Property Saga Invite New Writers to Contribute to Our Website (Property Saga). The aim or Goal of Property Saga is to have the best article writers contributing to our Website (Property Saga). Property Saga is welcoming Skilful guest writers.

As Property Saga is one of the leading Online Real Estate platforms in Pakistan. Property Saga has the experienced best editors that help you in learning and improving yourself for writing valuable content by giving your the best feedback. As a Guest on your platform (Property Saga), you will be entering into Property Saga’s best writers and you have the best chance to share your written work with billions of audiences.

If you become a part of Property Saga, Your written work could be read by billions of our users and be life-changing content for many of our online users. As our online readers appreciate unique writing styles and topics posted on our website. Property Saga is always eager to publish fresh, updated, and quality content on a website.


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What Editos of Property Saga Expect From Every Writer

Editors of Property Saga advise you to look at the content of our website that helps you to know how can you write an article according to our website structure and style. Your written article or content should be unpublished anywhere and unique. Plagiarism or duplicate content is not tolerated by Property Saga so make sure you have checked your content before submitting it.

Property Saga does not allow content to be republished anywhere or on any other platform. Even Property Saga will not allow you to publish the same content on your own website. Make sure your content has not any spelling, punctuality, and grammar mistakes. Otherwise, these mistakes lead an interesting content being boring and irritated for readers.

For awesome and interesting content for readers make sure that you have to use an attractive title and starting lines should be informative. Make sure your content covers the most relevant topics and points at the beginning of the article. Property Saga permitted guest writers to bring various topics related to real estate in a range from 1,000 to 10,000 words, external links, and a featured image.

In Short:

What Property Saga looking for:

  • 100% Unique & Original Content.
  • Word Count should be 1,000 to 10,000 words.
  • Tone and Format should be easy to read.
  • Content should be consist of informative points without any sales pitches. (If you want to publish your content on our website with sales pitches, you may have to pay extra charges for it. For more information please contact with our customer support.)
  • Royalty-free supporting pictures/images
  • Only 1 external do-follow link is allowed. (If you want to add more than 1 do-follow external link, you have to pay extra charges for it. For more information please contact with our customer support).

If you are ready and want to be a part of Property Saga. Please fill our given form below or you can also send us your valuable content on our email (info@propertysaga.com.pk). One of our experienced editors will review your submitted content and get back to you as soon as possible. Still if you have any question please feel free to Contact Us.


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