Are you looking forward to getting genuine experience in the real estate market of Islamabad? Discovery garden Islamabad is the ultimate landmark to unlock your future dreams. The house’s foundation will serve the upcoming generation, and hence it demands scrutiny before ending your decision. The major throwback that strikes every mind before selecting a residential project is the location and sustainability of the targeted city. Fortunately, Islamabad is one of the enlightened cities of Pakistan that has some enticing feature for the inhabitants and also for people desire to reside here.
Although it’s difficult to find all the qualities in a single residential project Discovery Garden Islamabad has conquered in capturing almost all the alluring traits. It is the perfect amalgamation of luxurious, progressive, state remarkable architectural features and a one-of-a-kind residential project that will furnish you with a paradise experience. The core objective of the housing scheme is to deliver an elite class lifestyle that is unrivalled and unparalleled.
The soul of any real estate project has stalwart coherence with its teamwork and management. Discovery garden Islamabad has constructed a fantastic team of globally recognized architects, design masters, extremely skilled town planners striving day and night to make the project mesmerizing for its residents. The upbringing of promises to be breathing and living reality demands commendable efforts to make this residential project the tycoon of the real estate world. Discovery Garden Islamabad has incorporated an honest, diligent, and dedicated team to meet the requirements of its investors. Our developers are all targeted to deliver you a pinnacle project that will bestow you with superiority and satisfaction.
Islamabad has outranging potential benefits that make it a worthy place to reside and flourish. The metropolitan city has proliferated an iconic residential project of Discovery garden Islamabad in its beautiful vicinity surrounded by Margalla hills. This housing scheme has some discriminating qualities that will oblige its residents to make them feel satisfied. The eco-friendly environment and healthy lifestyle, along with the tinge of modern facilities, will force you to select this housing scheme. The basis of architectural designs of this residential project has laid down on premium philosophies that uplift futuristic standards of living for all the coming residents. The pillars of the society have encircled an infrastructure of some advanced world commodities. It includes bicycle lanes, garbage recycling systems, fibre optic and broadband technology, solar panels installation, gym construction, and ground electricity facilities. It is only the trailer of facilities planned to incorporate in this fascinating discovery garden, Islamabad, and it will provide the residents with a safe and clean environment.

Discovery Garden Islamabad- Developers and Owners:

The Discovery Garden Islamabad is a future-oriented project at the face of Islamabad, which will provide a serene and comfortable environment. It is a collaborated project between the association of builders and developers of Pakistan and Falanknaz Group. The land of dream project has nourished with joint efforts put together purely for this dignified housing project. The developers of discovery garden Islamabad have already made their marks in the real estate market of Pakistan with their reliable and top-quality work of construction. The historical background of Falaknaz Group has imprinted some eye-captivating projects on the face of Pakistan since 1975. Some of the project developed by this professional construction company includes Gulshan terrace, Falaknaz centre, Falaknaz towers, Falaknaz golden pebbles and many more in Karachi.
The second partner of the discovery garden, Islamabad, is also unified in its features. It has laid its foundation since 1972 and has spark the real estate sector of Pakistan with its enormous national-level projects. The internationally recognized projects elevated by ABAD, or the association of builders and developers of Pakistan have brought significant changes in the infrastructure of the real estate sector of Pakistan. ABAD is a wholly registered and legal construction company of Pakistan under the companies ordinance of 1984.
These two groups of companies have played the role of real gems in modifying the exact face of the real estate sector of Pakistan on a global forum. They have striven to extract top-quality property developing strategies in the industry.

Discovery Garden Islamabad- NOC:

Although Discovery Garden Islamabad is a newly hatched project with some innovative and altered plans and strategies, some aspects remain conventional. One of them is the issuance of NOC and its creditability. The task has already accomplished the paperwork for the NOC procedure through Rawalpindi developmental authority. The procedure for issuance of NOC is near completion, and it will dispense a sigh of relief for the developers and the owners of discovery garden Islamabad and also for its intended investors. The feature of NOC is always considerable while booking you plots anywhere in Pakistan to make sure that you are lying in the safe zone, which has legal permission from the developmental authorities of the Pakistan government.


The Master Plan of Discovery Garden Islamabad:

The total areal allocated for the issuance of the residential plot is approximately 15000 canals in the pre-launch phase of discovery garden Islamabad. The developers and owners have planned to expand the land up to 35000 channels in the future. It’s a massive vicinity with ethnicity and the high standard lifestyle of Islamabad. The master plan of discovery garden Islamabad is one of the most promising features that distinguish it from other housing schemes. The ambience planned to entertain its residents is one of the attractive features. The master plan has incorporated some advanced world developmental strategies that will make the housing society worth living. However, in the allocation procedure of plots, the traditional regime has followed as it is easier for Pakistani residents to comprehend the process. The government followed for cutting the land piece comprises of below-mentioned plot sizes:

  • 1 kanal
  • 10 marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Although the division of plots is not so extensive, all the standard sizes have been covered in this housing project. As we all know, plot size directly relates to the family desire and number of members. If you are planning to have a bungalow, then 1 Kanal is more than enough. On the contrary, if you look forward to having a standard size house for a small family, 5 or 8 Kanal will suit you. Well, you can get even better suggestions from a professional and expert real estate team of Masters real estate. This forum has recruited some experienced and talented real estate agents that have complete command of the entire procedure.


Payment Outline Of Discovery Garden Islamabad:

The residential plots available in Discovery Garden Islamabad has a wide-ranging payment prospectus that will leave you in relax mode. Furthermore, the payments are also quite reasonable compared to other projects lying in the surroundings of Discovery Garden Islamabad. Islamabad is still pending as the proper inauguration ceremony of the discovery garden, and these prices are pre-launch rates.


1 Kanal Plot Price:

It is the most significant plot size designed to allocate worthy investors, its price will be a little high, but it is worth this price. The cost of 1 Kanal plot available in Discovery Garden Islamabad is only 5,480,000/-. The system of instalments is also available for investors and homemakers.

10 Marla Plot Price:

The 10 Marla plot is also a standard plot size that remains most favourite for people looking to build a medium to big size house for their family. The price of 10 Marla plots in discovery garden Islamabad is almost 3,480,000/-. At the time of booking and possession of the plot, the investor has to pay some amount at that time.

Discovery Garden Islamabad 8 Marla Plot Price:

The plot of 8 Marla in discovery garden Islamabad costs the investor up to 2,780,000 amounts. It is the most appropriate rate for people looking to build their house at a reasonable price. The major throwback that adjusts this 8 Marla plot with its price is the worthy area and facilities adhered to that piece of land.

5 Marla Plot Rate in Discovery Garden Islamabad:

The minimum plot size allocated for the investors at discovery garden Islamabad is 5 Marla. It is more than enough piece of land and is suitable for making a double-story house with a first-class interior, but its cost is notable. The rate of the 5 Marla plot is only 1,800,000. It is the most affordable price for land in an expensive city like Islamabad and will give you outclass experience after booking your property in this housing community.


Discovery Garden Islamabad- Location:

The pervasive and humongous housing society occupying the area of 15,000 Kanal occupies the space in close vicinity of Lahore-Islamabad M2 motorway. Discovery Garden Islamabad holds a prime location on the next point to Capital City Islamabad. It has allocated the site of Mouza Mujahid. The approaching distance of Discovery Garden Islamabad location from Islamabad international airport is also legible. There are many significant highways of Islamabad and Rawalpindi that pass through the route of this society. The accessible distance from Rawalpindi ring road is only 6 minutes from Discovery Garden Islamabad. The interchange of thalian Islamabad also lies only at a 3-minute drive. The highlighted landmarks that have been placed near to discovery garden Islamabad are below:

  • Al-haram city
  • Mivida
  • Abdullah city Islamabad
  • Eighteen Islamabad
  • Top 1 city
  • Capital smart city Islamabad
  • Star enclave
  • Khanal homes

All these housing projects are exemplary and hold the significant population of Islamabad. The surroundings of discovery garden Islamabad have been adorned with elite-class residential projects that will allow you to enjoy the high standards of Islamabad.

Booking Charges:

The booking charges for various sizes of plot varies according to their rates and prices. The booking payment for 1 Kanal plot is approximately 1,200,000, and the monthly instalment initiates from 53,750. Similarly, if you want to book 10 Marla plots, the cost is 700,000 with an instalment of 35000 every month. The booking payments have been designed according to the payment plan of action. The objective of this payment is to ensure that the plot belongs to the respective owner.

Specified Facilities at Discover Garden Islamabad

The residents of this housing society will enjoy something different from other inhabitants as the developers have planned some innovative facilities for the residents of discovery garden Islamabad. Some of the versatile features of this sparkling housing scheme has mentioned below:

  •  Construction Of 1000 Canal Carnival City and Disney Land:

How amazing it is that theme parks like Disney land have been introduced in Pakistan through the reliable gateway of Discovery Garden Islamabad. As the name of this project itself depicts, you will discover something new and unique in this residential project. The constructors have planned to uplift the pillars of Disney land in this project to provide people with some reliable sources of entertainment.

  • Introducing The Jungle Safari:

The opening of safari parks is also something outclass for the residents of this society. The primary thing is the live experience of animals that will allow the residents to enjoy nature closely. Nature has built the creatures for humans to observe and analyze them as they are also the creatures of Allah Almighty.

  • Botanical Garden and Riding Club:

The close vicinity of nature embellished with all the current opportunities is the ultimate goal for your leisure time. The gardens developed particularly for the residents of this society will furnish them with a soothing lifetime experience.
The arrangements of horse-riding clubs will also provide the residents with a new experience that will serve as an unparalleled platform. The horses recruited for the riding purpose are of world-class breed and are wholly trained under professional trainers.


In a nutshell, Discovery Garden Islamabad is a full-fledge package that will lead the future generation and the real estate market. Masters real estate being the tycoon of the real estate industry, has also suggested this project due to the peculiar style of construction and introduction of new ideas.

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