Forest Town Islamabad is a spectacular housing community that is being built in the surrounding area of Islamabad. Moreover, the developers of this housing project are eager to provide the greatest lifestyle to all investors. Furthermore, this is a legitimate housing organization that provides a reliable residential investment. And, like the Capital Smart City, the location and plot costs will entice investors to make a long-term investment here. Furthermore, as the name implies, the housing concept encourages vegetation and urban forest in the community. As a result, investing here will be a one-of-a-kind and precious real estate investment. Finally, if you want to discover more about this housing Project, keep reading.

Forest Town Islamabad housing project

Developers and owners

The developers of this wonderful housing scheme are Milestone Properties Management PVT Ltd and Malik Shahzaib Enterprises PVT Ltd. Furthermore, the developers intend to establish an eco-friendly housing community. Furthermore, investing here will be the ideal real estate investment alternative for achieving tranquil and fresh living standards. Furthermore, the developers have a skilled staff of subject matter specialists who understand the art of developing stunning housing projects. Finally, if you want to have a new life experience, investing here is a good option.

NOC Status of Forest Town Islamabad

The no-objection certificate is the most important document for gaining the confidence of investors. Furthermore, the housing development is still in its early stages, with the developer’s seeking approval from the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, investors believe that licensed housing organizations are more trustworthy than unapproved ones. As everyone knows that real estate is a long-term investment. Furthermore, after its acceptance, the plot values here will rise. As a result, investing here today will be feasible.

Forest Town Islamabad Location & Map

Sites are the first and most significant consideration for all investors. Furthermore, the housing development, like the Prime Valley and Capital Valley is adjacent to the Rawalpindi Ring Road, making it more accessible to investors. Furthermore, the area is accessible from key locations like as T-Chowk, Railway Station, Ring Road Interchange, Faisal Mosque, and Islamabad International Airport. Because of these factors, it is the most profitable and investable real estate alternative. Finally, the location map is included to provide clarity to all prospective investors.

Forest Town Islamabad location map

Forest Town Islamabad Payment Plan

The pricing of the properties are the first thing that all investors consider. Furthermore, the developers, such as Kingdom Valley Islamabad, attempt to provide sustainable living standards at an affordable price range. Furthermore, prelaunch rates are accessible to provide investors with an indication of plot costs. There is also an instalment plan available to increase investment rates. Furthermore, the following are the total price rates:

Payment Plan and plot prices 2022

Master Plan of Forest Town Islamabad

There are several properties accessible here to help future residents. Furthermore, the investors are eager to provide high-end and luxurious living conditions to all prospective residents and investors. Furthermore, all fundamental and vital items will give all future citizens with a sustainable living standard. Following are some of sectors available for sale:

Master plan 2022

Residential Real Estate of Forest Town Islamabad

There are numerous home plots available here, each with all of the necessary and high-end amenities. Furthermore, the housing project is very affordable. As a result, this residential investment is worthwhile in order to achieve high-end living standards. Here are some of the residential plots for sale:

4 Commercial Properties in Marla 6 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal

All future investors will be able to purchase commercial properties through the housing plan. Furthermore, the creators wish to give investors the opportunity to prosper financially. Furthermore, high-quality infrastructure will aid in the generation of more leads and prospects. Finally, here are some of the properties for sale:

5 and 8 Marla Farmhouses

The farmhouses provide investors with peace of mind and a comfortable lifestyle. Furthermore, the residential scheme ensures that all future residents have the finest possible living conditions. And, as we all know, everyone requires a break. As a result, the developers have made farmhouses available to potential investors and residents. Finally, the sizes of farmhouses offered here are as follows:

Development Status 2 Kanal 4 Kanal 8 Kanal

The housing society will soon begin construction work. Furthermore, the developer intends to create a high-quality project delivery. Furthermore, the developers are present to provide all facilities, including both basic and high-end living standards. Furthermore, the construction process will adhere to international town planning regulations, resulting in reduced waste. Furthermore, the developers provide the greatest possible living conditions for all future residents. Furthermore, investment here will be lucrative since property prices will skyrocket once construction work begins. Finally, you can learn more about the Forest Town Islamabad development status by visiting Estate Land Marketing’s website.

Features of Forest Town Islamabad

The Forest Town Islamabad offers a number of amenities that will boost the value of the housing plan. Furthermore, some of the standout traits are as follows:

  • Infrastructure of High Quality
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Initiative
  • Commercial Zones
  • Spa and Salon Fitness Center
  • Parking Garage
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Supermarkets and shopping malls
  • Beds of Green
  • Clinics for Health
  • Educational Establishments


Forest Town Islamabad provides a variety of amenities to its investors. Furthermore, the most important ones are as follows:

Access to all Fundamentals

The developers have supplied all of the fundamentals to investors in order to deliver the finest lifestyle to future homeowners. Moreover, water, gas, and electricity will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Furthermore, these amenities will be available at a reasonable cost. Finally, investing here can aid in the achievement of sustainable living standards.

Medical and educational facilities

The developers would also give all investors with health and educational facilities. Furthermore, the schools and colleges available here will follow an international curriculum, allowing for a higher quality education at a lower cost. Furthermore, health care services will be available throughout the neighborhood to assist future residents in the event of a medical emergency.

Infrastructure of High Quality

This residential scheme’s infrastructure is of great quality, and it will assist all future residents in living a sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, the homes, structures, and Mosques in this residential project will be of high quality, assuring greater living standards.

Opportunities for Business

This real estate project’s developers will supply commercial properties to all future residents. Furthermore, many plots are accessible to assist residents in starting their commercial endeavors based on their interests. Furthermore, the appealing feature of all of these homes will be available at a reasonable price.

Gated Community Security

The residential development is fully protected and gated. Furthermore, the developers will provide the ideal lifestyle for all residents. Furthermore, CCTV cameras will aid in the capture of all activities taking place. In addition, security personnel will patrol the neighborhood to prevent any disruptions.

Pros & Cons of Forest Town Islamabad

The following are the advantages of investing here:


  • Excellent Location
  • High-Quality Infrastructure for a Low-Cost Residential Project
  • Gated Secured Housing Society
  • CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Medical Facilities
  • Salons and spas
  • Supermarkets and shopping malls
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Police Station in the Neighborhood
  • The Great Mosque
  • All Essentials Are Available


  • The perception of pricey real estate

Why Should You Invest in Forest Town Islamabad?

The housing scheme has all necessary and high-end amenities. Furthermore, the developers provide the ideal lifestyle to all future residents. Furthermore, the location and plot costs are the most appealing and intriguing aspects of buying here. And the facilities available here will help to provide the finest living for all future residents. Furthermore, homes will soon gain legal standing. However, the developer’s name is sufficient to attract maximum investment. Finally, efforts in this area will contribute to increased monetary advantages and living standards.


The home design has all of the necessary amenities and features to achieve greater living standards. Furthermore, the developers offer the highest living conditions to all future residents at reasonable pricing. Furthermore, the location is an intriguing aspect that will assist investors in making the best real estate investment decision. Most importantly, one of its appealing qualities is the concept of urban forestry. And the facilities, which include all of the necessities as well as high-end items, will raise the investors’ standard of living. And the payment plan is no exception in enticing investors to make this long-term commitment. Finally, Property Saga includes all of the most recent housing development updates.


Q1. What exactly is Forest Town Islamabad?

It is a fantastic housing society that is springing up around Islamabad.

Q2. Where exactly is it?

The housing project is near the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Q3. Who are the developers of this project?

The developers of this wonderful housing scheme are Milestone Properties Management PVT Ltd and Malik Shahzaib Enterprises PVT Ltd.

Q4. Is this housing project accessible?

T-Chowk, Railway Station, Ring Road Interchange, Faisal Mosque, and Islamabad International Airport are all within walking distance of the place.

Q5. Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, an instalment plan will attract people from many walks of life to invest here.

Q6. Is it possible to rent a farmhouse?

Yes, an instalment scheme will be available to future residents to add luxury and peace to their lives.

Q7. Is it worthwhile to invest here?

The amenities and features accessible here make this a long-term and dependable home investment.