September 21, 2022
Lahore Smart City Investors Guide

Lahore Smart City Investors Guide


Lahore Smart City is a prestigious project. Since its introduction, it has been the only second smart city in Pakistan. Moreover, it is the first such project to be launched in Lahore. It provides luxury and advanced living like you have never seen before. The project aims to change the livelihood of locals, offering them top features and state-of-the-art facilities.

Master Planner and developers

The project has the same owners and developers as Capital Smart City. The project master planners are Surbang Jurong, Asia’s leading real estate consultant. Furthermore, two companies are a part of the development of this project: Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd (FDH) and Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd (HRL).

Surbang Jurong

Surbang Jurong is set in Singapore and is the largest Asian infrastructure consulting firm. Furthermore, the company has built one million houses in Singapore. It has panned over 30 million countries. In addition, the company hold the honour of ranking 23 in the ENR international design firm 2022.

Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd

Moreover, Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd (HRL) s established in 1962 and has been delivering innovation and excellence since then. They provide services to industries such as aviation, power and energy, petrochemicals, infrastructure and housing. Commitment and professionalism are their driving force. Therefore, they are the recipient of the ISO 900 certificate.

Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd

Lastly, Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd symbolises commitment and reliance. Additionally, they are a partner consortium under the companies ordinance 1984. The company’s goal is to provide the best of services and has proven that through significant projects like Bahria town. Hence it is safe to say that Lahore’s smart city is in the right hands.

Location Map

Lahore smart city offers a prime location for the investor. All central areas of Lahore are accessible from the site. The housing society is on the Lahore bypass within reach of the Lahore interchange. In addition, the housing society is reachable through the Lahore-Sialkot motorway and Grand Trunk Lahore Road.

Furthermore, the University of Engineering and Technology is at a five minutes distance from the housing society. In addition, Defense Housing Authority Lahore (DHA) is just eighteen minutes away. Similarly, Allama Iqbal Airport is the same distance away from the location. Moreover, the site isn’t only convenient; it also calms and keeps you away from the city noise.

Payment plan

The one thing investors are most interested in is the payment plans of any housing societies. So, housing societies need to have flexible payment plans to attract potential investors. Therefore, Lahore smart city kept that in mind and offered you a convenient payment plan.

Their payment plan includes a down payment of 10%. After the down payment, investors have to provide 10% confirmation. In addition, the confirmation payment time is of two months. Moreover, you can give the remaining amount in the next three years in twelve quarterly instalments. The housing society provides attractive offers for investors, such as 5% off on a 50% down payment. Additionally, investors can also save 10% on lump sum payments


The best part about the housing society is its facilities. Lahore’s smart city facilities make it stand out from the rest of the communities. It offers all the necessary facilities like water, gas and electricity. In addition, it offers smart features such as automated traffic and street lights, free wifi in various blocks, and smart and advanced hospitals.

Moreover, it offers various leisure facilities such as golf courses, shopping malls, international brands, parks and swimming pools. Additionally, the housing society provides mosques, top educational institutes and air pollution control. Lastly, like its name, it offers smart living; all the houses have smart features that take your residence from bottom to top.

Variety of blocks

The housing society offers a variety of blocks to choose from for investors. Every block offers commercial and residential blocks. As a result, the prices of properties vary from block to block. Each block has its features and benefits. The grandest block in the housing society is the executive block, which offers top-tier facilities. Next is the overseas block, which is specifically for overseas Pakistani. The purpose of this block is to give safe investment opportunities to Pakistanis living abroad.

Moreover, the overseas executive block is one step ahead of the overseas block. It offers more luxurious and deluxe features. Last, the general block is the most known in the housing society and provides more affordable properties. In addition, all the blocks have 24/7 security, surveillance, and basic facilities.


Lahore Smart City is a top housing society that aims to provide innovation and class living. The housing society has brought a new concept, “smart living”, to Pakistan. Smart living’s goal is to increase livelihood through advanced technology. With an eco-friendly environment, it is easy to say that Lahore Smart City is the right place for you and your family. Moreover, it offers an easy payment plan and innovative features such as wifi, controlled traffic, and smart health facilities.

It also offers an ideal location which is minutes away from Lahore’s central areas. Lastly, trusted developers and planners are part of the housing society. Thus, all these aspects make this a dream and advantageous society to invest in

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