The exploration of Rawalpindi will stop you at a mesmerizing housing project known as Rudn Enclave, a remarkably gorgeous residential scheme and modern architectural formula. The area covered under this prestigious project is approximately ten thousand Kanal and constructed by renowned Rmrsco Pvt. Ltd. The developers of this fabulous housing project have dived in the real estate sector with an innovative objective to address the inclining population of Pakistan. The constructors have intended to manufacture strategically and sustainably a housing scheme comprising affordable residential projects. The society has been adorned with luxurious and modern facilities and amenities.

Another tinge added in the worthy collection of RUDN ENCLAVE features is the collaborative work of this project with an international icon of the real estate sector known as NESPAK. It’s abbreviated as National engineering services Pakistan and has earned global recognition at the real estate forum. The contract between the two parties has signed in January 2020 and will remain intact and functional for 24 months. The complementary addition of this consultancy firm in the family of RUDN ENCLAVE will bestow this project as a special place among other residential projects constructed in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

If we come forward about the inspection of Rawalpindi for living, then it’s a decent place with a sky-flaking pile of opportunities. Although many residential projects are launched in twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi, RUDN ENCLAVE holds its charisma that spells bounds the investors with its perceptible facets. The historical domains of the city are also classy and have opened up gates for a massive number of residents.


Location is one of the most highlighted facets while booking a plot for your future generation in a colony. The accessible distance of RUDN ENCLAVE towards an eminent portion of the city makes it a perfect place to live. The position assigned for constructing this significant residential project holds the area right in the center of Adiala road. The terminal of New Islamabad International Airport and M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway is also lying adjacent to RUDN ENCLAVE.

 The placement of Jarar camp in the vicinity of this society also makes it an enticing locality for the residents. The Islamabad farmhouse also lies at a near approachable distance of 9 kilometers from RUDN ENCLAVE. The CPEC route is also one of the nearest industrial sector routes that will make the residents free from any hustle. The amusements place like Khalsa Dam and java Dam are also close to RUDN ENCLAVE, which is the best place for your weekend. The following areas are approachable from RUDN ENCLAVE:

  • The termination of Grand trunk road, national highway lies at a drive of 40 min.
  • It holds the core region of Twin cities along with Islamabad International Airport.
  • The drive of 40 min will make you reach the Saddar area of Rawalpindi.
  • Another famous highway of Rawat-Chakbell Road is also within reach of this iconic society.

The societies covering the adjacent surrounding Rudn enclave include Bahria Town and DHA phase II, all posh colonies of Rawalpindi.


Rudn enclave is a majestic project encompassing the collaborative effort of UDPL and Rmrsco Pvt. Ltd. The owner and CEO of the project, known as Rahim Ud Din Naeem, has noble intentions of providing an upper living experience to the inhabitants of this residential scheme.

The outclass efforts of UPDL, which is a famous yet trustworthy construction company of the real estate world of Pakistan, are evident in the form of various accomplished projects. They have joined hands in uplifting the stalwart pillars of the RUDN enclave recently and with a wide-angle construction strategy. The fast-forward establishment of this iconic plan is possible with the joint efforts of both companies.

The professional and highly trained engineers, contractors, and labor team will recognize the residential scheme on national and international platforms. The efforts incorporated in doing the project distinguished from all other residential Systems is their dedicated team and honest working regimes. Hence, Rudn Enclave is going to inaugurate golden opportunities for its investors with high-end facilities and utilities.

RMRSCO has ranked as the 5th most significant company of construction that will make them enlighten the future project of RUDN ENCLAVE. The masters of real estate had laid the foundations of RMRSCO in 2017. They have a wide variety of town planning, engineering, town planning, maintenance, and operations.  The manufacturers of the RUDN enclave had set their exemplary work by working on massive platforms and earning experience in the construction sector.

The project owners have acclaimed that the area of 10,000 kanals will extend up to 14,000 Kanal shortly to meet the demand of plots.

Rudn Enclave NOC:

The matter of the No Objection Certificate in the case of Rudn enclave has reached its terminal spot. The significant steps in getting permission from the government officials before constructing any housing project have almost been completed. RUDN enclave will fetch the highest authorized certificate from RDA( Rawalpindi Development Authority) that will not only mollify the owning parties but also relive the investors at the time of investment.

RDA has declared RUDN ENCLAVE NOC. Given this, the investors are showing an extremely positive attitude towards this incredible forum of real estate projects that will unlock significant market values in the future.

Why opt for RUDN ENCLAVE?

It has ranked as the no.1 choice among real estate projects of twin cities. It has maintained its position as the potential source of extracting an excellent residential property for investors. Most people looking forward to getting their homes built near Islamabad International Airport and on the main road of Adyala have opted for this housing scheme to fulfill their future dreams.

Areas of facilities at RUDN ENCLAVE:

Although the extensive area of RUDN ENCLAVE has already been checked for various considerable aspects, it includes the salinity, soil density, pressure tolerance, and many other substantial factors before construction. Moving forward, after critical analysis of land, the constructors have furnished the residents with innovative strategies and clarified engineering tactics.

The provision of contemporary utilities and facilities on this reliable land of RUDN ENCLAVE will reach their worthy residents efficiently. The highly defensive and secured area of RUDN ENCLAVE has also been employed as one of the triggering factors for most investors. The high alert safety and the closed atmosphere are simply an invocation in disguise for the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and people looking forward to living in these twin cities. Following are an eminent and enticing bundle of facilities penetrated in the boundary of RUDN ENCLAVE and have delivered to its residents with commitment and tireless efforts of developers. These amenities include:

  • Extensive carpeted roads- A vast network of stalwart roads and well-developed infrastructure in RUDN ENCLAVE has portrayed a true reflection of a developed society. The road network is an essential commodity for traveling and holds its importance in any residential colony. The RUDN ENCLAVE has laid down such a beautiful network of roads for the convenient locomotion of its residents.
  • Parks for the residents-The eco-friendly environment will vitalize the physical and mental conditions of the residents. Keeping in view this aspect, the developers of RUDN ENCLAVE have build up various amusement and greenery parks for the visits of their inhabitants. These parks will serve as the premium place for families, children, and other visitors to spend their leisure moments and enjoy quality time with their beloved ones.
  • Grand Jamia Mosque- the religious ritual is compulsory to fulfill on Islamic lands, especially the offering of prayers five times a day. Hence, RUDN ENCLAVE has planned to establish a traditional yet spacious grand Jamia mosque to provide prayerful people. The construction of small mosques in various blocks of the residential project has also been planned, and it will furnish the residents with mosques at a bit of distance from their homes. 
  • Health/educational facilities- health and educational facilities have been marked as a crucial aspect of a housing society. Especially the importance of health and the medical sector can’t be taken for granted as it has to be prioritized. The RUDN ENCLAVE has introduced one of the most innovative medical facilities that rank unparalleled to other housing projects. The health-keeping amenities of this residential project will present themselves as an example in serving the inhabitants. The medical facilities have incorporated 24/7 emergency ambulance service. The medical staff recruited for these facilities are highly qualified and professional with top-rated treatments and machinery.

As far as the educational facilities are concerned, the developers have also penetrated some outstanding school systems in the vicinity for primary and secondary education. For higher studies, sub-campuses of various universities will also enroot towards RUDN ENCLAVE.

  • Security- the assurance of a highly secured environment has been maintained with a large team of security guards at each entrance and exit point. Furthermore, CCTV camera installation has also been employed to prevent the residents from any extremist and destructive activity.
  • Sports clubs and gyms- the residents of RUDN ENCLAVE will also enjoy the gyms and sports club with an elite class swimming pool, clean sweep golf grounds, basketball lounge, and many more. The high-standard setup of gyms with all the accessories and gym equipment will uplift your lifestyle after coming to RUDN ENCLAVE.
  • Commercial markets and business hub- supermarkets encompassing all the necessities of life with food court and branded shops have also been incorporated in the Rudn enclave master plan.
  • Various facilities- other compulsory facilities consolidated in rudn enclave map focuses on:
  • Underground wiring of electricity, gas, and water sanitation
  • Proper System for disposal of garbage and management.
  • Ensure the installation of street lights.
  • Provision of clean drinking water.
  • Play areas for kids and recreational parks for adults.

Rudn enclave payment plan:

H Block Payment Plan:

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Payment Plan:

Residential Plots:

Commercial Plots:

The payment plan of Rudn enclave is affordable enough, as compared to other housing projects. The investors exploring plots in some well-designed and established housing society and reasonable payment should stop their process at Rudn enclave. Another reason for opting for this society is the high future potential of returning lands in this housing project. The developers of Rudn enclave have categorized the ground into various plot sizes depending upon their sizes. Following division have allocated at residential plots for sale in rudn enclave:

  • 5 Marla plot
  • 7 Marla plot
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 1 kanal plot

Besides these plot sizes, land and entirely constructed farmhouses are also available shortly. Apartments, shops, and commercial units have also been planned.

The plots allocated for farmhouses have giant sizes of 4 Kanal and eight Kanal.

The investors and homemakers will also avail themselves of the opportunity of apartments with furnishing facilities soon.

The pre-launch prices of the plot in the executive block have enlisted below:

  • The cost of 7 Marla plots is 1,800,000/- comprising the down payment of 360,000/-.
  • The pre-launch rate of 10 Marla plots is approximately 2,370,000, and the down payment of 4,74,000 will pay at the time of booking.
  • The rate of 1 Kanal plot is 3,950,000/-. The processing calibrates with a down payment of 790,000/-.

The feasible and utilizable installment plan of 48 months or three years is also available for people planning to get their hands on an installment basis.

Residential plots’ prices start from 1,200,000 per Marla and terminate at approximately 3,528,000/- for one Kanal. The exact details related to costs confirms after the launch, and competent real estate agents of Master real estate will also negotiate clearly about the matter of payment plan in the Rudn enclave. The criteria of payments regarding the commercial plots will tend to alter along with the launch of this prestigious project. But an estimate about the payment plan of RUDN ENCLAVE will assist you in arranging your amount and finalizing your plot in this no. 1 housing society of twin cities.

Final talk:

The desire of homemakers to live in the heart of Rawalpindi accomplishes through the Rudn enclave. It is the preferable decision to take while looking for residential and commercial plots in twin cities. The properties available in the rudn enclave are worthy enough that they will serve your descendants.



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