April 23, 2022
Impact of CPEC Route on 7 wonders city Islamabad | Guide 2022

Impact of CPEC Route on 7 wonders city Guide 2022


7 Wonders City is listed among the futuristic housing projects that aim to provide high-quality living standards to its investors and residents. Global Financial Services(GFS) is the official owner of this project, and also the developers have been a prominent entity in the construction business for over a decade. They have previously worked on a huge range of infrastructure ventures, from residential to commercial ones. Additionally, they have completely accomplished the investment by their consumers in frequent fields. Therefore, the GFS company aims to bring superior worth to every project.

Location & Map

Some real estate investors search for numerous aspects to which they bring their attention while searching for a property for investment. The essential characteristic of that is the situation of this housing project. Moreover, the explanation behind such a particular thing is that the neighbourhood gives a sense of security to the residents. Furthermore, providing day-to-day requirements is also very significant to living a life free of stress.

The location of a housing project holds a substantial value because the site is adjacent to the CPEC-Ring Road Interchange. One can easily access M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway and Kingdom Valley Islamabad in about half an hour. However, the New Islamabad International Airport is just a 20-minute drive away from this housing project. One of its entry points is near Fateh Jang Road, while the other is near the CPEC route. So, one could say that the location of this residential project is among the attractive features.

CPEC Route

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the way forward for Pakistan’s economy. So, many economic experts believe that this project would help grow the financial standards regionally and positively impact the worldwide economy. It may even have a positive affect on the real estate industry of Pakistan.

Impact of CPEC Route

The impact of the CPEC route on Seven Wonders City Islamabad is overwhelming. Furthermore, everyone knows that this regional development project is used for the region’s economic development and the entire world. And this real estate project is situated on the CPEC route, which may bring a significant investment from different investors. Moreover, few other positive impacts are as follows:

Foreign Direct Investment

The economy of Pakistan is in dire need of such a type of investment to improve the country’s financial condition. Furthermore, the CPEC would also increase the probability of investors from all over the globe. And investors from everywhere around the globe would want to be an essential part of this regional development venture. Moreover, it might be an advantageous characteristic for the developers of 7 wonders city and Pakistan’s national economy.

Good Business Opportunity

As it is situated on the way to the CPEC, it has the potential to bring investment opportunities for the residents and the, real estate stakeholders and land investors. Furthermore, the investors from an overseas country would have a fantastic opportunity to invest here to be a part of the world’s best development project. Furthermore, seven wonders city would have a variety of commercial properties available at reasonable rates to fulfil the business needs of the investors from the country and other parts of the globe.

Greater Property Values

The worth of residential and commercial properties in 7 Wonders City would increase because of its location on the CPEC route adjacent to Silver City Islamabad. Furthermore, the plots would have an enormous demand from the country and outside the land among the real estate investors. Moreover, investment here would be more beneficial. Once the ownership and development process starts, the rates will increase considerably.

More Foreign Investment and Tourism

The CPEC route would attract more tourists to this housing development, as there would be different replicas of the world’s seven wonders. Furthermore, more investors lead to more investment as various housing projects are being developed to cater to tourists. Finally, the tourists would have a chance to invest in the real estate project, increasing the financial worth of the housing development.


The 7 Wonders City would be the wonderful housing society on the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, its closeness to the CPEC route, Rawalpindi ring road, and Islamabad International Airport would make it a project that deserves investment. Furthermore, aside from its location, the payment plan is affordable because it would be as on the financial status of the investors and also the inhabitants. Most importantly, the master plan includes a range of plots and sectors to fulfil the investors’ wants and the residents. Another essential feature is the CPEC route, which might increase the worth of this residential project because it will bring more investment opportunities. So, investing here would be a bliss to attain a high-quality living standard and business growth. Lastly, visit the official Property Saga website for further updates about the housing project.

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