Hateem City Multan is an upcoming housing project in Multan that aims to transform the real estate sector of the city. The city of Multan is famous as the city of Saints and Mangoes. So, the development of Hateem City and some other housing projects i.e. DHA Multan would make it popular for the real estate investment.

Hateem City Multan housing society

Owners and Developers of Hateem City Multan

The owners of this housing project are Faisal movers, which is one of the biggest transportation services in Pakistan. Along with that, MA Engineering have also contributed for the success of this housing project. They are also famous for delivering comfortable projects for their investors. The Faisal Movers company is well known for delivering speedy and quality transports from city to city.

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Location and Map of Hateem City Multan

Location is one of the ideal aspects of any housing project. The investors consider that whether the project that they plan to invest in is accessible or not. Mainly, they prefer those housing projects that are quite accessible to popular sites of the city. This housing project is only a few minutes away from Multan International Airports, and M4 Motorway.

Location map

NOC Status of Hateem City Multan

The developers of this housing project are working effectively for the approval of its No Objection Certificate(NOC). The NOC document guarantees the legality of the housing project. Furthermore, it also helps in winning the trust and confidence of the real estate investors. So, one can be sure that this housing project would get the NOC within few months. As the developers enjoy a good reputation in the industry, so getting NOC would not be an issue.

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Masterplan of Hateem City Multan

The developers of this housing project have hired some experienced designers and architects, who are working on its Masterplan. As per the Masterplan, this housing project would around 10 residential sectors and few commercial ones. There would be huge carpeted road, with different street boulevards. Vast majority of boulevards would also have some small lawns, in order to promote an ecofriendly environment. The Residential Plots would be available at following sizes.

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Master Plan

Payment Plan of Hateem City Multan

As per the sources, the residential plots around 5 to 20 Marla are available for booking. The booking of those plots start at 25%. The developers have even planned to enable the investors to pay the amount in yearly and monthly installments.

Hateem City Multan Payment Plan

Facilities of Hateem City Multan

The developers of this housing project aim to underline their reputation with their world-class facilities. Furthermore, they have planned to create long term value for local and overseas investors. Such plan would set up a benchmark in the real estate sector of Multan. The world-class facilities of this housing project aim to provide a comfortable lifestyle to the residents. Following are few of the main facilities of this housing project.

Grand Mosque of Hateem City Multan

Fulfilling religious obligations is an important aspect of any human life. So, the developers of Hateem City are planning to construct a huge mosque, where the residents would be able to fulfil their religious obligations. The mosque would have Arab themed architecture, and beautiful gardens that would add more charm to the entire housing project. The inner part of the mosque would be so huge that the majority of worshippers would not feel any disturbance. The worshippers would not face any issue while praying in the mosque, as it would not be overcrowded.

24/7 Security

It is important for any housing project to have effective security measure for their residents. So, the developers of this project have planned to install 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance gear. Such security measures would provide all-inclusive security to the residents. Moreover, there would also be a separate boundary wall with a foolproof system within the Housing project. The only purpose of such measure is to provide a high level of security to residents.

Commercial Zones of Hateem City Multan

The owners of Hateem City took every need of their residents into account, which includes commercial ones. So, there would be a separate commercial zone that would comprise of all the commercial projects, i.e. retail stores, corporate offices, or malls. Moreover, the residents can satisfy their commercial requirements within the project’s premises. Apart from that, such commercial zone would provide new opportunities for business. Additionally, this entire project has the potential to become a future business hub.

Community Parks

The developers have guaranteed that the residents would be able to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle while having a solid connection to nature. As a result, the developers have planned to develop public recreational gardens and huge parks. Families, especially the ones with children, would spend quality time in such areas to live a happier, and safe lifestyle.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Commercial Sectors
  • A Huge Gated Community
  • Huge Parks for Children and Families


  • NOC not approved yet
  • Huge perception of plot rates

Why Invest in Hateem City?

The entire housing project is an excellent living space for all the inhabitants. Moreover, the location of this housing project is reachable with higher accessibility. Moreover, a payment plan is here with the affordability feature with a selection of an instalment plan. Another best aspect of this project is its uniqueness, with numerous residential and commercial properties. Most significantly, from essential to luxuries, all type of facilities are available to all the residents and the investors. Therefore, investing here would be a valuable decision just like in Prime Valley.


The Hateem City Multan is going to be another huge project by Faisal Movers company after their bus project. They had already delivered successful projects before. So, one can clearly imagine that the developers enjoy a good reputation in the entire country. Above all, the successful completion of Hateem City Mutlan would pave the way for other real estate developers in Multan. Please contact Property Saga for further information.


Q1. What is Hateem City?

Hateem City is an under-construction housing project in Multan that aims to transform the housing sector of the city.

Q2. Who are the owners of this project?

The owners of this housing project are Faisal Movers, who are known bus operators in Pakistan.

Q3. Where is it located?

This housing project is locatable near Multan International Airport, and M4 Motorway.

Q4. Is it affordable?

The owners have not updated anything about the payment plan yet. However, some of the plots are available for booking at 25% down payment.

Q5. Is it approved?

No, the developers of this housing project are currently discussing with the relevant authorities for the NOC approval.

Q6. What are the sizes of the plots?

The residential plots are now available at the sizes of 5 Marla,7 Marla, 10 Marla and 20 Marlas.

Q7. Are the commercial projects available?

No, the developers would start the construction of commercial plots, as soon as they complete the residential plots.