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Are you looking to shift to Islamabad in search of excellent job opportunities or wanting to furnish your family with an elite lifestyle? Well, you have just plunged at the premium option among the residential projects that is Park view city Islamabad. The real estate professionals and experts have also referred to this real estate project ad the perfect place for accomplishing your dreams. Islamabad has enlisted among those cities of Pakistan, which maintained as the hot choice of living for every next citizen of Pakistan. The clean, green environment, bundles of opportunities related to career, education, and health have made this City flickering on the list.

In this era of the 21st century, when urbanization and globalization are at peak and touched the summit level, every individual is looking for well-developed cities to live in and progress. Islamabad is one of the right choices to reside in for unlocking the gates of the good fortune of your life.  But the question arises of which housing society is best to opt for residency or build your dream project. In our opinion, if you are probing for some affordable yet high-quality option among the housing colonies, then Park View City Islamabad is the worthy option to select and avail of this iconic opportunity. There are big and solid reasons behind opting for this housing scheme.

The glimmering features of Park view city Islamabad regarding its locations, master plan, facilities, plot allocation, plot booking, and installment plans have distinguished this plan among all other residential projects. Park View City is a non-government privately-owned residential project located in the vicinity of heart touching and eye-catching scenic view of Margalla hills. The lush green mountainous scenery with moderate weather presents the extravagant and surreal landscape of nature. The residential scheme has occupied the heart of Islamabad, embellished with all the grandeur and superb facilities of life and inculcation of natural views.  Park View City Islamabad has maintained its standards by holding the NOC (No objection Certificate) from CDA, that’s the most relieving factor for all the investors and constructors. The registration and authenticity of the land of Park View City Islamabad are obvious with CDA approval. Hence, there is no need to worry regarding the plot booking and ownership. The location of Park View city is also near Islamabad’s botanical garden and has approachable points from the central boulevards of Islamabad that make it one of the accessible destinations.

The park view city Islamabad has been launched and led by one of the famous politicians of Pakistan, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan. He is a vibrant and enthusiastic Pakistani leader with a summit personality and far-sightedness. Another great name behind the beaming features of Park views City Islamabad is Vision Group, which is a well-known name in the real estate developers world. The Vision Group of companies have dedicated their efforts to building many premium quality projects in Pakistan. These include Park View City Lahore, park view villas, and signature apartments in Karachi. The stalwart infrastructure basis, fast developmental work, and supreme location of park view city make it one of the enticing options for local and overseas Pakistani citizens. The housing project has become one of the golden opportunities to avail in Islamabad with elite class residencies. The quality developmental and architectural processing makes park view city the primary alluring option for investment, and the presentable beauty of landscape composes the absolute heaven on Earth. Hence, park view city Islamabad is a fantastic option to put your worthy investment in this mega project with top-quality work.

The master plan of Park View City Islamabad:

The master plan of park view city Islamabad is exemplary in its way. The master plan of this residential project is a complete package with the description of all the commercial plots, residential block boundary, and premium amenities all within this single fabulous project. The various residential blocks have equipped with all the facilities of life, including high-end comforts, luxuries, and terminating at all the basic requirements of life. The commercial avenues have also been planned with far-sightedness and opportunistic strategies that will unleash piles of excellent projects in the vicinity of Park View City. The master plan of Park View City has been headed by one of the real estate tycoons, Mr. Abdul Aleem khan. This man has ever-lasting experience in this field along with philanthropy.

The contribution of the Vision group in uplifting each building, every aspect related to this project has upgraded the standards of this housing project among its competitors. The master planner of Park view city has registered a vast area of land to allocate residential and commercial plots. The plot sizes have multi-domain perspectives and have a large variety to suit the requirements of clients. The major throwback in selecting properties is that it will give you options of land pieces that you can’t avail yourself of in any other housing project.

Furthermore, there are suitable apartments which are fully equipped with all the facilities of life. There are 6 to 8 Marla apartment options with elite-class luxuries of life. The cherry on the cake is that the whole housing society has furnished with street lights, well-carpeted roads, posh green belts, a clean seeped environment, and an enormous number of other utilities. 

Facilities and amenities at Park View City Islamabad:

An exceptional housing society with admiring facilities is anxiously waiting for its privileged residents with all its grandeur and enticing views. The sectors of Park view City have furnished innovative perspectives regarding the functionality of facilities and high-end lifestyle. We have precisely mentioned the basic yet luxurious facilities dispensed to the residents of Park view city Islamabad.

Educational facilities:

The best sector to live in anywhere in the world is to have easy access to education and literacy. The developers of Park View City have noticed this fact cautiously and have opened some of the prestigious institutes in its vicinity. Furthermore, the location of Park view City also makes the renowned educational institute of Pakistan accessible from this City. The inauguration of the various school system with high standards of the educational system has also taught within the society. The opening of branches of quality institutes is one of our motives.

Medical facilities:

Providing medical assistance and emergency in elite class housing societies like Park View city is also necessary. Luckily, the planners of this City have accomplished this task vigilantly. A mega-hospital will construct in the center of the residential project with all the high-standard medical facilities. There are small clinics and hospitals at an accessible distance from each block.

Mosque, zoo, cinema, gym, and other miscellaneous facilities:

Whether it is religious activities or entertainment, you will find all the requisites of life at this place. A large mosque has been planned to build in the center of park view city. The availability of shopping centers, shops, cinemas, commutative walking zones, clean carpeted roads, and all other requirements of an excellent housing society will be there in this housing project.

Water, gas, electricity, and sanitation:

The pre-requisites of life revolves around these essential utilities as life without them is impossible in this era. Hence, park view city has introduced the zones with no worries of load shedding, and there is the availability of 24/7 electricity supply. As far as the supply of gas, water and Wi-Fi has concerned, overseas blocks have free access to all these facilities. Other blocks of the housing society also have the provision of all essential utilities with 24 hours availability. Isn’t it feel like a paradise in the heart of Islamabad where you can build your house and enjoy all these facilities?

Blocks of Park View City Islamabad:

The blocks of Park View City have been categorized alphabetically with critical architectural designs and international building standards. The blocks of park view city Islamabad have also been restricted according to the nationality basis of residents. For instance, there is a especially reserved block for overseas Pakistanis. Moreover, the residential plots have been placed inside various blocks depending upon their sizes.

3.5 Marla plot:

Block K of Park View City has specified the allocation of 3.5 Marla plots. The investor can book the plot by paying a 20% down payment, and then the remaining amount will pay in either installment or at once. It is directly correlated with the feasibility of the investor.    

5 Marla plots:

The builders of Park View City have unlocked many dimensions of installment plans for its privileged customers. The installment plan can extend up to 3 years in the case of an overseas citizen of Pakistan. The booking process of 5 Marla plot initiates by paying the 10% down payment. It will directly make the investor the worthy owner of that plot.

7 Marla plot:

The H block of Park View City has occupied plots having sizes of 7 Marla. This block is the perfect amalgamation of modern urban and conventional living styles with some well-sustainable development.

8 Marla:

Here comes the most favorite and hot choice of modern families. In the present generation, 8 Marla plots are allocated in the J block, and the size ranges between 30*60.

10 Marla:

The allocation of this plot has been placed in various blocks, including the overseas block and the commercial properties, as the size is considerably large. Moreover, the booking procedure of this plot is also convenient and accessible for desired investors.

1-2 Kanal plots:

The placement of these huge plots is the ultimate goal for everyone admiring to built a massive house for their family. These properties are also suitable for many other purposes, including the construction of farms and bungalows. The high and elite class building will easily construct on this vast area of land. The booking of these magnificent land pieces initiates by paying the down payment and owning these lands.  

Location of Park View City Islamabad:

In our opinion, Park view city, Islamabad, has conquered all the mesmerizing features regarding a good quality location. It is one of the most highlighting factors while deciding the area for your residency. We all know that property or construction revolves around the predisposing factor of a piece of land occupied by a particular area of land. Park view city’s Islamabad location is one of the most wanted features that make every homemaker opt for this housing project. The enthralling view of Margalla hills, along with favorable weather conditions of Islamabad and a friendly, clean environment, will make you feel contented and satisfied after getting your plot booked at this location. The three major roads leading to this majestic housing society will make it one of the accessible societies in this area. The residential project of PVC lies nearby of Islamabad zoo and botanical garden.

Moreover, the adjacent housing societies are also elite class, including the Bahria enclave and Park enclave, commissioned through CDA. The other accessible points include Chakshahzad and Bani Gala; the approachable roads from Park view city include the Kashmir highway and Islamabad High way. The motorway terminal is also a few kilometers away from this housing project. The society is also deemed with various approachable gates to make the access convenient to your block. Another essential road is known as Kurri road, which also reaches through Malot road to this project. The potential benefit of these roads going to park view city is that these roads are spacious enough with more than 100 feet in width. The good news related to roads leading to Park view City is that these roads will get extended up to 200 meters more spacious boulevards. It has been acclaimed by the Capital Developmental authority that these roads will get a mesmerizing extension.

Park voew city Master plan 2022

Commercial plots:

The project of park view city has offered its worthy clients high standards of commercial plot, which will serve them for accomplishing their iconic tasks. The sizes range from 3.5 Marla to 2 Kanal. It relates to the demand of the client and the requirement of the building unit. The major throwback in purchasing the commercial plot in this beautiful residential project will satisfy your desires. The top-quality location and accessible developmental work will fulfill your requirements regarding your commercial project

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