February 26, 2022
Multan Real Estate Market Trends 2022

Multan Real Estate Market Trends 2022

Multan Real Estate Market

Multan is Pakistan’s 7th largest city by population, with a total land area of 133 square kilometers. It has attracted enormous attention and investors from nearby regions and the entire country. It has become a centre point of attention in the past few years due to its stable socio-political, academic, and financial status, which is why it is populating as more individuals travel here from neighboring areas such as Muzaffargarh and Bahawalpur. 

Real Estate Investment Trends

The city is now developing faster, and numerous real estate investment ventures are either under construction or debuting. Because of the construction of many promising residential ventures and the increased status of the city generally, the present perspective of real estate investment ventures in Multan looks promising. By choosing the proper venture to invest in, investing in the fast-rising urban landscape of Multan might be a better move. Selecting the ideal project location is critical since it can drastically affect the market price, the culture of its residents, and the trends in the commercial Market. Whether one looks for Multan residential plots or a commercial property, investing in authentic long-term safe and secure regions is considered the most acceptable choice for real estate investment in Multan.

No Market saturation

There is no doubt that the property market in the Market is not saturated: there is room, possibility, and investment potential. The expansion of the city has recently accelerated. Some real estate alternatives are accessible quite close to existing residential communities and not distant from the city’s centre. Surprisingly, agricultural property and mango orchards are seen within the town and are considered the best investment opportunity in the real estate sector because they can quickly increase in value with wise development.

South Punjab Administration

The desire for South Punjab on an institutional basis dates back a long time, but the current government is more serious about it, as the South Punjab administration is entirely operational. Multan, which is expected to be the capital of the new province, has seen many development ventures. The inclusion of taunsa and kot-addu to the district status is significant. It is a mutually accepted fact that where infrastructure improvement occurs, prices increase, and this supports the fact that Multan is an attractive investment location, hence stabilizing the real estate sector of Multan city.

New Housing Project

Everybody knows very well about DHA regarding the real estate sector. They are the most professional, well-maintained, and organized real estate market venture under the patronage of the Pakistan military. DHA Multan is the latest addition to the economic centre of the future South Punjab province. The 18-hole Romanza golf club is a prominent feature that attracts the interest of investors. No one has ever reported facing a capital loss in DHA due to their investments. The same can also be said for City Housing, a Bahria Town Pvt Ltd subsidiary. They may be available in practically every major city in Pakistan but have now established themselves in Multan, first at Bosan Road and then later on Shujabad Road. As the city expands in all such directions, they are both important hubs and excellent for the investment real estate sector.

The following are some of the new real estate ventures in Multan to invest in:

  • DHA
  • WAPDA Town
  • Public School Road
  • Citi Housing
  • Royal Grace City 
  • Royal Orchard 
  • Royal Villas 
  • Icon Villas 

Commercial Projects

The construction of the Pearl Continental Hotel near Askari Phase-I Multan Cantonment would undoubtedly enhance VVip travel and tours in the city. Furthermore, even though the Ramada hotel has been in operation for many years, the addition of a PC will undoubtedly impact its position. Along with that, a Metro cash & carry has recently been inaugurated on Bosan Road in Multan, enhancing the status of Multan as a secure location for real estate investment. Furthermore, the Metro Bus system in Multan effectively connects the opposing ends of the city, making its accessibility easier. As a result of such features of great cities, the city of saints would attract commercial and real estate market investment by resulting in substantial property rates.

Increase in Prices

It has been observed that infrastructure ventures in the real estate sector of Multan, such as Nishtar-II, motorway links from the north and south, and road and sewerage system upgrades, have resulted in price increases of 100 per cent to 150 percent. The rural population of South Punjab prefer to shift to Multan for their young children to receive a world-class education and grow up in a modern environment. The housing sector has seen a rise in demand due to this. Multan would become a significant metropolis in coming years after the completion of these projects, and real estate investors would then be able to benefit.


One can conclude that Multan has risen to the top of the demand list of the real estate market. Real estate investment is expanding every day due to the strong job market & rapid population. It also grabs the attention of potential investors and provides the best alternatives for investment. The location of this project is highly advanced and distinctive in terms of construction and facilities, and the investors would find new market trends, styles of living, and investment opportunities. We at Property Saga  would be honored to support you in case of inquiries.

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