Nova City Peshawar: Residents of Peshawar and the surrounding areas will soon have access to Nova City Peshawar. Nova Group is also the developer of this housing complex. And the developers’ principal concern is to provide the best living experience for residents and investors. Furthermore, the housing society would be located near Charsadda and Peshawar on the M1-Motorway. As a result, we are self-assured that this residential scheme would be the ideal real estate investment opportunity for all Peshawar residents. Finally, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about this real estate project.


Developers & Owners of Nova City Peshawar

Nova Group, noted for its excellent development work, is the developer of this residential property. Furthermore, due to prominent residential projects such as Nova City Islamabad, the developers have already gained the faith and confidence of investors. Furthermore, the developers intend to provide residents and investors in Peshawar and the neighbouring areas with high-end living conditions. Finally, the developers locate an approachable and accessible site to accommodate the bulk of investors and residents.

 Location Map & Directions of  Nova City Peshawar

Before investing in any real estate project, all inhabitants consider the location to be an important aspect. As a result, the developers have devised an appropriate location. Most importantly, it is close to all of the area’s major attractions. Furthermore, the location is near Peshawar and Charsadda on the M1-Motorway. Mardan city, Nowshera city, Risalpur city, and Simply Dam road are all nearby. This housing concept is a great real estate investment because of all of these plots. The Bacha Khan International Airport, the N-5/GT road, and the Peshawar Ring Road are all nearby.

location map

NOC  Status of  Nova City Peshawar

The no-objection certificate is another important aspect that both residents and investors need before investing in any residential schemes. Furthermore, it is vital to acquire the trust and confidence of citizens and investors. As a result, the developers have already submitted an application for the Noc. The housing society will soon be granted legal recognition by the relevant authorities. Finally, now is the best moment to invest since once the residential project is granted legal status, prices will skyrocket.

Payment Plan for Nova City Peshawar

The plots are extremely reasonable with an instalment plan, such as Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Furthermore, the payment plan is reasonable in comparison to the amenities available. Most importantly, the instalment plan is beneficial to all investors because it allows people from all walks of life to invest here. As a result, the investment will be worthy. And as the housing society begins to form, property prices will rise dramatically. Furthermore, the housing societies will soon release a full payment schedule. Finally, to acquire the most up-to-date payment options, go to the official Property Saga website.

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan

This housing scheme’s master plan is a cutting-edge initiative. Furthermore, the developers have a team of specialists and professionals working around the clock to provide residents and investors with the greatest possible living experience. In addition, the master plan contains a diverse range of properties and blocks to accommodate the needs of all people. Additionally, both residential and business plots will be available. Above all, the developers’ primary goal is to give high-quality living conditions to all residents and investors.

In one gated neighbourhood, the master encompasses all aspects of comfort and elegance. Furthermore, as we all know, the housing society is still in the planning stages. As a result, there is no reliable information about their master plan. However, the sizes of properties accessible there are as follows, based on their prior projects and expectations:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Development Status of Nova City Peshawar

As previously said, the housing society is still in its early stages of development. As a result, it is now assert able to begin the development process. Developers, on the other hand, are working around the clock to provide the ideal living conditions for residents and investors. In addition, professionals and professional architects create and design appropriate master plans in accordance with international urban town planning standards. Finally, the most recent developments will be published on the Property Saga website in the near future. Visit there to acquire the most up-to-date information.


There will be numerous features available here to assist all residents and investors with the greatest and highest-quality lifestyle possible. The following are a few of them:

  • A private gated community
  • Security System That Is Unbreakable
  • Institutes of Higher Learning
  • Centers for Health Care
  • Residential development that is environmentally friendly
  • Mosques
  • Grounds and parks
  • Surveillance cams
  • Malls and grocery stores
  • Drainage System that is enough
  • Infrastructure of the highest calibre
  • Complex of Sports
  • Boundary Fences

Facilities of Nova City Peshawar

As in the Blue World City Islamabad, there are several amenities that will be available to all residents and investors. The following are a few of them:

Infrastructure of the highest caliber

occupational group have put in a lot of effort for the master. Furthermore, they have ensured that all citizens receive high-quality services and products. As a result, this housing society’s infrastructure will include magnificent commercial buildings and residential plots. Above all, the developers want to ensure that everyone has access to a high-quality lifestyle.

Project for Eco-Friendly Housing

The developers are adhering to international town planning guidelines that minimise waste. It also aids in the implementation of appropriate and ecologically friendly methods. In addition, a plantation drive will be held in the residential project to bring additional freshness and serenity to the neighborhood. Finally, these efforts will benefit the community and the country as a whole.

Facilities for Health and Education

Educational institutes will be provided in the housing society. Above all, they will adhere to the worldwide curriculum in order to provide residents with a high-quality education. Furthermore, in the event of an emergency, suitable healthcare facilities will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All Basic Needs are Meet

Habitants would have access to all of the necessities, including electricity, gas, and water, according to the developers. All of these things must be present in order to achieve high-quality living standards. As a result, they will all be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Finally, these necessities will be offered at a reasonable cost. As a result, investment here will be beneficial.

Mosque of Greatness

Religious duties are an important part of everyone’s life. As a result, a Grand Mosque will be built to assist investors and locals in fulfilling their religious obligations. Furthermore, it will enable and relax citizens to fulfil religious obligations in a pleasant and orderly manner.

Community with a Secured Gate

Aspects of security are included in healthy living standards. Furthermore, because the housing society is a gated community, it will be accessible to all inhabitants. In addition, there will be CCTV cameras that will record all of the actions that take place around the clock. Finally, in order to avoid any inconvenience, the guard will be on duty at all times.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are various advantages to investing here. The following are a few of them:

Advantages of Nova City Peshawar

  • All essentials are provided.
  • Security that is unbreakable
  • Colleges and universities
  • Clinics for health care
  • Parks and grounds
  • Infrastructure of high grade
  • Community with a fence around it
  • Shopping malls and supermarkets
  • Peaceful and environmentally friendly surroundings
  • Surveillance cams
  • a society where housing is affordable
  • Location is ideal and convenient.

Disadvantages of Nova City Peshawar

  • Only the notion of high plot costs is a disadvantage.

What Are the Benefits of investment in Nova City Peshawar?

There are various compelling reasons to invest in this home development. Furthermore, the amenities accessible here will provide residents and investors with high-end living standards. Furthermore, the most important feature that all investors find appealing is the location. Peshawar, Charsadda City, and Bacha Khan International Airport are all close by. Most significantly, the payment plan is quite inexpensive in order to suit the financial needs of both investors and residents.

Second, the amenities provided by this housing society, such as power, gas, water, parks, grounds, sports clubs, education, and healthcare, are all beneficial to the residents. As a result, after considering the amenities, location, and payment plan, her investment will be worthwhile. Furthermore, the developers will shortly reveal the most recent upgrades. So, keep an eye on Property Saga official website for the most up-to-date information.


The city of nova Peshawar has the best housing society in the area. Furthermore, the developers want to make it easier for all investors and residents to live a high-end lifestyle. Furthermore, the main characteristic of this real estate project is its position, which is easily accessible and approachable from the area’s most important landmarks. Second, the master plan contains a wide range of properties to fulfil the investors’ residential needs. Another important feature is the payment plan, which will make it easier for individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds to invest here. As a result, now is a good time to invest. Finally, go to Property Saga’s official website to learn more.

FAQs of Nova City Peshawar

Q1. What is the name of the new city in Peshawar, Nova City?

It is a Peshawar residential society.

Q2: Who are the Architects and Developers?

This stunning home plan is the brainchild of Nova Group.

Q3. What is the status of the Noc?

The housing society will be granted legal recognition in the near future.

Q4. Can you tell me where it is?

It is close to the M1 motorway.

Q5. Is it possible to get to the location?

Yes! It is close to all of the area’s major attractions.

Q6. Is this a good real estate investment?

Yes! The housing society is a good investment because of the advantages it provides.

Q7. Is the payment plan affordable?

Yes! The payment plan appears to be affordable based on the preliminary information.

Q8.Is there a provision for an Instalment Plan? Plan?

Yes! There will be an option to pay in instalments.