Silver City Islamabad: A collaborated project of two pioneers of the real estate sector has launched recently in the twin cities of Pakistan, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. A mesmerizing housing society adorned with elite class facilities in the heart of the capital city of Pakistan is anxiously waiting for your plot booking! Here comes the Silver City Islamabad, one of Islamabad’s iconic and leading projects; it is ultimately approved and situated at Girja road adjacent to the Thalian interchange. The project is fully registered with the Rawalpindi development authority and launched by the SAREMCO group and Laraib Associate Developers (PVT) Limited. 

This housing society is the ultimate landmark to fulfill your dreams and meets the demand of modern housing strategies. The project enables the residents to enjoy a high prolific serene, and eco-friendly environment along with the eye-captivating view of beautiful Margalla hills. The master plan of Silver city Islamabad has incorporated some ultra-modern and luxurious facilities that will make the housing project one of the best options to avail in 2022.


Silver city Islamabad


NOC Status

When it comes to purchasing lands and plots, NOC and registering with the corresponding development authority is a crucial aspect to consider. Silver city Islamabad meets all the criteria of registration and has authorized NOC issued from RDA. The opportunities for property development in registered projects like Silver City Islamabad is far higher than the unregistered housing colonies.

The issuance of NOC from RDA has been accomplished in full swing, and each plot available in Silver City Islamabad is registered with RDA, and you can purchase it confidently and build your dream house.  The investor can also check the NOC approval status from the official website of RDA. It will prove that RDA has actively registered and approved all the land owned under the silver city Islamabad. 

Developers and Owners

Silver City Islamabad has gained popularity in the real estate universe in a short tenure due to its owners and developers. It is a combined project of SAREMCO Group and Laraib Associate and developers. The characteristics of affordability and luxury have been instilled in this project in a more balanced way. The significant aspect that enlightens this project is its owners’ trustworthiness and marvelous work delivered to the real estate sector. 

Laraib Associates and developers Pvt limited are well-renowned construction companies of Pakistan that have constructed exemplary residential projects that meet all the levels of customer satisfaction. 

Besides completing construction projects, the developer companies have also earned experience in diverse sectors. For instance, they have developed hydropower projects for the Pakistani government. The multi-dimensional companies that have served in various fields are the gems of the real estate industry of Pakistan. Laraib groups have established a project of 84MW of hydroelectric power generation mega project in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. 

Map and location

Location is a powerful tool to decide the destiny of a real estate project. Silver city Islamabad has won the hearts of investors in terms of its location and map. It has accommodated one of the posh locations of twin cities of Islamabad, on Girja road near the Thalian interchange. 

location map

The golden features of the location mentioned below concerning its surrounding landmarks have sparkled the area of Silver City Islamabad:

  • New Islamabad airport is located at a distance of 10 minutes drive from Silver city Islamabad. 
  • Quaid-e-Azam hospital, situated in Peshawar, is approximately 12 kilometers away from this housing project. 
  • There is a direct association between Silver City Islamabad and the grand boulevard of Rawalpindi that is Ring road. 

In addition to this, all the renowned residential project such as Upcountry enclosure and CBR phase 2 also lies within walking distance from this project. 

Following landmarks are approachable from Silver city Islamabad and makes its magnificent project as compared to other real estate projects:

  • The terminal of the M-1 motorway is approximately 12 minutes away from the residential colony.
  • There is almost 31 minutes driving distance from Rawalpindi-Kohat road
  • Srinagar highway lies approximately 31 minutes from silver city Islamabad. 

Silver City Islamabad residential scheme has inculcated a distinct aspect of being surrounded by these iconic housing societies:

  1. Blue world Islamabad
  2. Capital Smart city
  3. Qurtaba City
  4. Nova City
  5. Top City 1

To enjoy the matchless experience of high living standards, you must opt for an option that has good neighboring societies such as Silver city Islamabad. 

Master Plan

The ultimate goal of the no.1 housing scheme is to become the embodiment of fine architectural art, dispense a premium quality environment to its residents and equip the project with a wholesome planning strategy. However, the master plan of the silver city housing scheme in Islamabad has conquered the battle of fulfilling all the highlighted features of the standard housing project. The master plan of this project has been supplemented with all the demanded amnesties of the advanced 21st century, and it is ready to be acted upon. The master plan of Silver city has been embellished with access towards an 80-foot wide Main boulevard that encircles it. 

master plan

Sectors of Silver City Islamabad:

The housing society has dimensioned into three sectors:

  • Sector A
  • Sector B
  • Sector C

The residential plots available for sale in Silver city housing scheme Rawalpindi have enlisted below:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 10 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 4 Marla

The master plan of the silver city Rawalpindi housing scheme is versatile because the master planner has incorporated all plot sizes. The residential project has offered the plots to investors belonging to any class of the society. 

In addition to residential plots, commercial plots have also been included in this project. The sizes of commercial properties available in the Silver city housing scheme are as follows:

  • 4 Marla plot
  • 3 Marla plot

Silver city Payment Plan

The crucial facet regarding the purchase and development of properties revolves around the payment plan of that particular project. The silver city has offered highly affordable prices for their investors to avail. The provision of an installment plan has also assisted in alleviating the worry of a one-time payment. The shorter chunks of cash are to pay than a one-time payment. The owners of this housing scheme have penetrated careful contemplation of this matter and have launched affordable and budget-friendly investment options in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. 

A deep insight into the payment plan of residential plots available in the Silver city housing scheme Rawalpindi have discussed over here:

  • 5 Marla plot = 2,000,000
  • 10 Marla plot = 3,600,000
  • 1 Kanal plot = 7,000,000
silver city payment plan

Amenities and Facilities

If you are genuinely looking for a combination of affordability and all modern amenities, then the Silver City housing scheme Rawalpindi is the best option to select. The wholesome features of this enthralling housing project have been exhibited as a component of contemporary palatial housing colonies. 

The core objective of the developers is to furnish the residents with a healthy, affluent lifestyle and environment. The establishment of parks in a large area of society has also been kept in focus to fulfill the eco-friendly vicinity. It has maintained all the luxurious facilities with affordable rates and has eased the investors. A huge theme park has also planned to be constructed inside the project. It will allow the elders and children to head towards this fantastic park and spend leisure time with their families and friends. 

The exceptional facilities that depict the real state-of-art of top-notch residential colonies are available in Silver City housing scheme Rawalpindi and have been mentioned below:

Construction of Grand Mosque:

The accomplishment of religious obligation with high convenience in close vicinity of your residence, a grand mosque has been introduced in the center of the Silver City housing scheme Rawalpindi/Islamabad. The housing society is determined to furnish its residents with the highly facilitated grand mosque. Innovative technology has been incorporated in the mosque with sensors and elite class utilities. 

Eco-friendly environment:

The development regime followed in the Silver city housing scheme RWL/ISB is in close coherence with health and the natural environment. It will provide the residents with the unique experience of a high standard of life. It has devoted a significant portion to greenery and parks to introduce clean nature-friendly surroundings for the residents. 

Medical facilities:

The residential project provided with health facilities is matchless as they will cater all the health facilities to the residents. Silver housing scheme Rawalpindi/ Islamabad has incorporated international standards hospital and clinic facilities that will provide the afflicted individuals with premium medical facilities. Furthermore, an emergency ward with swift ambulatory service will serve the residents in emergent times. 

Availability of graveyard facility:

Death and life are two eternal realities of this world. Every individual has to meet their creator at the termination of this worldly life. The graveyard is one of the crucial components of any society. The residents of Silver City housing scheme Rawalpindi/Islamabad have been provided with graveyard facilities for its occupants. The residents can opt that either they bury their loved ones in the graveyard available in the society or somewhere else. The added benefit of burying your loved ones in the housing colony graveyard is that you can visit their graves often. 

24/7 electricity, water, and gas facility:

The Silver city housing Scheme Rawalpindi/Islamabad has dispensed all life’s essential utilities with guaranteed supply. Water reservoirs have also been constructed to ensure no shortage of water. Filtered potable drinking water is also available with easy access inside the society. 

High alert security:

Security of your housing vicinity is one of the Silver City housing scheme priorities RWL/ISB. It is a gated community with high alert security maintained in its boundary wall. Furthermore, the installation of a security camera along with the recruitment of a security team has also assured to provide the residents a secured environment. The provision of inclusive security to the inhabitants with complete transparency is a golden feature of the silver city housing scheme. 

First-class road infra-structure:

Roads are the medium of transport communication. Therefore the developers have developed a high-class infrastructure of roads inside the housing project. The beautiful network of carpeted roads has been laid down that will facilitate the residents in reaching their destination.  

The community center and sports complex:

The residents will be active socially and physically with these well-established community and sports complexes. A social forum like a community center will allow the residents to participate and actively work in social work. 

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of the iconic project of Silver city housing scheme Rawalpindi/Islamabad have mentioned below:


  • High secured society
  • 24/7 Electricity, water, and gas
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Markets/Grocery/shopping center
  • Serene, healthy and eco-friendly environment
  • The location of the community is very close to major landmarks of the city
  • Carpeted roads, streets, lanes, walking allays for pedestrians.
  • Properly organized waste disposal systems
  • Arrangements of clean, green parks with high innovation and sustainability. 
  • Established recreational arenas and theme parks
  • Availability of water reservoirs for coping up with water shortage


There is nothing perfect in this world. Hence there are minute cons of this housing society that requires consideration. A few cons are mentioned below:

  • The plot rates seem a bit higher, but after comparing it with the remaining market of Islamabad, the investor will conclude that it’s the appropriate option regarding investment.
  • The problem of electricity, water, and gas supply shortage has prevailed in all the housing units of Pakistan, and so in this one. But the developers have tried to cope with this issue.

Final Outcome

The targeted objective of this remarkable housing society is to provide the investors with world-class standards of lifestyle. The prime feature of the silver city housing scheme is to furnish the inhabitants with affordability, supreme location, and elite facilities under one roof of silver city. Hence, it is also one of the highest recommendations of Property Saga , so it is one of the no. 1 choices of investors. 


Q1: What is Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad?

Ans: Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is an arising private undertaking in Islamabad.

Q2: Where is Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad found?

Ans: Silver City Housing Scheme is situated close to Girja Road nearby Thalian Interchange.

Q3: Is the Silver City Housing Scheme lawful?

Ans: The NOC of the Silver City Housing Scheme Islamabad is endorsed by the RDA.

Q4: Who are the designers of the Silver City Housing Scheme?

Ans: Silver City Housing Scheme is an undertaking by Laraib Associates and Developers Private Limited and SAREMCO Group.

Q5: What sort of properties are accessible in Silver City Housing Scheme?

Ans: Silver City Housing Scheme offers private and business plots at reasonable rates.

Q6: What sizes of private plots are accessible in the Silver City Housing Scheme?

Ans: The private society offers private plots of the accompanying sizes:

  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q7: What sizes of business plots are accessible in the Silver City Housing Scheme?

Ans: The private society offers business plots of the accompanying sizes:

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla

Q8: What sort of offices and conveniences are accessible in the Silver City Housing Scheme?

Ans: Silver City Housing Scheme offers offices including essential utilities, security, power reinforcement, clinics, mosques, streets and lanes, and an eco-accommodating environment to its occupants.

Q9. Is this society registered and approved by RDA ultimately?

Yes! Silver City Rawalpindi housing colony has registered with RDA and is mentioned on their website.

Q10. Is it possible to get a high rate of return from on investment after getting a plot in this society?

Definitely yes! The installment plan designed for the small and seasonal investors, low-income families, is simply utilizable. On the other hand, people from high-income origins can also invest in large quantities.