Prime Valley Islamabad is an upcoming housing project in the outskirts of Islamabad. This housing project officially comes under the domain of government’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme after Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The only purpose of this project is to provide world class housing facilities at affordable rates. No one can question its legality, as it comes under the government’s domain.

Prime Valley Islamabad Housing Project

Owners and Developers of Prime Valley Islamabad

This housing project is one of the main initiatives by the government of Pakistan. Apart from that, the CEO of this housing project is Abdul Majid, who has worked in medical business previously. Furthermore, the developers of this housing project want to make it a spectacular housing society in the twin cities. Moreover, they have hired a team of dedicated professionals working on the master plan for this housing project.

Location and Map of Prime Valley Islamabad

The real estate investors always look for a better location before making any investment in a housing project. The Prime Valley lie in the proximity of twin cities, which makes it a suitable investment opportunity for real estate investors from twin cities. It has an ideal location at Moza Sehal right near to Capital Valley Islamabad. Other popular places near to this housing project are M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, Islamabad International Airport, and Capital Valley. It would be easily accessible for people to reach to this housing project, without any difficulty.

location map

NOC status of Prime Valley Islamabad

It is important for real estate investor to make sure that the project, where they plan to invest has a valid NOC. The NOC guarantees that the project is legal, which further increases the trust and confidence of investors. Prime Valley Islamabad has got the NOC approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority in Rawalpindi. The NOC approval removes all the legal hurdles from the development of this housing project. Furthermore, the investors and future residents of this housing project would not have to worry about its credentials.

Payment Plan of Prime Valley Islamabad

The owners of this housing project have prepared an affordable payment plan of this housing project. The payment plan is available as per the yearly installment plans for the ease of investors. The only purpose of developers is to provide low-cost housing facilities to their investors. So, investors irrespective of their bank balance can easily invest in this housing project. As of now, the plots are available for booking 10% down payment.

Payment plan and plot prices 2022

Master Plan of Prime Valley Islamabad

This designers of this housing project are working at its masterplan. As per the sources, it spreads over more 3500 Kanals of Land. It is then further divided into different sectors for residential and commercial plots. The sizes of the plots ranges lies around 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 2 Kanal. The developers are planning to develop an overseas sector for the overseas Pakistani investors. Many of the plots would be available at reasonable rates, so that they are sold in huge number.

Prime Valley Islamabad Master Plan 2022

Features of Prime Valley Islamabad

It is important for the developers of a housing project to develop several world class features for the comfort of residents. No housing project is complete without proper features.  Some of the most appealing features of this project are as following.

Health and Educational Institutions

The developers of this housing project have planned to establish world class educational and health institutions of this housing project. The sole purpose of such planning is to fulfill the health and educational needs of the residents. The educational institutions would have foreign educated staff to promote quality education. Even, the residents who don’t live in Prime Valley would be allowed to study in those institutions. Furthermore, the developers have also planned to develop several hospitals and clinics with 24/7 emergency. The health institution would have world class technology for the ease of their patients.

Grand Mosque

Fulfilling religious needs is an important part of a human life. So, the developers of Prime Valley would construct a huge mosque, where the residents would be able to fulfil their religious needs. The mosque would have world class architecture, and beautiful gardens that would add more  beauty to the entire housing project. The mosque would have a huge inner space, where there would not be any rush. The worshippers would not have any difficulty while praying in the mosque.

Commercial Sector

The developers of this housing project have planned to dedicate a separate sector for commercial projects. That sector would have world class shopping complexes, corporate offices, and retail store, where the residents would be able to fulfil their shopping needs. Not only residents, even the outsiders would have the facility to fulfil their shopping needs or start a business in this sector.

Fully Gated Community

Security is an essential part of any housing project, as it guarantees the comfort of residents. Any individuals prioritizes his security more than anything else. So, the developers of this housing project are planning to install 24/7 CCTV cameras, and other surveillance gears to monitor the activities within the housing project. Furthermore, such security measure would also be helpful in avoiding any kind of crime. Every sector would have armed security guards patrolling to ensure that now criminal activity takes place.

Eco friendly Environment

The designers of this housing project aim to make it an environment friendly project. They are following urban town planning guidelines to provide an eco-friendly environment to the residents. There would be huge botanical gardens, tree plantations, and green parks to promote sustainable lifestyle. The purpose behind such measure is also to beautify the entire housing project.

Advantages and Disadvantage


  • Affordable Payment Plan
  • Efficient security measures
  • Eco friendly environment

Disadvantages of Prime Valley Islamabad

  • Huge perception of plot rates
  • Slow construction process

Why Should You Invest in Prime Valley Islamabad?

One of the biggest reasons to invest in this housing project is the world class housing facilities available at low cost. The developers of this housing project have made sure that the investors don’t have any issue of money. Above all, they aim to provide the best housing at lesser rates. The investors would be able to make their dream home at lesser rates due to yearly installment plan. Another reason for investing in this housing project is its ideal location, as it is only few minutes away from Islamabad International Airport. It is also near to some other popular housing projects like Capital Smart City, Blue World City, and Nova City. The only advantage of this project is that it has a governmental support. So, the investors would also not have to face any legal complication for investing in this housing project.


It can be concluded that Prime Valley Islamabad aims to provide affordable housing facilities. The investors would be able to have luxurious facilities at reasonable rates. It has a potential to completely transform the real estate sector in the twin cities. Irrespective of the financial condition, the real estate investor from every background can easily invest in this project. Now, is the best time for investment, as the plots are available at affordable rates. The prices would increase after the completion of this housing project. For more details about investing in this housing project, the investors must visit the office of Property Saga website. We have a team of experienced real estate agents, who would discuss about the files of this project in detail.

FAQs of Prime Valley Islamabad

Q1. What  is Prime Valley Islamabad?

It is an upcoming housing project in Islamabad that lies under the banner of Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Q2: Who own Prime Valley Islamabad?

This project is officially the brainchild of government, as per their Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. Abdul Wajid acts as a CEO of this housing project.

Q3: Where is Prime Valley Islamabad located?

This housing project is locatable at the Moza Sehal, only few mile away from Blue World City.

Q4. Is Prime Valley Islamabad legal?

Yes, the owners of this have received the NOC approval from TMA Rawalpindi.

Q5. Is Prime Valley Islamabad affordable?

Yes, as per the payment plan, the plots are available at affordable rates with yearly installment plans.

Q6. Is Prime Valley Islamabad worthy of investment?

Yes, because the payment plan of this project not only guarantees affordable plots but also a huge return on investment.

Q7. How to book a plot in Prime Valley Islamabad?

Property Saga helps you to book a plot in this housing project