Prism Town Gujar Khan is an upcoming housing venture in Gujar Khan, which aims to offer first ever modern housing facilities in the city. The main purpose of this venture is to transform the residential lifestyle of the citizens of Gujar Khan. The location of this project makes it one of the most unique housing project in the entire city. It would facilitate domestic and overseas real estate investors. The state-of-the-art facilities of this project makes it an ideal destination for investment.

Owners & Developers of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Prism estate and builders are the notable builders behind this real estate venture. This firm has an experience of delivering successful projects for more than a decade in construction sector. They have delivered some best real estate project before, hence gaining huge confidence by their customers. The company comprises of a talented pool on engineers and designers, who are famous for delivering quality projects. They have a historical record of excellent work performance for their investors.

NOC Status of Prism Town Gujar Khan

It is important for any real estate project to have an authentic No Objection Certificate(NOC), as it eliminates all type of legal hurdles. An authentic NOC guarantees that there is no scam, and the project is legal. Moreover, it is also helpful in gaining confidence of the real estate investors. The developers of this housing project have got the NOC approval from Tehsil Municipal Authority, Gujar Khan. However, the prices of the plots would no increase more, as the project successfully got the legal status.

Location & Map of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The location is some of the most significant factor that the real estate investors always prefer, when making any real estate investment. It also showcases the overall beauty of the entire project. Prism Town has an ideal location at GT Road, which is only 3 Km adjacent to Al Manan Marriage Hall. Another prominent housing project known as New Metro City Gujar Khan is only few hours away from this project.

location map

Payment Plans of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The developers have just released a payment plan of this housing venture, which shows that plots are available at discounted rates. But the prices would increase further, especially after the recent NOC approval of this housing project. As per the payment plan, there would be around 12 quarterly installment option, so that investors don’t face any problem while investing. It would necessary for the investors to pay a down payment to begin the investment process.

Prism Town Gujar Khan payment plan

Master Plan of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The designers of this housing project have just released a Masterplan, which shows that this project has some of the most world class features. It also shows that there would be different sizes of plots available for booking. Some of the details of plots are as following:

 master plan

Residential Plots of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The entire housing project comprises of various residential plots with high quality facilities. The developers are working on such plots to cater to the residential needs of its investors. The residents would have a quality lifestyle in residential plots, with all kind of basic commodities. Some of the sizes of residential plots are as following:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The developers of this project have also planned to develop commercial plots, where the investors would be able to make a fortune for themselves. The commercial plots would mainly comprise of corporate offices, or startup businesses, which would offer lucrative profit in return. Such plots would have world class infrastructure, and the investors would feel, as if they are in some foreign country. They have a huge potential to generate significant number of investments, as it be helpful in business growth. Some of the sizes of commercial plots are as following:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development Status of Prism Town Gujar Khan

The development work of this housing venture is taking place at a faster pace. The owners have already allowed the potential investors to visit the site. Such visit would ensure that the investors would see each an everything with their own eyes. Such step would help in gaining more confidence and satisfaction by the investors. The designers of this project are going to following the international standard of town planning. They are also working hard to ensure that the entire project is ecofriendly with less waste. Such steps are very important to provide high quality and sustainable living lifestyle to the residents.

Important Features

It is important for any housing project to have some world class features. Those features then captivate the real estate investors, who are willing to pour their money into the housing project. Prism City Gujar Khan has following features:

Environment friendly project

As climate change has risen in past few years. So, the developers of this housing project are making sure that the residents do not face any harmful effects of that. So, they have planned to establish huge green space i.e. Green Parks, or Botanical Garden to ensure an ecofriendly environment. Those green projects would add more charm to the entire housing project similar to the Avalon City.

Efficient Security System

Security is one of the most important aspects in any housing project, as it guarantees safety of residents. The developers of this housing project would also cater to the safety needs of residents by constructing huge boundary wall around. Furthermore, there would be several CCTV cameras in different sectors. The developers would also deploy armed security guards to ensure that no criminal activity takes place. There would also be a huge surveillance gear at the entrance point that would keep a deep check on the one entering into the housing premises.

Basic Necessities

The project developers are making sure that the residents have all type basic necessities like Gas, Water, and Electricity on 24/7 basis. Such necessities would not only provide comfort but also enhance the lifestyle of residents. They would be available at reasonable rates, so that the residents perform their daily chores.

Commercial Center

The developers have planned to dedicate a huge land area for the development of commercial center. There would be huge shopping mall, corporate offices, and retail stores in those areas. The purpose of having a commercial center is to provide lucrative opportunities to the residents. They would also add a significant value to the entire housing project.

World class Infrastructure

The world class infrastructure of the entire housing project would guarantee huge profit in longer term. It would also give a glimpse of entire project, as some sort of international city.

Pros & Cons of Prism Town Gujar Khan


  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Green Areas
  • Perfect Location


  • Huge plots perception
  • Slow Development work

Why Invest in Prism Town Gujar Khan?

There are abundant of reasons, which make Prism Town a best investment choice in Gujar Khan. One of them is its unique infrastructure with world class infrastructure. Its location is quite near to the central city, which makes it a suitable investment option. Another huge reason to invest in this housing project is its affordable payment plan. The payment plan shows that every type of investor would be able to purchase a plot in this housing project. The residents would be able to have access to all type of lavish facilities. Now, is the best time to invest in this housing project, as this project is at its pre-launch phase.


Prism Town Gujar Khan is here to provide state of the art lifestyle at reasonable rates. The developers are aiming to create a sustainable lifestyle are reasonable rates. The ideal location of this project shows that it is going to be a beautiful project, with the best infrastructure in the city. Furthermore, the installment plans of this housing project also indicates an easy buying procedure of this housing project. For more information, you may reach out to the representatives of Property Saga.

FAQs of Prism Town Gujar Khan

Q1. What is Prism Town Gujar Khan?

It is an under-construction housing venture, with an aim to transform residential lifestyle in Gujar Khan.

Q2. What is it situated?

The entire housing project is situated at GT Road, which is around 3KM away from Gujar Khan.

Q3. Who are the owners of this housing venture?

The owners of this magnificent housing venture are Prism estate and builders.

Q4. Can one afford the plots easily?

Yes, the payment plan of this project shows that the plots would be available for booking at inexpensive rates.

Q5. What are the sizes of plots?

The sizes of residential plots range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal, while the commercial plots sizes range from 3 Marla, to 5 Marla.

Q6. Does it ensure environmental sustainability?

Yes, the developers of this housing venture are developing huge green parks and garden for environmental sustainability.