March 26, 2022
Silver City NOC Approved or Not | Guide 2022

Silver City NOC Approved or Not | Guide 2022


Silver city Islamabad is the futuristic housing society developing in the adjacent areas of twin cities. Moreover, this residential project is building at a fast pace. Furthermore, the developers want to offer the best living conditions to all the residents at an affordable price. And the payment plan is available with a provision of an instalment plan. Most importantly, the housing society is legal. So investing here will be the best decision for all investors. Lastly, please continue reading to know all the details regarding the housing society and its NOC status.

Silver City Islamabad

The silver city housing society is a legal housing scheme that has approval from the concerned Authorities. Moreover, the developers of this magnificent housing society are the Laraiab Associate and Developers (PVT) Ltd. And SAREMCO Group. Furthermore, their purpose in building this magnificent project is to offer the best living standards to all the residents at a reasonable price. And the most mesmerizing feature of this residential scheme is the location close to twin cities. Moreover, making it a valuable real estate investment for the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Silver City Location

This housing scheme is at the Girja Road Rawalpindi close to Thalian Interchange. Moreover, the residential project is also close to the other vital sites, like the Islamabad International Airport, M2 Motorway, Rawalpindi Kohat Road and Srinagar Highway. All these sites are making this housing society more approachable and accessible. And this is the first aspect that comes in all investors’ minds before making any real estate investment.

Silver City NOC

The no-objection certificate is a vital document that is mandatory to check before any real estate investment. Moreover, the housing scheme has the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approval. Therefore, legality is vital to gain the confidence and trust of the investors. Several housing schemes available have a legal status like the blue world city and the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Therefore, investing here will be beneficial.

Benefits of Investing in Legal Housing Scheme

Several housing societies available in Pakistan are legal and facilitate the investors like the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Moreover, the legal housing society has the trust and confidence of the investors that will help the residents find their dream home. Some other benefits are as follows:

Trustworthy Real Estate Option

The first and foremost vital aspect is the trust of the investors. Moreover, the investors find legal housing societies more responsible investments as we know that real estate investment is not something we do every day. And finding housing societies having legal status is also a thorough job that will require a lot of time and effort.

High Return on Investment

The legal housing societies offer a higher return on investment as their market value is high. Moreover, the investors always prefer to pay more money if the housing society is legal or has a No Objection Certificate.

Long Term Investment

Investing in housing societies is a long term investment that will require a lot of time and effort. Therefore, investing in a legal housing society will be a bliss and a wiser option. So, if you are looking for a legal real estate investment, investing here will be a more brilliant decision.

Fast Development Pace

The development pace of legal real estate projects is far better than the soon to be a legal one. Therefore, investing in legal housing societies is the preference of all investors. Moreover, the higher development rate also increases the worth of the property.


Islamabad’s silver city is a legal real estate project developing quickly to help investors. Moreover, it is a legal residential project with the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approval. Furthermore, the developers offer the best living standards to all the residents and the investors. Another best feature of this housing society is its location near important sites like the M2-Motorway, Srinagar Highway and the Islamabad International Airport. And the payment plan is also highly reasonable with an instalment plan. All these benefits with the legal NOC status will be bliss for all the investors. Therefore, investing in this housing society is an asset. Lastly, to know the latest updates regarding the NOC status and other developments, visit the official website of Property Saga.

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