Gulberg Executive Multan: Among the all provinces of Pakistan, Punjab is one of the most developed areas with the availability of all the basic facilities of life along with high career opportunities. Punjab is the major hub of Pakistan with numerous districts contributing to its grandeur. Multan is also one of them and is considered the capital of southern Punjab given its progressive and rapid developmental work. Multan is one of those ancient cities of Pakistan that have inhibited the oldest civilization and cultural heritage of this Land. 

The major throwback is that Multan is the 7th largest city of Pakistan along with the rich cultural and economic center of Southern Punjab. The antique feature of Multan has attracted a large number of tourists and residents and made this city the center of economics. It is a metropolitan city and has added features of developed infrastructures of road, housing colonies, shopping malls, and much more. Although Multan is a golden city to live and spent your life with your families and construct houses for your coming generations. 

An extensive area of Multan, approximately 3,721 square kilometers, has mesmerizing housing colonies but no project can beat the magnificent vibe of Gulberg Executive housing Multan. The grand city of Multan comprises four areas referred to as tehsils:

  • Multan Saddar
  • Multan city
  • Jalalpur Pirwala
  • Shujabad

If you are desiring to build your own house in Multan then Gulber Executive housing Multan is one of the best options to opt for. The project is exemplary concerning amenities and facilities available in this housing unit. It is one of the beautiful addition to the housing schemes of Multan and provides the best option for investment. The real estate sector of Pakistan and more particularly Multan been showing a booming development for the past few years. There are many residential projects which are operational in Multan like DHA Multan, city housing, Royal orchard, and Askari. Unfortunately, these housing societies are offering some high-rated residential plots which are far away from the access of middle-class communities of society, therefore an iconic project with the factor of affordability is going to establish in your city Multan. It situates on one of the prime locations of Multan and has been embellished with world-class and modern facilities of life. 


Gulberg executive multan


Location & Map of Gulberg Executive Multan

Before finalizing the plot in any housing society the first aspect which is considered by investors is the location of that housing unit. The elite location of Gulberg Executive Multan has marked up all the essential factors related to its location. It has occupied the position at Southern bypass, near Shah Rukn e Alam town. Numerous characteristics have acted to boost up its ranks among other competitive residential projects. It is located near the following landmarks:

  • New district Court Complex Multan 
  • Commercial sectoral
  • Industrial estate
  • M3 Motorway terminal, which connects Multan to Lahore, lies at a driving distance of 10 minutes. 
  • M5 highway also lies at an approachable distance of 15 minutes from this project. 
  • Ibne Sina hospital and Mukhtar A sheik memorial Hospital are situated at a driving distance of 10 and 15 minutes respectively.
  • Multan Southern bypass is the main highway connecting Multan and other cities of Punjab and Gulberg executive has allocated on this prime location.

These official and commercial units are located at a distance of a few minutes from gulberg executive society multanIn addition to these eminent landmarks, Gulber Executive housing Multan has situated near a completely developed mega-hospital known as ibn-e-Seena Hospital Multan. 

location map

Following major boulevards also reach this golden housing society that has provided high-class traffic management and will lead you towards core areas of the city. These include:

  • Naubahar Canal road- this double lane and beautiful road packed with another posh residential project that has uplifted the ranks of the peripheral area of Gulberg Executive Multan.
  • Khanewal Road is a major road leading towards khanewal and other cities of Southern Punjab. It will furnish the residents to travel towards other cities with convenience. This road is the terminal point of GT road. 
  • Tatay pur road is also the busiest boulevard of Multan that has packed with mega residential projects like Shah Ruk e Alam town and Gulberg Executive Multan. 

The neighboring societies of Gulberg Executive Multan are also remarkable and provide the residents to enjoy the harmonized community of elite class housing units. 

Owners and Developers

It is a fact that the developers and owners of residential projects will provide a clear definition to investors’ minds regarding the quality of developmental work of that particular project. Gulberg Executive Multan has won the hearts of investors in the scenario as Faisal Asghar Enterprise has taken the responsibility for constructing this pioneer residential project. They have established other projects including the Gulberg Executive Rahim Yar khan. Sardar Ali Asghar Gurmani, who has experience for immense years in the field of real estate is the CEO of this attractive housing unit. 

The developers are trying to accomplish the construction work with dedication and have striven to make the housing project meet the requirements of modern-day infrastructure. The developers have already made their marks in the real estate sector of Pakistan with their exemplary construction work. The constructional work is gradually proceeding towards achieving the milestone of accomplishing your dream houses. The developers are the pioneer of the real estate and construction sector of Pakistan. The Faisal Asghar Enterprises has finalized many mega projects in the vicinity of southern Punjab and one of them is the Gulberg Executive Housing Multan.

Gulberg Executive Master Plan

The master plan decided for Gulberg Executive housing Multan is charismatic concerning the cutting of lands and division of land into various residential and commercial plots. The owners have approved the land from Multan developmental authority and initiated their developmental work on rapid grounds. The master plan of the Gulberg Executive housing scheme is going to offer the following plot sizes for its investors:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla 
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 kanal
  • 2 kanal plot

Master Plan

This vast variety of plots is a full-fledge package to opt for your dream plot and to start constructing your house in this worth-living residential colony. The master planners of the Gulberg Executive housing scheme have planned to incorporate all the basic, essential, and modern world facilities for their residents under one roof therefore they have introduced some innovative features in their master plan. These distinct features comprised on the master plan have mentioned below:

  • Development of extensive Main Boulevard with double lane offering the residents with two way carpeted road. This road leading towards the main entrance of the housing colony will act as a jugular vein and connect the project with its outskirts. 
  • Grand Jamia mosque has also planned inside the housing society from where it is approachable for all the blocks of the society. 
  • As the name indicates this housing unit is executive so it has offered an exclusive division of blocks for the residents of Multan. The plots have been divided into the following categories of blocks:
  • General block
  • Executive block

These two blocks have been demarcated based on the facilities and amenities available in these blocks. The facilities and amenities provided in this housing society have been elaborated on below.

Facilities and Amenities

After verifying an enormous number of factors related to the housing project, a highlighted aspect is the presence of facilities and amenities in that residential colony. Fortunately, Gulberg Executive housing Multan has planned to cherish its residents with all utilities and amenities of life. These are as follows:

  • It is a gated community with high alter security and maintenance of CCTV camera at the entrance point has also been assured. The developers are highly cautious to provide the residents with prolific safety and protection therefore security guards have been recruited at each block.
  • All the utilities of life like electricity, water, Sui gas, and sanitation facilities have also been assured. These are the major portraying factor of any urban society.
  • An eco-friendly, clean and green environment has been maintained to not only enhance the aesthetic look of the residential colony but also to provide a clean atmosphere. 
  • Green belts, parks, and waste disposal management systems have been established. 
  • To fulfill the religious obligations, Grand Mosque has also been constructed in the center of this housing project along with other small mosques at each block.
  • The Gulberg Executive housing Multan have provided versatile facilities like water purifying unit implanted at a various point inside the society, commercial units based upon supermarkets, and shopping centers.
  • Sports complexes, gyms, and other places to attain healthy activities will become part of this project. 
  • Health facilities including the hospital and provision of emergency and ambulatory service have also maintained
  • Educational facilities will be serving the residents inside Gulberg executive Multan. The developers have planned to introduce sub-campuses of various elite class schools, colleges, and universities lineages. 
  • Community centers and commercial areas will also supplement this project.

Gulberg Executive Society Multan Payment plan

The most crucial aspect regarding the purchase and sale of property in any portion of the world is its value and price. Among various highly-priced residential project of Multan like Askari, DHA Multan, where it is much difficult for middle to moderate-income people to purchase their plot, Gulberg Executive housing Multan have come up with a revolutionary approach in the market. 

They have offered the investors with feasible payment and installation plan that will not burden their pockets and will enable them to build their dream houses in this mega project of Multan. Given all the facilities that have planned to inculcate in this sustainable and future-oriented housing society, the payment plan is quite affordable. The investors of Gulberg Executive housing Multan will be able to entertain themselves with a flexible and utilizable installment plan. 

To fetch accurate information regarding the Gulberg Executive Multan, Property saga, is the reliable name in this extensive market that will only provide you with trustworthy and accurate information. Although, there are many other online pages available for Gulberg Executive Multan Property Saga is the only official, registered and authorized platform form where you can book your plot and can get any minute and accurate information. 

A precise outline regarding the payment plan of Gulberg Executive Housing Multan have portrayed here:

  • The price of 5 Marla is nearly 1,275,000/-
  • The price of 7 Marla plots is 1,785,000/-.
  • The rate decided for 10 Marla plot is 2,550,000/-
  • The price decided for 12 Marla plot is 3,550,000/-
  • The rate for 1 Kanal plot is 5,100,000/-. 

The booking amount of the plot will be finalized according to the size of the plots. 

An installment plan of 8 quarterly installments has aligned to relax the investors in paying their amounts. This installment plan will charge as follows:

  • For 5 Marla plots, the installment is payable concerning 50,000.
  • For 7 Marla, the installment amount is only 70,000.
  • The installment amount payable after every 8 months is 100,000
  • The split payment plan for 1 Kanal plot will allow you to pay the amount at 200,000.

In the pre-launch phase of plot booking, you can simply contact Masters real estate to get your plots booked instantly. 

Pros and cons

Every residential project has some hidden pros and cons that we have compiled up here with purity and honesty.


  • Gulberg Executive housing Multan is the only community in Multan which is offering high prolific facilities with perfection in the developing city of Multan at such affordable rates.
  • High maintenance of security is the best feature to consider to provide your family and loved ones with a protected and safe environment
  • Gulberg Executive housing society is located at the prime location of Multan with an eco-friendly environment, greenery, and clean air. 
  • Gulberg Executive housing Multan is offering affordable and flexible housing plans. 


The cons of this housing society are minimum but there are few:

  • The prices are expected to increase in near future due to overwhelming response from the investors.
  • The Gulberg Executive housing Multan is located a bit far away from the heart of the city but on the other hand, it is near to bypass and will allow you to approach the society easily while traveling from other cities. 

Final talk

Gulberg Executive housing Multan is a worthy residential project with ample benefits and facilities therefore Property saga have contributed to this mega and newly hatched project of Multan. They have intended to supply quality life standards to their residents.