Mega City Gujar Khan is another under construction housing venture in Gujar Khan City. This venture is under huge demand for real estate investor of Gujar Khan after New Metro City Gujar Khan. Thought, the owners have not released anything about the project, but the construction site of this project shows that it is going to be a huge real estate venture.

Owners & Developers

The official owners of this housing project are Grande and Earthlink. Both of these developers are famous for their world class infrastructure and efficient performance. Some of the famous projects by the developers are V8 Malla Islamabad, and the Grande Marina. The owners enjoy excellent reputation among the real estate specialists.

NOC Status of Mega City Gujar Khan

The No Objection Certificate is an essential document for the developers of any real estate venture. It proves that the project does not involve any kind of frauds. Moreover, it also helps in gaining confidence of the real estate investors. As per the latest update, the owners of Mega City are talking to the district level entities for its NOC approval. After the NOC approval, the plots prices may increase with the increase in demand.

Location & Map of Mega City Gujar Khan

A lot of real estate investor do check for the location, before they invest in any real estate project. A location of real estate project is something that determines the beauty and accessibility. So, the Mega City Gujar Khan is locatable at the main GT Road, and only few minute away from New Metro City Gujar Khan. One can easily access this housing venture through Islamabad-Rawalpindi Railway line, and Tehsil Headquarters. Its location would be quite parallel to Prime Valley Islamabad, where there are numerous popular destinations are near.

Mega City Gujar Khan location map

Master Plan of Mega City Gujar Khan

The Masterplan is something that shows the width, and sectors of the entire real estate project. Moreover, it also shows various entrance points, length of roads, and building within the project. In a nutshell, the main purpose to design such plan is to make sure that the construction takes place in a proper consistency. The developers have recruited talented team of designers, and architects to design the Masterplan. It would be revealed soon, after the desired number of booking is achieved.

Mega City Gujar Khan master plan

As per the estimation, the sizes of the plots would be as following:

Residential Plots of Mega City Gujar Khan

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots of Mega City Gujar Khan

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Development Status of Mega City Gujar Khan

The developers of this housing project would start the work within few months. They are currently working on its Masterplan, Payment Plan, and NOC approval. Once these things are done, then the construction process would further speed up.

Facilities of Mega City Gujar Khan

Any real estate project must have some tremendous facilities that would provide comfort to their residents. So, this project would have following facilities.

A Gated Society

The entire project would have difference entrance gates for entry of residents. Each entrance point would have surveillance gear that would inspect each and every entrance. The nonresidents might need to provide their CNIC details, so that they can enter into the premises of the entire project. This project would be having a huge boundary wall, which would determine the boundaries of the project.

World Class Health and Educational Facilities

The entire housing project would have different number of hospitals and educational institutions i.e. Schools, and Colleges. All of these educational institutions would comprise of staff with international experience. The health institutions would have foreign qualified doctors, and surgeons. They would also have 24/7 emergency centers that would mainly deal with critical cases.

On the other hand, the educational institutions would be huge in sizes. They would be having a beautiful design with huge numbers of classes. The foreign educated staff of such institutions would ensure quality education for their students.

Commercial Space

The developers of this housing venture are planning to dedicate a huge land area to develop a separate commercial sector. That sector would have huge shopping complexes, corporate office and retail centers. It would provide a wonderful shopping experience to the residents, who are buying things for their needs. Moreover, there also be some huge commercial plots, where the investors would construct investment properties, or small salons.

Environment Friendly Venture

The owners of this housing venture have a vision of spreading greenery with it. So, they are planning to plant huge trees, and develop several botanical gardens that would increase the sustainability of the project. Furthermore, there would be huge parks with grassy atmosphere. There would huge garbage dumps at every sector, and a team of cleaners would work to remove the garbage at every street.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Mega City Gujar Khan

  • An Ecofriendly venture
  • Efficient system of security
  • World class architecture
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Feasible site

Cons of Mega City Gujar Khan

  • Huge plot rate perception
  • Without NOC Approval
  • Slow Construction

Why Invest in Mega City Gujar Khan?

The entire housing venture is providing its investors with some of world class living lifestyle with its superior facilities. Some other interesting factor about this project is that the plot rates would be comparatively less. The architects and designers of this project are talented enough to provide a classy experience to its investors just like Sialkot Motorway City.  Now is the appropriate time to invest here, as this venture is presently in its pre-construction phase,


The Mega City Gujar Khan is one of the most preferred future real estate options. The entire project has potential to completely transform the landmark of the entire city. The developers of this housing project would high quality lifestyle. The entire project has the potential to achieve the top position in the real estate market of Pakistan. If you want to know more about this project, you should come to the office of Property Saga. Our skilled team of experienced real estate agents would help you in guiding about its benefits.

FAQs of Mega City Gujar Khan

Q1. What is Mega City Gujar Khan?

It is a housing venture, which is under construction in Gujar Khan.

Q2. Who are the owners of this housing venture?

The Grande and Earthlink are the rightful owners of this venture. Both the entities are collaborating to provide something unique in real estate market.

Q3. Where is its location?

It is situated at the center main GT Road Gujar Khan, right adjacent to the new metro city Gujar Khan.

Q4. Does it guarantee a profit?

The location of this project has already gain huge attention by the real estate investors. So, one could say that it has huge profit potential.

Q5. What are the plot prizes?

The developers would release the payment plan very soon with accurate plots rates.

Q6. What is its legal status?

According to the inside update, the owners are negotiating with the Government authorities for its NOC approval. Within the next few months, this project might get its legal status.