October 10, 2022
How can overseas buy plot in capital smart city?

How can overseas buy plot in capital smart city?


The Capital smart city Islamabad is a one-of-a-kind housing society. It offers sheer brilliance and excellence to investors and residents. With the latest technology they offer, it is easily one of Pakistan’s leading housing societies. Every day, investors are becoming more intrigued by the housing society and are willing to invest in its marvellous properties.


The site of any housing society is a big concern for investors. You don’t want a society that is in the middle of nowhere. Nor do you want to invest in a society that is not accessible and hard to reach. Hence, the housing society’s owners kept these concerns in mind and offered you a versatile location. As a result, the site of the housing scheme is not only grand but highly accessible, just like Lahore Smart City Location.

The housing society’s location on the M-2 motorway is accessible through the main Chakri road once the completion of construction. It will be even more convenient in the future as the housing society will have its FWO-approved interchange straight from the highway. Moreover, the best feature of the society is that it is only a five minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. The location is excellent as it is way from the city noise and rush. It is also close to central areas, letting you establish a life in peace without being away from the main city.

NOC Status

Another concern of investors, especially foreign investors, is the legitimacy of the housing society. There have been many cases where investors’ money has gone down the drain because of legitimacy issues of housing societies. However, investors don’t have to worry about Capital Smart City Islamabad as it is given its NOC Certificate. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has issued a green flag to the housing society. An area of 2,000 Kanal and 7,376 Kanal was approved on 17th November 2017 and 21st September 2019, respectively. However, 13098 Kanal plus 4,490 Kanal are in their final approval stage. Now investors freely invest in the society housing without any concern or care.

Payment plan

An inflexible payment plan is every investor’s worst nightmare. Most societies are attractive, but their payment plan discourages investors. However, potential investors will not face that hurdle here as the housing schemes payment plan is feasible and flexible. The prices of properties are different according to their size and block. Investors have to pay a downpayment of 10% following confirmation of 10%. The best feature of the payment plan is that it offers 42 monthly instalments. That makes the payment process highly reasonable and convenient. Furthermore, you can get great discounts here, such as you save 5% on total payment. You also get a deal even if you make a 50% payment; you will save 2.5%.


Capital smart city Islamabad has a variety of blocks from which investors can choose. The housing society has an overseas block, executive block, overseas prime block, overseas prime 2, and general block. Overseas prime 2 and executive blocks are highly valuable and luxurious sectors that offer state-of-the-art living. At the same time, the overseas block is illustrious. The block is exclusively designed and reserved for overseas Pakistanis settled abroad. The block aims to offer safe and beneficial investment opportunities for overseas Pakistanis. Due to its prime location and facilities, the block has begun to attract many overseas Pakistanis.

Mandatory Documents for overseas block booking

Buying or booking a plot in the overseas block is very easy. The goal of the procedure is to be feasible and convenient. If an overseas investor is considering investing in the overseas block, they will need the following documents. The overseas residential or commercial plot booking is simple and quick. Overseas investors will need:

  • Two passport-size pictures
  • Two photocopies of NICOP
  • Two photocopies of next of kin/ Nominee ID card
  • Booking amount of plot

In addition, you will also have to attach a copy of their overseas national identity card and all other mandatory documents.


Capital smart city Islamabad is one of Islamabad’s most significant and leading societies. It offers unique and advanced facilities that will upgrade your lifestyle. Its features are ideal and the perfect place to establish your dream life. Moreover, it is a flawless housing project to invest in as it has a bright future. The housing society offers a prime location and also has Noc approval.

Furthermore, overseas investors find the housing society extremely desirable due to the flexible payment plan. It offers an easy 42 monthly instalments making the whole process comfortable for investors. Hence, overseas investors can now easily enjoy real estate opportunities.

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