February 26, 2022
KINGS TOWN Lahore Sector B

Kings Town Lahore Sector B


A lively city of Punjab with countless opportunities is awaiting to confirm your property’s booking. Although there are many housing projects established in Lahore, few are wholesome and meet all the demands of investors and residents. Raiwind road is one of the most eminent and busiest arteries of Lahore. This boulevard enjoys a great commercial significance and has become a centre of development in the past few years.  

Kings town residential colony is also one of those projects that meets all the modern world residential criteria requirements and allows the residents to enjoy elite class living standards. It is a newly hatched housing project at the premium location of Lahore and has earned prideful remarks from real estate experts and also investors. 

Kings town Lahore is one of the charismatic housing projects of Al Kabir -developers situated at the premium location of Lahore. The top-notch architectural approaches and ultra-modern building strategies have attracted investors from around the globe to invest in this iconic residential project. High precision and advanced urban development have allowed this project to witness the heights of the real estate sector of Lahore in a precise time. It is a worth-investing project that will uplift your investment and give satisfaction after building your properties in this mesmerizing housing unit.

Kings town sector B is the second project of Al-Kabir developers after the successful projects of Kings town phase 1 and 2 and on-time delivery. The project has launched in the prime location of Raiwind road, the enlightened road of Lahore.  It is also referred to as the third phase of King’s town. All three steps are established by the reliable name of real estate developers, the dream projects that have completely met the requirements of investors.

One of the eye-captivating projects located on Raiwin road has attracted the residents and investors with its fine constructional work. The addition of Kings town sector B in the chain of Al-Kabir developers has enlightened this project in Lahore. The housing colony has embarked the investor with the most affordable opportunity of building your houses.

Location of Kings town sector-B

Kings town sector B has accommodated the supreme location of Lahore known as Raiwind road. The area of this housing society has exhibited all the properties of an ideal location. The colony is adjacent to the Bahria orchard and has accessibility to all the city’s major points.

KINGS TOWN Lahore Sector B location map

Following issues oriented towards the area of Kings town sector B will become crystal clear the appropriate location of this iconic housing society.

  • Allama Iqbal International airport lies 12 minutes from Kings Town sector B.
  • The ring road is accessible with a driving distance of 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Thokar Niaz Baig, a commercial hub, lies approximately at a distance of 4 to 5 km from the kings’ sector.
  • Multan road and Kalma chowk are approachable at a driving distance of 20 minutes.
  • Adda plot Jati Umrah lies at a driving distance of 15 minutes.
  • 10 min drive towards Superior University
  • 20 min drive towards M2 motorway terminal.

Nearby Landmarks

The interlinking housing societies that share the boundaries with kings town sector B are also crucial to consider before investing here. Following are eminent housing societies that surround the King’s sector town B.

  • Bahria orchard is the neighbourhood society of kings town sector B.
  • Lake city
  • DHA Lahore
  • Beacon house housing society
  •  Dream housing Lahore
  • Al Madina town
  • Ajwa city
  • Abdullah park housing society

These are some outstanding housing societies that encircle the Kings town sector B. These factors elevate the community’s worth and enable the residents to have secured surroundings.

Kings Town sector-B Owners and developers

Al-Kabir developers have laid down the foundations of this elite class society. The team appointed for accomplishing the responsibility of this remarkable project is competent and comprised of foreigners. Al-Kabir developers have engraved their names in the real estate industry with two iconic projects renowned as Al-Kabir Town Phase 1 and 2. The developers of kings town sector B are the leading constructional company of Pakistan. They have provided exemplary projects that have uplifted the ranks of the Pakistan real estate sector. Kings Town Lahore is one of their ideal project that has cherished the investors with top-notch living standards furnished to the residents.  

Al-Kabir developers have launched their careers in 2016 and have covered the biggest milestone of the real estate sector in a very short time. The mission behind their success is to develop a trustworthy relationship with their client demands, and that will also compensate their investment. George Johnson is the commercial director of all projects launched by Al-Kabir developers. A powerful team works, intellectual management practices, and fine constructional operations have enabled this company to flourish in a very short time. Elizabeth Berkley is the operation director, and Simon Taylor is handling the responsibilities of creative director.

Kings Town sector B- NOC Status

No objection certificate is the approval or sanction letter from the Government of Pakistan for a specific portion of land that declares the support for developing a housing project. The matter of authenticity of any housing colony is an extremely considerable facet before investing in that project. It will clear the view regarding your decision. Fortunately, Kings town sector B and other projects of Al-Kabir Town have complete registration with Lahore Development Authority.

The owners have easily got approval for Kings town sector B as the previous two projects are already registered. The legality of each corner of land has been justified as the housing project has registered under a specific number assigned by LDA.

LDA approval has also assisted the investor in opting for this housing project and grabbing this affordable opportunity. Kings town sector B development has a strong connection with the issuance of NOC from LDA. As the NOC has already approved, the constructional work is proceeding rapidly.

Besides the approval from LDA Kings town, Lahore has a complete affiliation with Pakistan Horticulture Authority, WASA LDA, Punjab Irrigation Department. Furthermore, the project has registered fully with FBR.  

Facilities and Amenities

The constructional strategy followed in uplifting the boundaries of Kings town sector B has incorporated the emphasis on technology and innovation. The feature of creation has assisted the developers in evolving the structures that remain coherent with the demand of residents today and for all times. They have translated investors’ dreams into reality to furnish their clients with an enlightened future. The developers of this housing society have striven hard to provide the residents with all the basic and advanced level facilities of life in its boundary wall.

The residents of Kings town sector B is going to serve with following facilities, features, and neighbourhood amenities:

  • It is a gated and highly secured community. Security teams guard the entrance points, and CCTV camera installation has also been ensured.
  • It has provided the main boulevard with 30 to 40 feet wide well-paved roads. A two-way main entrance road has been constructed with multiple lanes.
  • Availability of public parks and green belts to provide an aesthetic look to society. Greenery and park establishment has emphasized collaboration with PHA. The provision of an eco-friendly and clean atmosphere has assured the residents
  • 24/7 availability of electricity, gas, and water supply.
  •  The utility supply for the residents has been confirmed with pre-installation.
  • The construction of modern shopping centres and recreational avenues have achieved laced with top-notch branded shops. Recreational and amusement parks will enable families and children to spend their leisure time there.
  • A grand Jamia Mosque and many other small mosques facing each block of the sector have assured to ease the residents in fulfilling their religious duties.
  • Health care and state-of-the-art fitness facilities are also among the priorities of this project. A perfectly constructed Hospital, supplied with international standard health care facilities, is a component of the master plan of kings town sector B.
  • Sports and fitness complexes have also been constructed to furnish the residents with the ease of maintaining their health.
  • The developers have poured special attention into educational institutes, from schools to universities. The introduction of renowned school chains and university campuses is considered to construct their sub-campuses inside the society.
  • The establishment of a food court has also added to the master layout of the project that will cater to the people with high-end food brands and international chains.
  • A large area of the Golf course allows the residents to get registered and play golf near their residencies. 
  • Kings town Lahore has gathered satisfactory remarks from the investors in the previous two projects. This project located on Raiwind road is highly advanced than the other two projects given the facilities and amenities provided in this residential project.

Payment plan of Kings town Lahore Sector B

If you desire to invest in Kings town sector B, it is one of the golden opportunities to avail. The criteria of the payment plan are extremely affordable in this housing society. Your investment in this housing society will furnish you with high-end advantages, which are as follows:

  • High standards living style
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Elite standards developmental partner.
  • This housing unit’s legally complete and compliant status is the safest investment avenue in town.

Kings Town sector B offers both categories of residential and commercial plots. The payment plan of residential properties have released by the developers, which are as follows:

  • The total price of 3 Marla plots is only 2,400,000 with a down payment of 400,000
  • The final cost of 5 Marla plots is 3,750,000 with a booking payment of 500,000/-.
KINGS TOWN Lahore Sector B payment plan

The easy, utilizable instalment plan of 36 months and six months have also been introduced by the developers of kings town sector B Lahore that will ease the investors in paying their payments.

  • For 3 Marla plot- instalment payable after six months is 75000/-.
  • For 5 Marla plot instalment payable after six months is 120,000.
  • In case you are willing to pay the instalment amount monthly, then the following criteria are followed:
  • 3 Marla plot= 25000/- per month
  • 5 Marla plot= 41000/- per month.

Master Plan

KINGS TOWN Lahore Sector B master plan

Important Note:

  • The investors will pay 10% extra cost in the corner, main boulevard, and park facing plots.
  • Possession of the plots will initiate within two years.

Pros and Cons

It is an ideal housing society that has embarked numerous pros and few cons, which are elaborated here:


  • The lucrative location of Raiwind road makes its illuminating housing society to select for investment.
  • The provision of all summit level facilities have assured
  • Secured and gated community
  • The rapid pace of developmental work has been maintained.
  • A reliable and noteworthy company of the real estate sector known as Al-Kabir developers are handling its management.
  • Ample greenery and eco-friendly atmosphere away from the hustle and noise pollution of the city.
  • Beautiful roads and renowned residential projects cover the surroundings of the housing unit.
  • All the utilities of life are available 24/7.


The cons of this housing society are minimum as it has encompassed high-end facilities.

  • The plot prices are a bit higher, but after comparing it with other neighbouring societies, you will come to know that it is the most suitable one.
  • The society is a bit far away from the centre of the main Lahore city. The peripheral territory makes it difficult to reach the main city Hub.

Conclusive talk

After reviewing all the details of this mesmerizing housing unit, it is one of the exceptional opportunities in the real estate sector. All the boxes regarding an ideal housing unit have tick marked by the investors and the registered real estate professionals in the case of kings town sector B. It is highly recommended to invest in this housing society if you are willing to avail an affordable option of property.


Q1. Where is kings town sector B located?

It is situated on main Raiwin road adjacent to Bahria orchard.

Q2. Are there any extra charges for corner plots?

     Yes, plot rates are 10% increased for specialized fields like the corner, boulevard facing, and park facing actions.

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