Cin DHA Multan – One of the Tallest Building in Punjab

Every city is special in its own way. Similar is the case with Multan. Multan is located in the Punjab province and is one of the oldest cities in the world. This city in Pakistan is famous for so many different reasons. Firstly, its culture is very vibrant. Secondly, the Sufi heritage and, thirdly, the tasty cuisine make it heaven. There are also multiple historical landmarks in Multan, including Multan Fort and Sufi shrines. Now when you look at the infrastructure of these buildings, you get an idea of how unique it is. However, as time passes, changes are needed as per need. It is where developers play their role by building modern infrastructure.

One of the prime examples of modern infrastructure is the Serene Tower in DHA Multan. This is a project that is going to be one of the classiest additions to the skyline of Multan. A magical turn in the real estate industry of Multan city. The entire structure has 35 floors and multiple international brands. If you talk about the apartments, there are 640 residential accommodations.

So, if you are a resident of Multan and have been a part of the real estate industry for so long, this opportunity is for you. Remember, its features aren’t the only thing that makes this project an eye candy. Its location, payment plan, and ROI are also out of this world.

Serene Tower in DHA Multan Location

The location of this high-rise building is also excellent. It is located in the DHA (Defence Housing Authority) Multan. The location is so good that all the residential, commercial, health, and even educational facilities are close by. Furthermore, the tower is also near the famous landmarks of Multan. This is one feature that will surely attract so many tourists.

It is because tourists always prefer to explore, however, they look for a place to stay that is calm, comfortable, and the best to rest.

DHA Multan Serene Tower CEO (Malik Tahir Nawaz) Message

Even though the project is still in its pre-launch stage, the CEO is quite positive and sure of its success. 

Malik Tahir Nawaz, the CEO of Serene Tower in DHA Multan, has a message for all, and that is:

“SERENE TOWER has been delivering sustainable profit growth while building a solid business foundation amidst a challenging operating environment. 

Our priority still remains our clients, who are at the forefront of our achievements, from exceptional real estate offerings across the globe to purchasers seeking outstanding investment opportunities or an idyllic home. I encourage all businesses, buyers and sellers alike, to take part in “SERENE TOWER” and to enjoy the professionalism you deserve as a real estate client. 

We shall try our level best to provide you with the best solutions!”

Serene Tower in DHA Multan Launch Date

The launch date of DHA Multan Serene Town hasn’t been announced yet. However, there isn’t a need to worry much as soon the good news related to the project will be shared by the developers.

As it has been said “Patience Pays Off.”

Serene Tower and DHA Come Together

Being helmed as the tallest building in South Punjab, Serene Tower is a revolutionary idea in making. It was announced back on September 20, 2020, that DHA Multan will commence the development of a mixed-use high-rise building in Multan. 

The location of Serene Tower is in DHA Multan Sector C on Main Boulevard Muhammad Ali Jinnah Avenue. This promising location promises tranquility., comfort, and accessibility to everyone. Serene Tower will host both residential opportunities and commercial venues for all real estate enthusiasts. 

Further commenting on the subject, the authorities called the year 2020 “A Year of Progression”

All of such progressive developments are in the name of making Multan a secure and saturated place for real estate investment. Serene Tower is one such progressive development that cements the dawn of a new age of real estate and accessible venues of investments. 

Unique and Some of the Luxurious Features in DHA Multan Serene Tower

Luxury is something everyone loves in this era of the world. So, when it comes to investing in real estate, people look for properties that offer them this at an affordable price.

Well, the good news for DHA Multan residents is that a wondrous mixed-use building is in the making that has all, and here are the details!

  • Sky Garden

Have you ever heard about Sky Garden? If so, how many have you seen in reality? Maybe none! Well, now is the time to see one, as Serene Tower in DHA Multan boasts a classic Sky Garden on the rooftop. From here, you can have a classic view of the entire city. Furthermore, the calmness and freshness due to nature are something that gives a relaxed feeling. Sounds great, right?

  • Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are considered a luxury in Pakistan. You cannot find one in most households. What if you get an opportunity to invest in a real estate project that comes with a swimming pool? This luxurious residential tower will have a quite big infinity edge swimming pool. This is something that makes the experience a hundred times better.

  • Penthouse

Nothing can beat the level of a penthouse. It has several benefits, from being huge to having privacy. Also, it is a place where an individual can get the best view of the city. Penthouse also has a jacuzzi. In short, it isn’t wrong to say penthouse is another name for luxury. In DHA Multan Serene Tower, you have the option to invest in a penthouse. Each penthouse is designed in a stunning manner. You will find everything in it, including high fixtures, finishings, and even fittings, along with the best views.

  • Heli Pad

This is one thing that you may not find in other tallest buildings of Punjab but surely in the Serene Tower, and that is HeliPad. It means air travel will be very convenient, mainly for those who own a private helicopter. Furthermore, even in emergency situations such as medical evacuation, this helipad will be very beneficial. 

Features That Complete a Mixed-Use Building

Given below are some of the main features of a mix-use building that strengthen the case of investment further: 

  • Play Area
  • Food Court
  • Corporate Office
  • Apartment 1-2-3 Bedrooms
  • Gymnasium

Commercial Features Available in Serene Tower in DHA Multan

Some of the stand-out commercial aspects of Serene tower are as follows: 

  • Capsule Lifts & Elevators
  • Availability of Basement Parking
  • World-Class Cinema
  • Theme Park
  • Free High-Speed WiFi Available

Why Invest in DHA Multan Serene Tower

It is a common query that might come across the mind of many as to what are the reasons that someone ought to invest in DHA Multan. Let us dive deep into the many perks and reasons that encourage someone to secure an investment in this developmental marvel. 

A Revolutionary Idea

A skyscraper such as Serene Tower is a complete 180-degree shift from the infrastructure of a traditional building. This type of structure is a perfect blend of ingenuity and creativity. It is what we call innovation at its best. Not only Serene Tower is a genius work from a developmental point of view, it is also an infrastructure marvel from all possible contexts. 

Serene Tower is a twin tower. This means that it is the merger of two separate towers which are connected together via a single channel. Such type of infrastructure detail is not only helping the cause of real estate expansion in Pakistan. It is also aiming to test the urban theory in all possible contexts in the region. 

A Secure Environmental Impact 

With all the current environmental happening, there is no shadow of doubt on the fact that we cannot compromise on the environment anymore. We have to pay attention to making our developments aligned with not only economic zones but also with the environment. 

That is when such a structure comes into view. Serene Tower DHA Multan is a classic example to help this cause. It is a high-rise mix-use building. This one makes the best possible use of all the space and is environmentally friendly as well. Moreover, it is highlighted with the optimized use of resources. Such type of attention to detail ensures dedication and committed attention to detail. 

Such types of structures encourage masses to survive even in a sustainable ecosystem. This leads to the concept of less is more. 

Scenic Views

Have you heard of the bird’s eye view? It is a phrase that is used to symbolize when you see, witness, or experience something from a height, just like how a bird will see. This is exactly what the Serene Tower promises. It is a luxurious vertical structure that boosts unbeatable views. 

Furthermore, it is a well-known concept that the higher you are the more you are able to see. This skyscraper allows you to savor all the latest happening coupled with the perfect possible view of the area. So if you are a seeker of aesthetic views then this one is definitely for you. 

A White Space

Cities nowadays are mostly suffering from the burdens of overpopulation. People tend to move from villages to these facilities-laden areas. The main purpose of this move is to satisfy and have easy access to the areas that provide more ease in life. This leads to cities expanding with every passing day. 

This is known as urban sprawl. Urban sprawl comes with a number of consequences. One of the main ones is the claustrophobic impact of that on the cities. This leads to the exhaustion of the cities even from an infrastructure point of view. A building such as a serene tower reduces this. It creates the perfect white zone which allows people to move in and out, and carry out their activities at a stunning speed. 

It is a vertical development that takes less space and provides more venues for trading and community gathering. A win-win for everyone. 

Secure ROI

One of the biggest perks of securing investment in Serene Tower DHA Multan is that it offers strong capital investment. Serene Tower is a mixed-use building. This means that this tower is available for various sorts of investments. These investments might range from commercial sectors to residential accommodations. Moreover, the higher the chances of investment, the higher the venues of capital returns. 

Therefore, if you are in search of a place where there is a secure, strong, and perfect blend of both residential and commercial real estate, Serene Tower is the one for you!

Reduced Maintenance Cost

The serene tower is going to be one of the tallest buildings on the cityscape of Multan. It is stunning in its development, innovative in its design, and optimized in its resource usage. However, it is a place where there is something for everyone. Thus, the availability of almost everything in a single place offers reduced cost of maintenance. 

The developers are making sure to incorporate the best possible features of the design in this one place.  This increased design efficiency promises less burden of responsibility on the tenants in the context of maintenance. Therefore, such buildings are the perfect place to invest your money as there will be reduced maintenance costs.

Serene Tower in DHA Multan – Giant in the City of Saints 

The serene tower is a glorious development in the central city of south Punjab, Multan. It is not only meticulously crafted but is designed to revolutionize the real estate scenarios in Punjab. This crafty infrastructure will reduce urban sprawl and be a sustainable venture. 

This iconic building is a chance for a modern lifestyle and architecture that blends urbanism and provides a contemporary way of life. In addition to all this, Serene Tower also paves the way for economic motivation leading to suitable real estate market premises that promise a circulation of capital and stable ROI generation. 

If you need further updates about the latest development or apartment for sale in Serene Tower in DHA Multan, connect with us.