DHA Multan

DHA Multan

Defence Housing Authority or DHA is a renowned real estate project of Pakistan with high-class amenities and facilities. Multan is the land of Sofia due to an immense number of shrines built in this city and the embodiment of religious activities for centuries. It holds the position of the 7th largest city of Pakistan and is the center of trade and other economic activities in Pakistan. Hence, probing for a residential opportunity will open up a new era of high targets in your life. The majestic city of Multan has influenced the authorities of DHA to launch their project in the heart of Multan. The vast chain of DHA extended its branches by inaugurating the prestigious platform of DHA MULTAN. 

It will be the symbolic figure of class, convenience, and luxurious environment in Multan that will boost the power of the real estate sector of Multan and, consequently, Pakistan. The residential project of DHA Multan is furnishing a variety of world-class commercial and residential options for its investors and homemakers.

The significant throwback in making your future homes in this legendary housing society will furnish you with high living standards in a city like Multan. Although Multan doesn’t include the vast and affluent towns of Pakistan, the uplifting of DHA Multan will furnish the whole town with a new era of the splendid world. It is a healthy society with complete registration from the development sector and embellished with enticing location features. DHA Multan highlights as the only single residential project in the city with an excellent, modern, and secured society for the citizens of Multan and other surrounding areas of South Punjab.

DHA Multan has dived in the real estate sector to equip the residents not only with top-class residential and commercial property experience but also with a clean and green environment. The ultra-unique state-of-the-art living, secured and safe surroundings, entertainment sources for the residents, along with all basic and luxury facilities, have been planned in this iconic project. Precisely talking, it is a unified package encompassing all the facilities and will become the exemplary model society for the residents of Multan.

Overview about DHA Multan

Being a citizen of Pakistan, every individual knows that DHA housing societies have served as the best residential project in decades. It has earned the stalwart trust and firm belief among the investor’s communities due to the reliable provision of residential and commercial projects. The primary task of DHA chains was initiated in Lahore back in 1975 for the families of militants and other army representatives. This housing scheme is still one of the popular housing projects in Lahore. Due to the overwhelming response from the public, DHA owners decided to extend the housing units in various other cities of Pakistan, and Multan has got its turn right now. DHA Multan will serve as the complementary factor in raising the weightage of Multan. Significant aspects regarding DHA Multan elaborates below to give a clear view about this housing project that will assist the investors in putting their money in this reliable forum.

Location Map of DHA Multan

The primary aspect regarding the DHA societies around various cities of Pakistan revealed that they always opt for a high-class location for the placement of their project, and similar has happened with DHA Multan. It occupies the busiest and extensive avenue of Multan known as Bosan road that lies close to GT road. Its prime location is the highest-selling position of property in Multan. The headquarter of DHA Multan allocates near the Northern bypass, which is near Multan Public School road. The comparative approach toward Bahauddin Zakriya University has also added value to its location. The residential society has a construction plan with two significant gates lying at the extremities. DHA Multan has established the units on a widespread road with one extremity opening at Marital highway and the other at Bosan road. Society is going to welcome its residents from both ends.

As far as the access points from DHA Multan are concerned, they are numerous in coverage of all city core areas. The society is reachable with the following routes:

The nearest landmarks from DHA Multan have occupied significant areas of the city.

The encompassing feature regarding the DHA Multan is the ultimate adhesive for the residents that will make them feel satisfied. The dynamic location has served as a pedestal in making the whole unit flicker the land of Multan with its reliable facilitation.

DHA Multan Master Plan

The master plan is the main skeleton of the whole society and will reveal the exact allocation of plots along with other essential aspects related to construction. The highly professional team lying behind the provision of this prestigious housing society of DHA Multan comprises years of experience in the property development field. The development units portrayed on the map of DHA Multan consists of the following eminent structures:

The list, as mentioned earlier, shows the developed project in DHA Multan that will establish for the upcoming residents.

The total area allocated for this vast housing society is 9000acre, which is more than enough to establish this humongous housing unit. There are many projects in DHA Multan which are still under construction and encompass the following pieces of tremendous architectural work:

Sectors of DHA Multan

The sectors of DHA Multan has aligned alphabetically, and according to various other bases, these include the following sectors:

The alphabetic arrangement of sectors comprise the following:

Sector A, B-1, B-2, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, O, Q……Y, and so on.

DHA Multan plot sizes

The residential plots established at DHA Multan have allocated the following sizes that will simplify the residential queries for the residents of Multan.

The commercial plot allocated for the establishment of business hubs and shops marked up with spacious lands with the following sizes:

DHA Multan Payment plan

One of the most attention-grabbing features regarding housing projects is the payment plan of that particular scheme. Although DHA is the perfect representation of the military housing colony of Pakistan, the payment plan is quite affordable. The group of owners of DHA Multan mainly comprise bureaucracy and colonial mentors. Therefore they have planned a budget-friendly payment plan. Due to this distinct feature of affordability and overwhelming response from the citizen of the population the plot files of DHA Multan has sold already with full swing. Therefore, the DHA Multan schedule for payment of these plots has terminated, but the major but the investors can still buy the property at total costs. There are plots available in DHA Multan for sale with the same payment schedule. The current market of DHA Multan has attained many high rises within a short time.

The estimated overview of the DHA Multan payment schedule for residential plots have mentioned below:

If we comply with the prices of commercial plots, they are much affordable compared to other big cities of Pakistan. The main reason behind this is that it is one of the first elite class emerging housing projects in Multan. The residents of Multan are therefore showing outraged response towards this prestigious real estate property in  Multan. A small overview of the prices of commercial plots have described below:

 Amenities and Facilities

The criteria of facilities and amenities in DHA Multan provide all advanced world yet budget-friendly luxuries of life. The facilities will make you feel like a paradise and classically offer you a dynamic world of high lifestyle.

The luxuries planned in DHA Multan for the privileged residents have enlisted below:

The owners of housing society have striven hard to build breathable and close to nature environment to eradicate the polluted air and other harmful impacts on nature. It will furnish the residents with a clean green environment adorned with fresh air.

The facilitation of health and education has also given priority in this locality, making the residents get a hand on these basic things in their locality.

Why invest in DHA Multan?

It is ideal to put resources into those areas which are all the more undeniably arranged or created in early time. This is the absolute best an ideal opportunity to put resources into those plots as they are on extremely low rates where there are 1 Kanal plot around 50 Lacs with solaces like DHA Multan.

If you are planning to buy a land/house in DHA Multan, remember it might take no less than 1 to 2 years to gain a beneficial yield. Buying a corner or standing up to stop plot will furnish you with better outcomes contrasted with the conventional plot inside this locale.

DHA Multan Stage 1 plots are presented on the lookout, however the expense is lower than investors’ assumptions. A huge issue is countless open plots, which will keep up with the costs lower. In addition, the current market circumstance of property venture isn’t exactly great. It’s anything but a phenomenal plan to showcase plots now since costs in certain squares are lower contrasted with record rates.

Final talk

The conclusive discussion regarding this iconic project of DHA Multan is that it will never disappoint its investors due to its fruitful efforts and pure handwork. The dedication and struggle penetrated in the roots of this society by its owner will glimmer its value shortly. Hence it’s the no—1 suggestion for real estate investors in Multan. For Consultation Visit Property Saga.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

Q 1. Who is owner of DHA Multan?

Ans: There is no particular proprietor of any DHA lodging society, Projects of DHA lodging society are dealt with by resigned or senior officials of military. Likewise, the chairman of DHA Multan is Lt. General Muhammad Naeem Ashraf and Proj. Director is Muhammad Shoeb Anwar Kayani.

Q 2. Is DHA Multan a legitimate housing society?

Ans: Yes, DHA society falls under the military, and to that end it is 100 percent legitimate and solid society.

Q3. What is the installment strategy for purchasing plots in DHA Multan?

Ans: Files of DHA Multan plots of areas are now sold, yet you can in any case get a spot in it by purchase plot by taking care of generally obligations of the plots.

Q 4. What is the installment technique for purchasing Villas in DHA Multan?

Ans: DHA Multan Villas of various sizes are accessible on simple portion plans which are given about in the article.

Q 5. When will individuals start development work for their homes in DHA Multan?

Ans: You can begin assembling your home in DHA Multan when you can possess the plot. You can build a house in the public eye any time you need as well.

Q 6. When will the general public award ownership of the plots?

Ans: The ownership of the plots in the numerous areas are as of now conceded. Ownership of different plots will be allowed soon to the financial backers who will have cleared their due installments by then, at that point.

Q 7. Is this general public really great for present moment or long haul speculation?

Ans: DHA Multan is a general public worth putting resources into; it is a brilliant venture an open door for the long haul just as transient growth strategy. DHA lodging society is by and large a solid name.

Q 8. What is the all out Area of DHA Multan?

Ans: Phase 1 of DHA Multan comprises of 9000-section of land lands for the improvement in the general public.

Q 9. What plots are ready to sale in DHA Multan?

Ans: The general public offers private plots 5, 8, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal plots and 5 and 8 Marla business plots in its areas.

Q 10. Is society great for venture or home?

Ans: DHA Multan lodging society presents an optimal chance for venture and a spot to live.

Q 11. How to book a plot/land/house in DHA Multan?

Ans: To book your plot, you can contact Sky Marketing, and we will help you out with the entire course of trading of your plot. Sky Marketing dominates in quality administrations and will ensure that your hunt in observing your fantasy property is seen all the way to the finish.

Q 12. What are the one of a type of this venture?

Ans: The general public offers present day and exceptional offices to its occupants, including the arrangement of underground power, water, and gas. For diversion, the general public gives various Restaurants, Parks, Zoo, and a-list Cinema and amusement focuses. Parts of eminent worldwide schools and universities are arranged in the general public alongside area mosques and a Jamia mosque.

Q 13. When will the improvement work start in the public eye?

Ans: The advancement work has as of now begun in the general public, the work on fundamental Boulevard is practically finished, the development of the mosque has additionally started among other turn of events. The field is additionally practically finished. DHA Villas are under development. For additional subtleties, compassionately read under the DHA Multan Development heading in the article above.

Q14. How to Pay portions physically for the plots of DHA Multan?

Ans: For itemized information about manual installments of portions, kindly visit the site and adhere to the guidelines.

Q15. What is the expense on DHA Multan Villas portions?

Ans: All you need to do is visit the site and watch the point by point video about the cycle.

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