February 26, 2022
dha Faisalabad

DHA Faisalabad

DHA Faisalabad

Are you looking for the best investment opportunity in the real estate sector of Faisalabad? Well, the biggest news for a citizen of Pakistan regarding their dreams of DHA in Faisalabad is going to fulfill soon. The defense housing authority is the upcoming project in Faisalabad real estate industry. It has been predicted by real estate experts that this project will prove as a revolutionizing factor for the development and construction sector of Faisalabad. The echoes of DHA are hitting the premises of Faisalabad as new sun rays in the real estate universe. It is one of the mega projects in the history of Faisalabad. Before getting into the details of DHA every individual should know about the worth of district Faisalabad.


Faisalabad is the third-largest city of Pakistan formerly called Lyallpur. This city has exhibited a major portion of the real estate industry of Pakistan. It holds a highlighted position both from historical and industrial perspectives. Faisalabad is the core contributor to the GDP of Punjab as its average annual GDP is 20.5 billion dollars. The Cosmopolitan city has remarkable hidden potential that will explode in near future. 

The extensive city encompasses an area of 5,856 sq. km out of which 1280 sq. km area is under the influence of the Faisalabad Development Authority. It has been referred to as the Manchester of Pakistan due to its core distribution and industrial centers. Its contribution in connecting roads, rail, air transportation, and high pace developmental work is notable. 

The regulation, supervision, and implementation of developmental activities in Faisalabad are under the control of the FDA. The foundations of this institute were laid down in 1976. The advent of real estate development had initiated since that year. DHA Faisalabad has also gained complete approval from FDA for its construction work and the land is also registered. General headquarters which is the headquarters of the Pakistan army and located in Rawalpindi has also declared the establishment of DHA Faisalabad. 

Property Saga is the authorized dealer of all sorts of managerial and plot balloting responsibilities. We are the commanding unit for property handling of our worthy clients in DHA Faisalabad. Although this huge project of DHA Faisalabad is still under consideration by multiple regulatory authorities for various approvals and other pre-requisites it will be going to launch soon. As we know, Faisalabad holds one of the most valuable and elite standards real estate properties in Punjab so it is requiring a bit longer time for DHA to launch its initial steps. 

The majority of a citizen of Pakistan are familiarised with DHA as it is one of the ancient housing colonies in the history of Pakistan. This iconic project holds special attention in the real estate industry of Pakistan and supervises housing, municipal services for military neighborhoods across Pakistan. It has maintained its position on 2nd number after Bahria Town. DHA has a vast network of housing projects in various cities of Pakistan and Faislabad is also going to be one of them. It’s a massively branching project that has retained the esteem of the real estate industry of Pakistan. 

Location of DHA Faisalabad

After getting approval from GHQ, DHA Faisalabad is going to be the embodiment and leading element of the Faisalabad real estate domain. As far as the location of DHA is concerned, it’s a fact that if the developers decide to uplift this society near the vicinity of the city then rates of plots are going to be higher as expected. The armed authorities, who are the dominant in charge of this housing project, is critically analyzing two fascinating locations for laying down the foundations of DHA Faisalabad, these are as follows:

  • Gatwala Faisalabad
  • Samundari road, Faisalabad

Undoubtedly the location of DHA Faisalabad is one of the most crucial aspects regarding the developers and investors of this project. It’s a universal truth that it’s quite easier to grab properties in the newly hatched residential project due to its reasonable prices. The location of any residential colony provides the basis for future perspectives and the success of that particular project. Incoherence with these grounds, armed authorities are taking ample time to finalize the location for this masterpiece of housing colonies. However, some of the reliable internal sources and core managerial staff of DHA Faisalabad have also shared the information with Property Saga officials related to its location. There are two more premium positions in Faisalabad which are under consideration for finalizing the location of DHA Faisalabad. These are:

  • Canal road Faisalabad 
  • Main Satiyana Road Faisalabad

These are expected areas where the developers of the defense housing authority are going to elevate this golden opportunity for an overseas and national citizen of Pakistan. These two roads act as major arteries of Faisalabad and hold commercial and official buildings. The roads are near to the center of the city and the accessibility towards highlighted portions of the city is easier from the canal road and main Satiyana road.  

Canal Road and main satiyana road are the ideal location of Faisalabad and already inhibit many supreme housing societies. However, the magnetism held by DHA all around Pakistan is unbeatable. The importance of neighboring housing societies is essential as these housing colonies are going to share the boundary wall with you.

On canal road, there are innumerable housing societies that are going to encircle DHA Faisalabad. For instance, Eden Gardens, model city, Raza Garden, Paradise Valley, officer’s colony, and much more. Similarly, Main Satiyana road holds the following worth-living housing colonies:

  • Sitara diamond city
  • Prime city Faisalabad
  • Model city 

In addition to this, the investors and residents of Faisalabad are anxiously waiting for the launch of this mesmerizing project of DHA in the magnificent city of Faisalabad. All the investors looking forward to investing in DHA Faisalabad will have a clear vision regarding the location of this enthralling upcoming project.

All the expected location predicted for DHA Faisalabad have their worth and value in the city.  

DHA Faisalabad Master Plan 

The master plan of DHA Faisalabad is somewhat similar to another project of DHA in various cities of Pakistan. However, it is going to be a newly launched project on the premises of Faisalabad so the developers are planning something different that will enable them to give a healthy competition to the opponents in the markets. DHA is the landmark of class and posh housing units of Pakistan and it has always fulfilled the requirements of its investors beyond their expectations. After knocking on the door of Manchester of Pakistan the armed forces have finalized to revolutionize the conventional living style of housing societies in Faisalabad. They have come up with an innovative, sustainable, and eco-friendly housing scheme that will furnish the residents of this housing society with highly notable living standards. 

The Property Saga is the registered partner of DHA Faisalabad, so they have drawn some information regarding multiple sizes of plots that will be available initially for the homemakers. These are the standard sizes of plot that you can purchase in the pre-launch phase of DHA Faisalabad after contacting Property Saga representative:

  • 5 Marla plot
  • 7 Marla plot
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 1 Kanal plot

The master plan of DHA Faisalabad is exemplary concerning its dynamic approaches inculcated in making the project facilitated for the residents. The developers have planned to provide all the basic as well as advanced level facilities including electric, gas, and water supply, CIMS, DHA parks, community centers, shopping malls, banks, and almost all the necessities of life will be catered. The hospital operated by armed forces and highly packed with international standard facilities have planned to establish in this elite class project. 

Payment plan of DHA Faisalabad

Every intelligent investor considers the facet of economics before investing in any real estate property. Finances and budget are two core perspectives while finalizing the decision of property. 

In the case of Faisalabad real estate markets, the trends of rate and payments have incorporated variant styles. The rates of property remain to fluctuate but the introduction of new societies like DHA will prove to be productive and beneficial for all components of the market economics in a way that it will stabilize the rates. However, DHA Faisalabad is one of the best opportunities for investors of Faisalabad and also for overseas Pakistanis looking forward to settling down in the second largest city of Punjab. The housing societies which are at the initial stages offer a mega platform for investors as it is easier to get your hands on newly proliferated projects. It’s a famous saying that early bird gets the worm and this rule has been laid down for the real estate market. 

DHA Faisalabad has already won the hearts of investors in case of payment plans and other backgrounds. The rates decided for multiple sizes of plots are affordable and budget-friendly as compared to the facilities and amenities furnished to the residents in this elite-class residential project. 

The highlighted rates of various plots regarding the payment plan of DHA Faisalabad has mentioned here:

  • Rate expected for 5 Marla plot will lie in the window of 35 Lacs to 40 Lacs
  • The payment window for 10 Marla plots is expected to lie between 60 Lacs to 80 Lacs 
  • 1 Kanal plot rates will lie near to 1 crore.

These estimated prices for various sizes of plots are estimated a bit higher than the final rate chart for the plot of DHA Faisalabad. 

These prices seem a little bit higher right now but once this residential project will appear on the land of Faisalabad with all its magnificent facilities then investors will know its worth. The major highlighting point in this scenario is that it will be the first project inaugurated by armed forces in the land of Faisalabad. Given this whole aspect, it has kept the eyeball rolling for the investors of this inclining society. 

Features and amenities of DHA Faisalabad

The vibrant news of the upcoming project of DHA Faisalabad is hitting the premises of Manchester city in full swing. It has expected that the launching date of the project will be announced in the initial months of 2022. It is going to be a revolutionary residential project and contribute to a huge empire in Faisalabad’s real estate sector. Incoherence with amenities and features available in other DHA housing colonies in different cities of Pakistan, the developers are also planning to incorporate some of the similar amenities in DHA Faisalabad. Following are highlighted features that will make this project stand out of the competition:

  • A wide network of roads and an extensive boulevard is planned to construct in this housing unit. An enticing facet is the establishment of a commercial boulevard that will act as the major road leading towards DHA and also connect the project with other portions of the city.
  • To promote the trend of an eco-friendly environment, sector parks and green belts will be focussed on in DHA.
  • Sub campuses of various universities, colleges, schools will also be uplifted in the boundaries of this iconic housing society.
  • Health care facilities with fully equipped hospitals, ambulatory services, and highly trained staff will also be the constituent of this society. 
  • Shopping Malls, food courts, golf parks, sports complexes, and many other recreational places will cherish the residents of DHA Faisalabad.  

In a nutshell, DHA Faisalabad is a wholesome real estate project that will satisfy its investors beyond limits. However, there are numerous ambiguities regarding DHA Faisalabad but Property Saga is the only reliable platform that will give you authentic news regarding the launch and inauguration of DHA in Faisalabad. 


After reviewing details extracted by Property Saga regarding DHA Faisalabad, it can be concluded that this society is worth investing in due to its iconic background and future-oriented constructional plan. 

The name of Pakistan armed forces affiliated with DHA makes it distinct and grabs the attention of every investor. 


When DHA Faisalabad is going to be launched?DHA Faisalabad is expected to be launched in the starting months of 2022. 

Q1. What will be the location of DHA Faisalabad?

       DHA Faisalabad is anticipating its location either on the canal expressway or main Satiyana road. 

Q2. Who are the owners and developers of DHA Faisalabad?

The armed forces of Pakistan are the core owners of this project but developers may vary. 


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