplary progress in this scenario.

Facilities and Amenities

DHA Bahawalpur is the perfect combination of a wide range of facilities and amenities in one place. It is one of the leading projects of Bahawalpur and holds no. 1 rank in competition with another housing project due to its facilities and features. The residents of this enticing and elite class housing society will enjoy the proficient facilities available for their lifetime. Following have mentioned some of the attractive features of this project:

  • DHA food park
  • DHA shooting club
  • DHA cricket ground
  • Banquet hall
  • Root IVY School DHA Bahawalpur
  • Joy land
  • CMH institute of medical sciences
  • Nawab Sadiq international university
  • Dancing fountains
  • Commercial complex
  • Units of Army officers
  • DHA central park
  • Meezan bank
  • ATM of Allied and Askari Bank
  • SMD at Central park for entertainment
  • The bank of Punjab
  • National defense university
  • 24/7 underground availability of electricity, gas, and water
  • Proper sewerage system along with waste disposal
  • Skeet shooting club
  • Basketball court
  • PEB office
  • Availability of Street lights
  •  The construction of a wide boulevard, Iqbal Avenue has also been accomplished.
  • Horticulture work at various blocks of the housing project is also under process.

DHA Bahawalpur Payment Plan

Residential, commercial plots along with villas at DHA Bahawalpur are all set and waiting for you to purchase these plots and avail yourself of the remarkable opportunity of securing your plot in DHA.

The name of DHA Bahawalpur has listed among the foremost housing societies of Pakistan raised in our country. A comprehensive overview of the payment plan of DHA Bahawalpur is described below:

DHA  Bahawalpur payment plan

Commercial plot payment plan

Commercial plots in this housing society have been allocated for the establishment of shops, commercial centers, grocery stores, school buildings, and much more. The rates of the plots decided are as follows:

  • The price of 8 Marla plots is 3, 5000,000. The down payment of 750000/- is payable at the time of booking.
  • The rate for 4 Marla commercial plots is 1, 7500,000/ with a down payment of 1000000/-.

In case if you are desiring to avail of the installment plan of 12 quarterly plans then the installment payable quarterly is as follows:

  • 12 quarterly installment for 8 Marla plot = 2833400
  • 12 quarterly installments for 4 Marla plot = 2833400

Residential plot Payment plan

Residential plots are allocated for establishing the dream houses and bungalows of investors. They have been placed in a highly secured and peaceful environment which are the top priorities of the investor. However, the rates decided for various sizes of residential plots have mentioned below:

  • The price of 5 Marla plots is 1600000/- along with the down payment of 100000.
  • The price of 8 Marla plots is 2500000/-. The investor will pay the down payment amount of 150000/-.
  • The price of 2 Kanal plots is 10000000/-. The buyer will pay the down payment of 500000/-.

A utilizable installment plan of 12 months with a quarterly payment plan is available. It is an extremely feasible plan for investors looking forward to affordable allotment of plots in DHA.

  • The installment amount payable after every 4 months for 2 Kanal plots is 791700.
  • The 12 quarterly installment plan for 8 Marla plot is 195900/-.
  • The installment amount of 5 Marla plots is 125000.

Payment plan of Farmhouses

The authorities of DHA have allocated the plots especially for achieving the high goals of investors. These plots are humongous and suitable for constructing megaprojects. The payment plan of these projects have mentioned below:

  • The price of 8 Kanal plot is 20000000/-. The investor will pay the down payment of 1000000/- at the time of booking.
  • The price of 4 Kanal plots is 37500000/-. It encompasses the down payment of 1500000.

The 12 quarterly installment plan is also available for the investors. The breakup plan provided in the form of investment will ease your pocket and will allow you to pay the amount easily.

Pros and cons of DHA Bahawalpur:


DHA Bahawalpur is the perfect amalgamating platform for military representatives and civilians and it has the number of pros mentioned below:

  • There are summit-level chances of profitable and productive outcomes after investing in DHA Bahawalpur.
  • The development work is exponential and is rapidly covering all the blocks of DHA Bahawalpur.
  • The availability of 24 hours electricity supply is the enticing aspect of only this housing unit.
  • DHA Bahawalpur has outclassed location
  • Every individual has equal access to all the facilities.
  • The high alert security team and CCTV cameras are installed at various portions of the project.
  • There is the availability of international standards of health facilities.
  • There are a lot of high branded shops and availability of all elite class facilities are there.


The cons or disadvantages list of DHA Bahawalpur is negligible. After high scrutiny following are some of the cons of this unit:

  • Some blocks of the residential project are under-construction
  • The multiple projects of DHA have biased the provision of facilities for their employees and constructors.
  • The prices are a bit higher but the prices of plots mean their value.


After reviewing various facets of DHA Bahawalpur, it can be concluded that this project is the ultimate goal of your investment. Having your dream house built in this outstanding housing colony will not only nourish your lives but also dispense comfort to your coming generations.


Q1: Do DHA Bahawalpur have separate blocks for overseas communities?

A: Yes! DHA Bahawalpur has allocated separate blocks for overseas communities.

Q: 2 Is there any relaxation in the cancellation of a plot?

A: the authorities have the right to decide the cancellation matter.

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